hi guys and welcome back to our Channel it's mommy Bowden here and i am doing a kind of a story time on my labor and delivery with the twins so i've been wanting to do this video for a very very very long time and I've just decided to do it don't mind my shirt I just spilt water on it hopefully it dries as we go along so I if you don't know I have twin daughters their names are Bailey MPL and they were born at 26 weeks gestation 26 26 weeks and 6 days to be exact and I will just be telling you guys you know what happened why I went into labor so early why I delivered too early and you know how they made it you know they're here with me they are 16 months old in about four days and it's just absolutely amazing so I'm going to start from the very very very beginning when I started to sew to show signs that I was going to be delivering early and then kind of like give you guys a timeline of what happened up until they arrived so from this beginning so at about 21 or 22 weeks it was about 21 or 22 weeks I went in for my for an ultrasound just a regular ultrasound and I think it was ultra sound where they do like the anatomy scan where they check the baby's legs the arms the brain the face like they check everything so I went with my mom and my hubby and you know everything was fine she checked the babies first she checked everything with them they were fine they were active it was amazing and then she checked my cervix so she checked my cervix and then she said okay I'm gonna go speak with the doctor so whenever the text sees something that is a bit alarming they have to consult with a doctor who's always on duty and then the doctor you know let them know what to tell us because they're just the tech you know that's they can't really tell us anything else so she came back in and she said okay I just spoke with the doctor and the doctor said your cervix has gotten shorter from your last visit so your cervix um during pregnancy it should be a certain length I'm not sure I'll probably look it up and tell you guys but your cervix is your pregnancy in a certain length and then as you come closer to delivering it kind of shrink shrink shrink and that's when you start to dilate contract everything like that so that shouldn't happen up until the end of pregnancy when you're gonna give birth so she said okay the doctor said that your cervix got shorter so we're going to send you over to labor and delivery where they can you know check you more and decide whether or not we're gonna keep you or not so the good thing about my way I go from our ultrasound it was in hospital and it was literally on the same floor as labor and delivery so all I had to do was just walk around the corner so she sent me over to labor and delivery I went there and I changed into the gown and they hooked my they hooked my belly up to monitor the baby's heartbeat and they were so small that they couldn't even monitor it but they did it anyways so once they hooked my belly up they said okay the doctor is gonna be with you shortly so a few minutes went by and a doctor came in and he says okay I've looked over the ultrasound I've looked over the paperwork and you have two options the first option is we I could prescribe you some progesterone where you would insert vaginally every night until you took birth and progesterone pretty much you know it aids your cervix it's it's to keep your cervix the well the hope was that I would take the progesterone and it would let my cervix stay the length that it is it wouldn't go any shorter well that was the plan so he said that's plan number one that's option number one or option number two is we could do a cerclage and a cerclage is when they go up there Badgley and they sew up your cervix so your cervix um it's closed while you're pregnant which it should be the only other time your cervix is open it's like during ovulation because it needs to open so that semen could go up and get you pregnant so apart from you know during ovulation time your cervix is always closed until you're ready to give birth that's where the baby comes out so if your cervix is closed the baby is gonna stay up there if his cervix is open who the baby's gonna come out and there's no stopping it once the service is open there's nothing else they can do that's it so they said we could give you a cerclage however they don't recommend it because I'm already 21 22 weeks and usually you've got a cerclage around like 16 weeks or something like that so they didn't recommend it because if they should go up there and you know try to sew it up and something happens where my cervix decides to just open up that's it the babies are coming out that's it they're gonna be too young for the hospital to even try to save them so they said that that's why they don't recommend it they don't want to risk going up there and causing more problems so he said those are your two options I'm gonna give you a minute to talk about it and then you know let me know what you want to do so I spoke about it with my mom and with my hubby and I really wanted to do a cerclage because I just wanted him to sew it up so I know the babies are put you know they're not going anywhere