4 Replies to “Why I Am Being Induced at 37 Weeks Pregnant: Gestational Hypertension”

  1. Love your pregnancy updates! I’m a new subscriber, and I hope you will subscribe to my channel too!! Best of luck through the end of your pregnancy and birth!

  2. ‪You look incredible momma totally got that pregnancy glow. Pregnancy so suits you and you have the cutest bump. You are a beautiful pregnant goddess. Do you have stretch marks? Do you plan on doing maternity photos or a belly cast? Have you had any embarrassing symptoms like lots of gas farting burping etc or just embarrassing symptoms in general? Have you ever had anyone ask to rub or touch your bump to feel baby baby move? How do you feel about belly touchers? How many kids do you want? How has hubby been bonding with baby any tips? Have you ever had any trouble bending over to pick things up or shave your legs any tips? I know this might be something you want to keep private but how has your sex drive and intimacy with hubby been during pregnancy? You should do the baby momma dance video and or pre pregnancy clothes try on challenge video. ‬

  3. Eeek! Thats exciting. Do you get to pick the exact day on the 37th week? 4 weeks will fly by so quick, you feel ready?

  4. I'm in the same boat — 29 weeks currently, & just got diagnosed with GH. Right now I'm just monitoring at home between appointments since it seems that my BP isn't consistently elevated, but I will be starting NSTs at 32 weeks, and may very well be induced at 37 weeks. Thanks for sharing your experience; I'll look forward to following your journey!

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