Why I Might Need A C-Section

so this morning I really wanted to take Bo to the dog park but I'm afraid to go by myself and my mom is busy so I'm gonna wait till justin gets home because when I haven't taken him yet obviously I can't he's got all of his shots he's been neutered and everything but I had like a traumatizing experience a couple years ago when I took Marley with my mom and our other two dogs Mika and Olivia when I lived at home and it was just traumatizing like these two other dogs like ganged up on one of our dogs and like attacked her and it scared me so bad like it traumatized me for life like she had to go to the vet she had to have like a few stitches like it was so scary so it scared me for life I think to go by myself and but like he's not the problem at all like he is the sweetest friendliest best dog but I'd I can't control other people's dogs actions if someone were to be aggressive with him so I think the wait till Justin's home just that if something ever did happen I couldn't really get in between them with the baby it's just not safe and so I just want someone to come with me but I'm really sad because it's like the perfect day to go to the dog park but we'll figure something else out to do maybe you will walk him to the lake does that sound thank worthy oh okay we'll see is that town you have no idea what I'm saying but we're gonna go come on okay so I just dropped off though at the house he was exhausted from walking around the lake there were so many dogs and stuff it was really fun anyways I'm not by my baby I'm not gonna buy anything but there are a few things that I was considering putting on our registry when we decide to register that I haven't seen in person that I want to see if they have in stores to see if it'll be like a good fit for what we're looking for I guess it's not gonna be for a couple of months and it's may be kind of small but it's more just like a celebration for the baby and it's gonna be really fun with like close friends and close family who really want to do it so I'm gonna go see what they have in store and see when Justin gets home we'll probably register together in June before the shower but I'm gonna sit they have so this is the breast pump that my insurance is gonna cover for us so I wanted to see how much like the accessories and stuff were so that I'm prepared and I have this ready to go before she gets here so I can put these on my registry and stuff too I know that everyone has an opinion about Tassie's but we've done some research and we're gonna just try them at the hospital and see if she does or doesn't like them if she doesn't that's fine if she does that's great and the ones that we've heard the best ones for newborns are like the doctor Browns one but have also heard really good things about this brand Judy let me know if you guys have tried this one because I read a lot of blogs that said that these worked really well but if the doctor problems are the best let me know that too also these bottles which I've literally only heard good things about are the coma Tomo silicon breastfeeding transitional kind of bottles I think we're going to try these out just in for when I start to pump and home and this little lady is moving around a ton but every time I grab the camera she's like no I'm done and I really want to get on camera cos today was the first time I saw her do more than just like a little kick like she did like like I don't have to describe besides like a wave it went like Oh like on my stomach and I saw it and then a second I brought my camera out she was like I'm done so hopefully she does it again and if she does I'll try and capture it both trying to get me to play with him I will capture it for you guys but it sucks also I bought him two indestructible dog toys and this one was the Kong not is what it's called – there's a rope inside of it and there's no fluff ruined it in like ten minutes and then the other one was a West part I'll put a picture of it right here it's I don't know how to describe it it's like a rubbery bone kind of thing he has not destroyed that but he's also not as interested in that as he is in his stuffed animal toys because he likes to ruin them you're so cute so still need to figure out what I can get him that he will like so like something compromised like something that he will like more than the other thing and something that will not get ruined like this but anyways I'm gonna see if I can get her to move around a little bit more do you know why we say in how cute you are thank you oh hello okay you are such a punk bo bring it over here no I'm not gonna pull it from you I'm not gonna pull it he just brings it to me and I touch it he any even if I don't pull on it and then he just eventually gives up when I stop