you know just so Mia but then I thought about okay if I do go with that option and my cervix opens that's it for my babies and I'm for the rest of my life I'm gonna be saying what if I did not do the cert cost and I just didn't want to deal with that so I decided to go with option number one which was the progesterone so once it came back I told him I would do it the progesterone so he said okay great and he let me know that once I hit 24 weeks I could get steroid shots which pretty much helps the babies to mature so I said okay great so he said well you know once you get 24 weeks and you come back in for your ultrasound just come over here and we'll give you the shot so I said okay so they discharged me and I went to get my prescription and I went home so that week I took my I did the progesterone every night and they told me to come back every week for a checkup just to make sure my cervix is doing what should be doing and it's not shrinking any shorter so that whole week it was a Saturday that I was in the hospital that whole week I did the progesterone the Saturday came I went in for my checkup she checked everything to check my cervix it did not shrink any smaller great I went home the following week I went again for my checkup and this time it shrunk shorter so once again the tech went and consulted with the doctor and then came back and said you know you shut your cervix that shorter from what it was last time but the doctor said to come back in two weeks and I looked at her like you just told me my cervix got shorter and I should come back in two weeks I've been coming every week and my cervix got shorter which means you know it that's not supposed to happen it but you want me to come back in two weeks she said yeah that's what the doctor said I said okay no problem no problem so I went to the front desk and I said hi I would like to make an appointment for next week thank you so she made my appointment for next week and I'm at home and I remember I was so upset I'm like if my cervix shrunk why are they telling me to come back in two weeks like do you want me to deliver my babies at home like I was so confused so I went home that week again I took my progesterone and um let me add that I was on bed rest so from the first time when I went to the house when I they told me to go to labor and delivery I was on bed rest so they told me you know stay off your feet as much as possible and no sexual intercourse they don't want anything up there nothing nothing at all so apart from the progesterone so um so that week that deduct that the nurse told me oh come back in two weeks I made my appointment for one week and that one we came and I went to the doctor and I went for my ultrasound so the date was February 10th 2018 that I went in for my ultrasound and I was with hubby and she checked the babies everything was great with them they're doing good and then she checked my cervix and I remember when she was checking my cervix she was kind of quiet and when I looked at her it's like it's like she was looking for something and I know she wasn't looking for heartbeats because we already heard them so I figured it was something with my cervix so I looked at her face and she looked she had like a kind of a confused face and you could see she's looking she's looking for something and I'm like is my cervix – my cervix shrink and she said yeah and I can't I can't find your cervix like there's no there's no more cervix like I can't measure anything and that's why she was so confused so she went to me with the doctor let him know what she just found and she came back in and she said you don't have any more cervix for me to even measure that's number one and number two it looks like your cervix is opened and once she said that I just started to cry the tears just started to come down because an open cervix means you're about to give birth like the baby's coming out so she said I'm gonna send you to labor and delivery don't go anywhere don't go to the store don't go to the car don't go outside go straight to labor and delivery and on my way to labor and delivery y'all I was crying I was crying Oh Spanish crying I was saying damn I should have been to cerclage damn babies I'm sorry that my body is doing this sorry sorry sorry you know that's how I was feeling like my body was failing so I went to labor and delivery they had change into the gown beneath my belly up to the monitor again to monitor the baby's heartbeat and they did a they checked me down there to see if my cervix was what's open so they checked me and they did not see that my cervix was open which was good so once they told me okay your cervix is not open I kind of felt relieved like okay okay we're getting somewhere and then they took some swabs to send over to the lab and I waited for the doctor to come so the doctor came and they said okay no more cervix your service is not open which is good but you're not going home you can't go home you're going to be here until you give birth and and you know that's that's that's just how it's gonna be so you know I was prepared I said okay so I asked them you know okay is there anything we could do now so I was 24 weeks