hey everyone so this is Jackson and we're here to do our labor and delivery story I did get my footage up already of the labor and delivery but I a lot of people been asking me like why I had to have a c-section and everything so I'm just going to go through step by step everything that happened at my delivery um I'm gonna try and make it short because a lot of stuff happened so I'm just gonna spark talking okay so I actually started going into labor like feeling really bad contractions Thursday the 20:24 and I had a doctor's appointment and she's like well there's no dilation or anything and I'm like well I'm in like a lot of pain like having contractions like it's very painful so she sat an induction date for that coming up Monday so like it would have been I would have been having the baby anyway but so Friday I'm still having really bad contractions and then Saturday they were so bad that I just could not even um like function so we went into the hospital Saturday wolf who's Friday morning so sat well Saturday morning Friday night I was just like I could not stop like like belting out every time like I had a contraction it was so painful uh and my doctor was on call so she said just go ahead and because I was always a dilated two centimeters and they won't admit you unless you're like changing like dilating so she said go ahead and admit her she's not in pain since Thursday lovely' get her an epidural and we'll just do it too so I was so thankful and was like oh thank god like I could cry ever I think I did cry I was crying the whole time um and I was so happy so we went in and um my mom and sister were here so that was good and they came and I went up to labor and delivery and I got a walking epidural so that I could walk around and see if I could get myself dilating and stuff um which I did start dilating pretty quickly um I went to three centimeters once I got up there and then an hour later it was four centimeters an hour later with six and liters I was like progressing very well my water broke when I was at six centimeters and that's when I decided to get the full epidural because their contractions started coming really really like intense and painful um so I got the normal epidural where I couldn't get out of bed and had a catheter and everything and um I was feeling a lot better but um every time I got I got to six or nine centimeters I got to nine centimeters before they told me I had to be taking for an emergency c-section um he was he was not breathing through the contractions so his heart rate would go down after every contraction um basically what she said was the placenta wasn't didn't have enough blood flow to get to him anymore um so it was just he wasn't getting enough oxygen and I stopped dilating at 9:00 we waited two hours I was still nine so she's like we just have to we have to go to Mercy emergency c-section so they took us in to get the c-section and I was just like a mess and kua was like a mess and we were just so happy though that we were gonna get to meet our boy and he came out and he had the biggest cone head because of like him trying to get out of me so he had the biggest cone head and he peed on all the nurses like right when he came out um so I can't believe I got to nine centimeters and then I had to go in for a emergency c-section which I was really upset about but we got over it I guess um just because he was healthy and happy so after that I went into the recovery room and he had to be taken to the nursery because I was running a fever and so they were gonna see if he was running a fever and check his everything so they checked me and I did I was fine I didn't like they took my blood and checked for like all this stuff I don't know and I didn't have anything so they sent me up but his oxygen rate was low so they kept him in the nursery all night which was really hard because I could not see him because ice was still on my epidural and I couldn't get up out of bed to go to the nursery and I just was like a wreck so they kept him in the nursery overnight um and then he did have a little bit of jaundice so they had him with a light in our room so luckily he got to stay with us in my room like this little portable lady was like a little cool little worm um yeah so um so after that he was fine and in our room and uh we had visitors come and see us a lot of people came out so we were glad to see everyone and happy that he was here all the time of Daisy because I was so like I was on so many drugs and I didn't want to take the drugs at first because I wanted to be able to like be there and like not be groggy but I was in so much pain so I had to take it because my c-section um he's smiling anyway so that's basically everything that happened um we got to leave to date within two days so I was recovering well and he recovered well and we were just really excited to get home and get him in his room and everything so he is a healthy he was um six pounds 11 ounces but they rounded up to twelve so six pounds 12 ounces wait wait six pounds 12 ounces he was 20 inches long and he was born at 4:31 p.m. on September 26 so I just wanted to make this real fast and quick and not too long yawn okay and then I'm also going to be doing post partum videos um so once i've one month postpartum i will go through my weight loss I'll show you belly shot everything like that and then I'll have a one month of deeper him um he's just knocked out so right now he is two weeks old two weeks and a of two days old and he will be I can't believe it it'll be one month soon that's insane he's gained that he went to the pediatrician and he gained back his birth weight cuz he did drop to six pounds five or six pounds five ounces when we left the hospital and then he was 6 pounds 15 ounces and we went to the pediatrician but she said everything with gray and he was perfect so that is our labor and delivery story and I will talk to you guys later stay tuned for more videos and I'll be roots if you want to see any videos leave requests in the comments below and I will try to do the wrong I'm just at home with him one day so we can do this okay so thanks for watching and if you have any other questions about my labor and delivery just ask me below if I miss anything I can't even think straight right now so I hope I didn't miss anything but the main part is we came out healthy and happy and it's okay we got a c-section even though we did not want one at all but stuff happens okay I'll talk to you later if you haven't already subscribe to my channel like this video and we'll see you bye


  1. I haven’t watched the older videos because I’m new to this channel but what happened to the cat? I don’t see it in any of the new videos.

  2. I love you family and friends hello friends KkandbabyJ hello friends Khoa Nguyen hello friends Keren Swanson baby boy Jackson Nguyen Happy Smile

  3. Omg I can’t believe I’m watching this how cute are old videos 😍 Jackson is a big boy know Landon too omg and a 3rd baby on the way

  4. I love watching your old videos and seeing all the growth you guys have done! Awesome job guys! You guys are amazing!

  5. Oh my gosh look at him 😭😭 and now he's a grown toddler running around the house saying "frog" 😭💕

  6. Jesus Christ he is so super tiny?! Goddamn time really flies…. he is already running around his new playground now

  7. ❤❤ watching in 2017 haha. He's so handsome,and gets more handsome as time goes on. His brother too of course. Your kitty was lovely ❤❤

  8. Just came across your channel. Your son is adorable congrats! I too had a csecton with my daughter and had quite a hard time coming to terms with it. I made a video a while ago on it. Look forward to catching up on your videos 🙂

  9. Just started watching some of your videos. Absolutely thankful for you sharing such important parts of your life! I'm having a little boy and our nurseries and personalities are so similar. I'm so glad everything turned out great for you with you baby boy and that we can see how he has grown… Thanks again!

  10. csections are so hard. both physically and emotionally. I've had two csections. my first I was induced and went through 17hrs of labor before I had to have a csection due to my daughter's heart rate lowering during contractions. I was also not progressing even though my contractions were progressively more painful.
    my second csection was almost exactly the same as my first except I went into labor on my own and that csection was considered emergency.
    With my third baby I was able to have a VBA2C which was an amazing experience.
    I hope you are doing well now that it's been a few more weeks since this video was first posted.

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