playing with him but he takes it back and like wanders off with it this dog kills me everyday so funny he's like I'm not gonna just drop it for you I'm gonna just go play with it by myself if you're not gonna play with me you are such a brat you're lucky you're cute oh I'm gonna drop it Oh nope sounds a close one but not quite I'm trying to send Justin a video of the baby kicking because he hasn't gotten to see it in person yet still hopefully when he gets home but he is having some rough service where he's at right now hopefully he gets it so I actually just got off the phone with my doctor he was calling me back about a question I had had at my 20 week ultrasound which is about week and a half two weeks ago they had said at that appointment that my placenta was anterior still but it was low lying so I was like that's kind of strange so I wanted to ask him about it he called me back and he said basically he reviewed the footage and that from what he saw it's not previa yet which is previa as when that I hope I'm saying that right is when your placenta covers your cervix and when you have that you have to have a c-section because the baby obviously can't come out and so mindset it was low lying I didn't know what that meant besides just you know obviously that it's low but I didn't know if that meant like low enough and he said he reviewed it and that he said that it looks like it's okay right now he said 90% of the time when it's low lying to where it is he says very close but it's not quite that as the baby grows it will actually like push up with the baby so he said I wouldn't worry too much about it right now but he's gonna keep me posted on it because I really didn't want to have a c-section but he said he might need to if it doesn't um but he's confident that it should move up because I have had a natural birth I would like to continue to have a natural birth this time as well and not worry about having a c-section I mean if I have to obviously whatever it's her out here the safest but I would like to experience like a positive experience of birth natural birth because my last one was very traumatic so hopefully that works out but someone update you guys on that cuz I don't know if I mentioned that at the 20-week Anatomy scan video I mean yeah walk but yeah I'm just not here at the elbow getting some fresh air it's like beautiful again today I'm loving it I'm just so ready for Justin to come home I feel like the last two weeks or weekend half or whatever it's been has dragged on and he's like still got like a couple weeks left and I'm just dying for him to be here so hopefully time goes by a little bit quicker because this is not fun when he's gone but I'm looking forward I'm coming home alright time to feed you guys you hungry too I'll take that as a yes how does ocean white fish dinner sound okay I take that as good Justin just reminded me that we have a unused unfinished or whatever Chipotle gift card thank you babe I'm gonna go get some Chipotle okay YUM and okay also timeout let me open the car while I was checking out of Chipotle the cashier like rang it up for free and I was so confused she was like oh I watch your vlog so it's on me and I was like no you can't do that and she was so sweet she already done it by the time I complained so I gave her a nice tip I was it was so sweet thank you so much I didn't even catch her name because I didn't see you wearing a nametag but thank you so much that was so sweet that just like made my day like twenty times better I also finally figured out how to hook up my music to my car via bluetooth I'm so proud of myself it took forever yes I'm a Oh country I'm a country listener but yes I figured it out and I'm proud of myself and Justin will be when he gets something to okay I was just telling Justin about the sweet subscriber in chapolin he told me that people have been coming up to him today on his ship like that are like new to the ship telling him that they lost our vlogs and I was like that's so funny such a funny day to run into people it's so sweet why is Chipotle so good you guys it's so good it's so good Bo oh you can't have it okay and with this I'm going to end the vlog for the night I hope you guys have a great day and have a great day have a great day I don't know I'll talk to you tomorrow wait wait wait wait wait I forgot to tell you guys in the vlog that we just launched two kinds of merch on t spring I'm gonna put the link here but here's what they look like here's one and here's another they are so cute they are both designed by a wonderful design artist and they came out adorable I love them both so go check them out me and Justin got the basic Swan fan one in black but I'm so excited and make sure you go get it cuz they're only available for four more days