I think I was exactly 24 weeks that day so they gave me my first steroid shot like right there in that room so the Bremerton room and they also gave me magnesium and magnesium is also supposed to help the baby develop a little faster so they gave me steroids and they gave me magnesium so I was there from the 10th um and then that we came the 10 11 12 13 that whole week everything was fine every day they checked me to make sure the babies were good they checked the baby's water they did not check my cervix sort of thing is since they checked my cervix on the 10th when I went in they didn't check it again because the thing is they don't want to continue to go up there because the more they put their hands on the more they put equipments up there the more I'm going to be open to get an infection which they don't want so they didn't check me to see if I was dilated if I my cervix was open anything like that they just um monitored the babies so on the following Saturday which was February 17th it made exactly seven days since I was in the hospital on bed rest and I remember on the 17th I went to use the restroom and I was getting ready to go in the shower and I felt water like dripping down my legs and I'm like hmm I just peed so my bladder is not full um so what is this water so I wiped it up and I kind of watched again to see if I was gonna keep leaking lo and behold it kept leaking so I immediately press the bell like I'm leaking I think my water broke I need somebody to come and tell me if that's my water that is meeting so they came to check they did a swab and the swab is able to let them know if it's amniotic fluid and then they almost they also did a visual check with their eyes to see if I if my cervix was open which means I was dilating so they checked it with a swab and lo and behold it was amniotic fluid and they checked me visually and they saw that my cervix was open to about one centimeter and February 17 is my birthday so all of this was happening on my birthday so I'm like I'm water broke I'm 1 centimeters dilated they're gonna come on my birthday this is crazy so once they saw that it was amniotic fluid that was leaking they checked they checked the girls to see you know whose bag is it that broke because they were in kind of the same sack but kind of separate I don't know it's confusing but they each had their own who amniotic fluid so they checked and they saw that it's Bailey baby a that has a ruptured bag so the good thing about it is that it was a slow leak it wasn't like a gush of fluid we're okay that's it it was a slow leak so it it just trickles trickle trickles every now and again which was good they said if it's a slow leak she could still stay in there because she still has water and we're just gonna watch her to make sure you know she has enough water to survive so February 17th that's how I celebrated my birthday then the next week came and everything is okay they checked me everyday everything looks fine with the girls so the goal was to keep them in as long as possible we wanted to get to like 30 something weeks 34 weeks 32 weeks that was the goal so um February 17th that we came and then the following week is when it started to get crazy so I remember the night before they came which was February 27 so they were born February 28 so February 27 that night I was having contractions and it wasn't contractions that was like painful but I kind of like open my eyes and like okay I'm having a little pain I feel it it's there nothing like has me screaming or anything like that so that night I slept every known again I would get up I feel a little pain I didn't think much of it you know so February 28th um at about 7:30 I'm gonna say because they usually come in every morning at about 7:30 to take my blood every single day and it was about 7:30 they already took my blood and I remember I was just sitting in the bed and I felt warm liquid just gushed out like the bed was soaked warm liquid and I'm like yeah that's that's a broken water for sure so I pressed the bell I panicked I pressed the bell the nurse came in and I said my water I think my water just broke the bed is soaking wet can you guys check me so she said okay let me go and get the doctor so she goes to the doctor and I'm waiting like 10 minutes like I expected like 10 doctors to come running into the room and it's been 10 minutes I just told you my water completely broke and nobody's in here so I pressed it again my water broke can I can I have some type of you know assistance to check me make sure everything's okay she said yes I told the doctors they're coming they're coming I'm like okay sat there again a few minutes came and they finally came in so two doctors came in they checked me they didn't push their hands up there like once again I told you they didn't want to risk me having an infection so they like used the I forget what you call it just to open up down there and they looked with their eyes to see if they'd like to see the baby's head or anything so they checked and they didn't really see anything so they said okay your water broke let's just watch it so from 7:30 live once my water broke the pain gradually started