Why I Am Away | My Miscarriage Story

just made me realize that that it's okay to slow down it's okay to not your plants to materialize and and life is good life life is valuable hey guys come on star this is Jed so I have been away from YouTube for quite a while probably one year or so and I just want to film this video just to say hello to you again and I want to be back to create more content and I just want to share with you what happened in the past year why I am awake again so I have just been busy with work overall so I have projects to deliver kya making best VC talaga always work and with clients and with also my own company and fulfilling all the needs of my work so I don't know if you know that I have a full-time job and an IT company so I am an IT person and I think I am quite tacky and but actually I'm doing a management role now so I learned that being my a manager is really tough so it will really entail a lot of energy and a lot of time to deliver but anyway that's the reason that I really don't have time to film and when I film follow you be una who enough energy telega to edit it to say I'm forgetting the video really requires a lot of time effort creativity and it will exhaust you if you have a full day of work and at your home buzu monologue opening a module of my and and spend time with your loved one so that's the reason why I'm away and yeah so the second reason that I'm away is I'm actually got a little depressed I had a miscarriage so my husband and I are trying to conceive a baby and we have been married for six years and finally last December of 2010 which is Christmas time I learned that I am pregnant finally and we were so happy we are very fulfilled and I learned that using the test fala but I was not able to go to the doctor because we have a planned trip to Thailand then parumala December 27 million so the next day we really have to fly out to Thailand for vacation because traditionally we spend time with my husband in different countries during either Christmas or New Year or both and last year was scheduled to refer us to fly out in Bangkok and and spend time there and we had a great time so I was very careful we also went to Fiji Island so add other stuffs so I know a very tiring venture but we take the time there is snow there I walk slow I make sure to take my time too arrest because I know that I'm pregnant the Wallachia techni medicines like my pocket Union because back then in hindi KO alimony Emiko me before consulting doctor because it's christmas time and we are about to fly out so there we stayed in Thailand and who kept together in a total of 7 or 10 days I think and then we came back to Manila by January 3 and I didn't have the chance because this is because I have to rest no so I had my check up with the doctor come the weekend and your so January 5 I had to check up with my doctor and he confirmed that I was pregnant and I am pregnant for six weeks and you know so he prescribed to me a lot of medicines as well as vitamins for from me to make me healthy again yet and also the baby healthy so there and then I felt very tired when we got home and my body is really just like I'm so brown-box a Colonia and then so grandpa God so come Monday I went back to my so shaky so come Monday I had to go back to work and so it's a normal day at work and it's very busy and it's very tough so there are meetings were in so long mahira as in main battle between the meeting area and mana megabase no way so I was really stressed out that day and I didn't have a chance to say to my leads or to my to the management that I'm pregnant because they are so busy and and but um I just give way for them to just settle the differences between other teams and like that so come Tuesday super morning like 1:00 1:00 a.m. I don't feel really well I feel very sick so I noticed some spots in my underwear and she never talked about her because it's not normal I think so I texted my doctor and he just said to me to drink the medicine to for the baby no kuma pizza but come Nina had to look gnomes up in Ireland so Pyron 105 am so net own time the top are Nigeria Minister Netanyahu and then I feel all the emotions again and it's very sad and it's very gloomy and next shaking voice goes up ascension and then come magnify BMI mana mass than the luma bus and Malaysia and boo-boo sha so I'm sorry if you don't like the term but that's really what happened and I came back to the doctor the next day and yeah I had that ultrasound and he confirmed that the baby went out and I had a miscarriage basically so I'm super sad that I am and but the doctor comforted mean miscarriage is very real and it's very common I didn't know that very common shot and and less than any other to say oh if you get what I mean so for those not Akeno for dominum family who knows cuz I very few people knows that I'm pregnant so they comforted me that this things happen and of course God has a reason why why this happened and I know that God has a plan and he will make the time were perfect and and I claim that the time will come for us to have a baby so there so that's the reason why I'm away so at that time I'm also very sad and depressed and I gained a lot of weight so that's also another reason why I I didn't get back on YouTube because I feel so ashamed because of my weight gain so my normal weight is very thin so I have very thin figure I had back when we got wet weather my weight is only 98 pounds and now I think I'm already 130 pounds so I just lost myself also I was hating and eating a lot so I didn't care and then during work I just I don't didn't know when I'd only had none time go with work and the miscarriage happened early this year but I had to continue with work because I have a project to deliver and I am terming to delivery that project and this is only the time that I had a break from work and I'm truly grateful that I had this time to to rest and have more time with myself and do nothing and now also have the pleasure to take best time to film TV videos fix the house and sometimes go out and I also had the time to rest and go to the u.s. to attend my brother-in-law's graduations so I I was in the u.s. recently and I spent time there and I was really happy so it gave me really this piece and the feeling of love with family and I had rest and you mean it made me reflect that life is good life will go on and and just be happy and I'm I'm just happy that I am there every day we go out we had no specific itinerary to do that day and we took our time to just see view bases and our identities are not packed and just made me realize that that it's okey to slow down it's okay to feel not your plants to materialize and and life is good life life is valuable and so from the geeky but the avatar pero I'm just happy that that I had this time and yeah so we spent time in New York and it's a happy place the energy is so high the Sun is up at 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. this the Sun is still up so we have a really long day to enjoy the sunlight ah the surroundings and and now to sunset London at 9:00 p.m. and we had the best food even if fast with Lamia it's really happy a happy time together family together with my husband event simple things that we did I really appreciate and know so they're so I'm thankful for this time we are back now in the Philippines and actually when I got really sad because Coco are my dog our dog the poodle got sick he was really had a idea na sovereign number anyway and she got back Stros because she's getting dehydrated I'm happy that I'm able to take care of her for the entire week here our home and she got better and I'm a good the idea dog and I'm happy that she's okay yeah so that is it for this video just to explain though I'm not supposed to and I'm just happy to do this and share what I know to you and hopefully we can share and intake interact together I have exciting content on my mind that I would like to share with you and I'm just a little bit sad that I don't film much videos in New York because I really just take took type 2 or less and just just enjoy life without anything but we took a lot of pictures and those are in my Instagram and Facebook so my Instagram is general yellow so if you would like to see those post then please follow me and yeah so hope you stick with me and we'll share life together thank you bye

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  1. In God’s perfect time dadating din si Baby basta magtiwala at magdasal lang tayo kay Lord😘Same here po nag miscarriage din po ako at my early pregnancy at napakasakit po to the point na sobrang iyak lang ako ng iyak yung kahit di ko pa sya nakikita at nahahawkasn sobrang namimiss ko sya but we are lucky po kasi napakasupportive ng Husband at family natin.. Regards po pala kay Boss Jay😍

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