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  1. My dog is a chihuahua…..when it comes to toys,wow…exactly the same…..she’s worse than my partners big hunt dog jack Russell…..a little …..yet to find her something indestructible!!!

  2. You should look into the breastfeedingshop.com
    Military insurance covers sooooo many pumps! My first pregnancy I got a medela, and I wasn’t a huge fan but this pregnancy I got a spectra s1… and then they also send you supplies monthly!! It’s amazing. They send so much stuff with your pump!

  3. As far as toys for Beau, socks. We used to take old socks and tie knots in them and the dogs loved them. If they ruin it, it doesn't matter. Long socks work best.

  4. I bought all these natural pacifiers for our little boy and the ONLY paci he likes is the soothie Wubbanub. Also- as far as breast milk storage bags- the target brand or lansinoh will work too 🙂

  5. Pacifiers were a life saver for us in the beginning, I have avent pacifiers! They're nice because they dont have to be flipped a certain way. Shes 5 months now and slowly using them less but babies do have a natural need to suck so they're nice at first:)❤

  6. Never get in the middle of a dog fight!! Pregnant or not lol If anything ever were to happen, grab their back legs. They can't bite you and you can pull them away from the fight. Be ready to hold onto them until the owner can get them straightened out lol

  7. You can do it 💖 I had my son Joshua via emergency C section. It was scary… the recovery was inconvenient.. but it was worth it.
    You are a very strong woman 💖

  8. We have a standard Aussie that also loves any toy that she can destroy. We bought her a couple Bionic dog toys and she likes those, she can dig her teeth in enough to leave marks but not completely destroy the toy. The other one she likes is the Jolly ball, it’s an oversized ball (not used for fetch) but she can push it around the room, her jaw is now strong enough to pick it up but she isn’t able to destroy it as it’s quite strong. I also am pregnant with my rainbow baby (17 weeks) and I have placenta previa. I was also told there is a 90% chance the placenta moves off the cervix as the uterus grows. Hoping and praying that will be the case for both of us. Take Care!

  9. Medela is amaaaaazing. I had the pump and my twin boy had the bottle. My other little boy has a shallow gag reflex so we used tommee tippee for him. Pacis – we started with Pigeon, the my one baby took to Nuby and the other to Nuk. The Nuby baby is now only taking Avent and the Nuk bubba is still on Nuk. She might not like the one u get, so buy one or two brands.

  10. My dog will literally set the toy on you to throw but as soon as you move your arm to grab it he grabs it and runs away because he doesnt want you to take it!!

  11. My advice on pacis! The ones with the round nipples like doctor brown and soothie are good for newborn but AWFUL for older babies because of what they do to teeth, but once they like them they usually won’t switch.

  12. I have the medela swing maxi double electric breast pump and I love it! But I find the bags are super annoying. They don’t hold as much and they spill easily/leak. I don’t know if other brand bags are better. I prefer to pump into the bottles.

  13. i dont know if youve tried any dog toys from mydogtoy.com but my border collie has a cloth covered ball from there that has proved indestructible with everyday use since christmas!

  14. My god is like beau. She ruins every toy we get her. So now we get dog toys at the dollar tree or the 99¢ store so she can ruin them all without being so expensive

  15. I think I got lucky with my son and his pacifier. He decided he didn't want it when he was a year and half. I do know however it's hard for them to let it go if they're older. I remember seeing a 5 year old with one and that's a bit ridiculous; it messes up their teeth.

  16. I realized I missed a VLOG and that is completely unacceptable hahaha but you were so right this shirt does look amazing and totally nostalgic! Your hair is so shiny and long! The glow tho. I see it, I had a hard time seeing my own “glow” hahaha but I had morning sickness everyday until the very last day! Haha I will totally agree tho the weather in California is amazing – I live in WA state rn and it’s honestly sad hahaha pretty but sad.

  17. Ive had a low lying placenta for both of my pregnancies, and I had later scans at 34ish weeks and both times it had moved out of the way 😊 It’s really common!

  18. I got my dog a “trusty pup” donut dog toy from target which is holding up well and my cocker spaniel also only likes her stuffed animals the donut is now her favorite toy. I had a low placenta too but it moved up chances are you’ll be all right 🙂 good luck and many blessing for you pregnancy.💕 do you have a hair care routine?? 🙂

  19. I don't know which brands of pacifiers are "the best" but I do remember reading that the style with the flat bottom on the nipple is recommended by orthodontists.

  20. I had a c section. It isn't that bad. My baby girl got stuck so I was rushed in. It hurt to get up and walk the first few times. But it does get better.

  21. 33 weeks here Rachelle and still I have not caught any movement on camera… she stops EVERY time haha and then starts up again once I turn it off. I think we must change our breathing or tense up without realising or something!

  22. Let me just say I LOVED MY COMOTOMO BOTTLES!! I loved the fact that it didnt confuse my babies when switching from breast to bottle and the fact that you can gentle squeeze it to mimic milk let down.

    As for pacifiers, I found that each kid has their own preference. My first liked the slanted pacifiers. My second liked the bulb style Gerber pacifiers, and my youngest likes the Mam pacifiers. <3 but all of them used the pacifiers given to them by the hospitals for the first few months. Goodluck.

    I had placenta previa for my 3rd child, but I ended up losing him at 18 weeks due to unrelated complications. It's quite scary but as he grew, he did push the placenta up and out of the way for the cervical opening.

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