I started having contractions so it started off okay you know it feel a little pain here and there it felt like a menstrual cramp every now and again I feel a little cramp and then like 10 11 12 it started to get very intense whenever it came I would have to hold onto the bed I would be quiet or you know I would squeeze out it was painful so at about one o'clock I was over I was like okay I need something like this is very painful I can't do it anymore and I was also timing it on my phone I think it was coming like every two minutes three minutes I'm not really sure so I pressed the bell and I told the nurse okay you can you guys give me something like I'm in a lot of pain I can't take it anymore so she's like okay let me go and ask the doctor once again took her a century to come back when she finally came back she said okay the doctor said they can't give you anything except Tylenol and I'm like Tylenol when I have a headache how long doesn't even help me so what the hell is tylenol gonna do for these cramps she said yeah that's that's what they're there they're able to give you right now I said okay it's fine I don't want it so I sat there in pain now it started to get very intense like I was literally screaming every time it came so um one of the head doctors came in with another doctor and you know while they were there they were totally me and acting me know how I'm feeling and how's the pain from when I went to ten now that I was telling them but it's a freaking 10 and my belly was strapped up so whenever I would I was having a contraction they would be able to see it on the screen so while they were there I was having a contraction and it was very painful like they saw I was holding on I was screaming and they started on the screen they saw that I was having a contraction but they didn't see that it was intense like how what I was feeling it wasn't showing on the graph so they couldn't tell like what was happening so then they decided to check me to see if I'm dilated so not the head doctor the other doctor he was with checked me and she said I was about five centimeters or six centimeters something like that and which means I wasn't ready so they sat there a little longer to just watch the graph again and I had another contraction it came really fast probably a minute or less I don't know and the doctor the head doctor said you know what let me check her let me see she checked me and said she's nine centimeters she's ready the baby's coming so once he said that it was go time go time they thought that the nurses rushed in and doctors rushed in and it was like go time babies are coming and I remember they said so are you gonna do a c-section or vaginal and the babies were both head down so I told them you know the babies are both head down so I want to push them out so they said okay no problems they said okay we're gonna give you the option to push them out but you still have to get an epidural because just in case maybe a comes out and baby B decides they don't want to come out we have to do an emergency c-section and we can't do it without epidural so let me remind you I am now fully dilated ready to push and now I have to sit and get an epidural I was in excruciating pain and I have to sit still to get an epidural so that the doctors or the epidural people came in they told me well okay I want you to sit still never do this epidural and then we were gonna go delivery of the babies so I remember I felt like it took them an hour to do the epidural I was in so much pain and he's like every minute I was like are you done are you done are you are you done like you're not done yet and they kept saying no and I was just so confused I was crying like a freaking baby screaming I pretty I'm pretty sure the whole floor hell it hurt my mouth and so finally they finished the epidural and usually if the room I was in I would have been able to push the baby out in the room but they had to take me to an operating room just in case I needed to do a c-section so they they hurry to push me over to the to the operating room and you know they put my legs up it was me the radicchio nurses are ready to take the babies they were doctored that room was packed packed packed packed so as they brought me in they got hubby scrubbed up so he come into and you know they got me ready so I'm on the table and I got a nurse a nurse has each leg one nurse leg has the left one nurse has the right and they said okay when you have a contraction we want you to push I didn't feel anything I was in pain but I didn't feel I don't know I think it was just so much happening that just she said okay when you have a contraction I want you to push I said okay and I just said I just laid there and she's like okay you're having a contract and I said oh I am and she's like yes so they held my leg and I started pushing so I pushed nothing what's happening um they told me push again when another contraction comes another contraction came I pushed still nothing so the doctor pushed his hand up there and he said do you feel my hand I said yes I feel your hand he said okay I want you to push it out and I pushed his hand out and the baby came out so baby