Why is Childbirth Education Important?

good morning I wanted to talk to you guys about why childbirth classes are so important education is power you've probably heard that a lot of times childbirth classes are going to help you understand what's normal in birthing how your body has been working with you and for you since the day you conceived your baby about and especially our hypnobirthing classes are gonna tell you about all the things that your body has been doing right we don't focus so much on all the things that can go wrong because 95% of the time birth can happen with little to no intervention so childbirth education especially is going to help dispel the myths around childbirth so that you have the confidence to birth your baby gently and with ease because when we can get our mind out of the way the body can take the lead education helps to clear the mind of the limiting thoughts so that then the birthing muscles are free to perform in exactly the way that nature intended when you're calm and confident your birthing muscles get oxygen and blood flow and they perform exactly as they should

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