a Bailey came out when she came out they showed me her she was so cute her eyes were open she had so much hair she was crying and I was just so happy so once she was out the NICU team took her started working on her and then it was time for baby B so once they handed Bailey over to the NICU they I started to push again so I started to push and the nurse pushed her and up there and she said I don't feel a head I don't feel the baby so then she decided to use the monitor to see if the baby is I'll head down so she couldn't find if the baby was still head down so she started to check the heartbeat and the heartbeat was dropping the heartbeat was dropping and they said that's it c-section that's it everybody likes started moving so fast everybody started to scrub up the doctor went to wash his hand and I remember him yelling I want this baby out in five minutes five minutes I want this baby out and I started to feel some cold some cold liquid going down my back which I'm sure was an epidural they start to clean my belly and do all these things so as I'm laying there hobby is to my left they're still taking care of Bailey and everybody's just moving so fast trying to hurry up so they could get the baby out and the doctor was all prepped and ready and he came over to me and I felt three cuts one two three and I felt when he pulled the baby out and when I tell you I was screaming from the bottom like I was screaming I was feeling like I could feel it I could feel it I could feel you cutting me and they they said okay here take this and they put a mask over my face and I was screaming in the mask and it was lights out they knocked me out completely they knocked me out completely so once I started to wake up that's all I remember that's the last thing I remember and I remember seeing her having her cry or anything like that I did not see her so and I started to wake up hobbie was um to my left and my head was started to the right and I was as I was starting to wake up I started to slowly turn my head over to copy so as I was turning my head I was kind of like preparing myself for bad news bad news I'm not gonna say it but I was preparing myself for bad news in before they knock me out I remember them saying they gotta get this baby out in five minutes the baby's heartbeat is dropping emergency c-section like I was just preparing myself so as I was turning around I was looking I was turning to see the look on hubby's face because his the fake the look on his face would pretty much give me the answer that I needed so as I was turning the doctor shook his hand and said congratulations they are beautiful so once he said that like I was I was like I was calm and I was relaxed I knew that she was okay so I asked I'll be did you see her did she cry how does she look he said she's yeah she cried and she she she I saw her she's fine and they brought her to the NICU so I was very happy very very happy and I was in so much pain so the doctor sewed me up and he put like I think it was glue he put glue on my stomach he said you could take a shower tomorrow I put glue so you're all good to take a shower and then he said congratulations so they brought me over to the recovery area um and I was as I was there waiting they came again to check on me and they asked me you know how's the pain and I'm like I'm still feeling pain like at this point I don't want to feel anything like numb me up numb me up completely I don't want to feel anything so they gave me more medicine again so I recovered a nurse came and wiped me up and gave me a pad and once I was good to go they brought me to the NICU to see my babies or the first time they brought me over to see Bailey first I believe and she looks so tiny and cute and then she brought me over to see Brielle they look so cute I didn't touch them I better hold them I did it this time didn't do anything with them but I just misses this is my first time seeing them so they brought me up to my room and I remember her I told the nurse you know can you please bring me a breast pump I want to start pumping and she's like well you know you just gave birth so you're not really gonna get anything I said it's okay please bring me a breast pump so she brought me the breast pump and my mom my mom was still there my mom wiped me up she cleaned me up and I started to pump and I got milk it was a few drops but I got milk and the nurse came in and she saw it and she's like oh my god you have milk I'm like yes I do and she brought it down to the NICU and I gave my baby's milk that same day I was so happy because even the smallest thing they give it to the baby and it helps it helps okay it helps so I started pumping that same day a few hours after delivering I was popping so the next day after delivery which was on March 1st March 1st yes because the 28th was the last day of February so March 1st my mom went to work happy with at home and I remember I got up like 7:30 I went to take a shower I was walking I was went to take a shower I was using the restroom by myself like I didn't need help from anybody like no help at all like the nurse and the doctor came to check on me who delivered me and he's like what are you doing how are you even walking right now I'm like I have to go and see my babies my babies are downstairs and I'm going to go to see them okay so they're like go for it you know if you're okay is that we're okay so you know I pumped again and then I went to see my babies I brought them their milk and I was happy I was happy I got to see them but I'll probably do a video of the NICU stay but that's pretty much what happened um with my labor and delivery after the c-section I stayed in the hospital for maybe four days for about four days the doctor gave me a little extra time so and that I could you know go see them whenever I wanted to because once I go home then I have to drive to the hospital to see them so and I remember the day that I was discharged hubby came and he packed up my stuff and and I remember I was leaving and I wasn't leaving with my baby we were leaving alone like I came to the hospital pregnant and I'm leaving alone without my babies oh my god I did so good with the whole video until now but I remember I was crying so much cuz I was leaving without my babies I would say that's one of the hardest parts is leaving isn't even mini key without it's leaving the hospital without your babies but then I started to think and I you know I started to tell myself that you know I'm leaving without my babies but they're here and they're alive you know some woman comes to the hospital to give birth and they leave the hospital with no baby and they can't even come back to see their baby because your baby gonna make it but my said so that's kind of what I told myself anyways guys thank you for watching I hope this was informative if there's something you could take away from this video it is if you feel something is wrong or if you feel something is not right like advocate for yourself and advocate for your babies when I went to the hospital that that that that that day for my checkup and they told me you know your cervix is shorter but come back in two weeks and I do that that's not correct I shouldn't come back in two weeks I should come back in one week I came back in one week and nobody was gonna make me come back in two weeks so speak up for yourself and speak up for your babies advocate for your babies you know that's number one number two is if you are showing signs of blowing into early labor definitely asks about steroids and definitely asks about magnesium because I think that's what kind of help my girls you know help them survive I had that little boost of you know help so they were born at 26 weeks because of the steroids and the magnesium they were really their lungs were like a 27 or 28 weaker so it gave them that extra push that they needed so definitely asks about magnesium and acts about steroids there's absolutely nothing wrong with it I took it my babies are completely fine if you know so I was pregnant that you know it's showing signs of early labor hopefully something that I said could help you guys could help them so please pass on that information and if there's anything you'd like to know comment below and I will definitely reply I'm doing my best to try to reply to you guys more on here so go ahead and ask me a question if I didn't answer it thank you guys for watching and I will see you in our next video bye


  1. Girl you just reminded me of my whole traumatic delivery and leaving my baby girl in the NICU. I just fell to the floor in the shower when I got home and my hubby had to bathe me because I was just a wreck. So proud of you for getting your girls delivered safely! I love seeing them on IG! ❤

    My daughter came at 28+2 from preeclampsia/ HELLP syndrome. I was hospitalized for 8 days prior to her birth and she rocked that NICU stay and came home in 2 months. Now she is a happy, healthy, crazy 2 year old!

  2. My story is so much like yours. I just gave birth on the 18th and I cry everyday I leave NICU. It hurts so much leaving my daughter 😩

  3. Such a beautiful story ! I too am a mother of twins , they’re 6 months old . We delivered early but a scheduled cesarian . I didn’t want to experience the contractions and still have to be cut , that was my fear . Although they came early, in the twin world , they were considered full term. my son had a NICU stay of ten days because his lungs did not produce enough surfactant . I can completely relate to the feeling of being discharged without your babies because I went home with one and broke all the way down . I felt guilty for leaving him daily to go home and take care of his sister . But I want there from 6am to 9 pm daily , me and his twin . They gave us a little room for nesting mothers and did their best to comfort us . Thank you for sharing your story

  4. I wanted to tell you about the things we have in common, l have a daughter named Akira Brielle and her birthday is February 17th and I also have identical twin daughters! I thought that was so funny! You have a beautiful family!❤️

  5. Example of health care for black women they really don’t think we feel pain. So happy mom didn’t listen to the doctor and came in a week early and so happy the twins are healthy .

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