Why is My Pregnancy Nausea Getting Worse?

Why is my pregnancy nausea getting worse? Morning sickness can come and go, worsened
by lying on your back. Try laying on your side so it does not lead to stomach acid getting
pushed up the throat, making you want to throw up. I did not think I had heartburn, but everything
seems irritated in my digestive tract. If you’re developing bad heartburn with
the pregnancy, you can reduce it by eating more small meals throughout the day. And do
not gorge on high fat, high acidity foods before going to bed. And I thought eating for two was an excuse
to eat ice cream before going to bed. It’s more like you are eating for one point
two, not two. You could get nausea if you eat more than your stomach can hold while
the kid is pressing against it. First, I’m not so far along that the kid
is pressing on my stomach and lungs. Second, if the kid is kicking anything, it is my bladder. You can get nausea because your system is
straining against dry stools. You’re not supposed to take anything during
pregnancy. The first step is drinking a lot more water,
so your body can wash out the waste. Or eating more oatmeal. The side benefit of that is rehydrating you
due to all the nausea and vomiting and watering down the stomach acid so it is less likely
to make you want to throw up. Why else could my nausea be getting worse? The baby’s daddy is bringing home food for
you that you’re irritated by, and the sensitivity is getting worse as the first trimester goes
by. I think the first trimester has already gone
by. There are women who have morning sickness
throughout the entire pregnancy. Not minding the cues that trigger it can leave them chronically
nauseous, though only a small number throw up throughout the whole pregnancy. That’s a nightmare scenario I do not think
anyone has made a movie out of that would leave women horrified. It happens in around one percent of pregnancies.
If you cannot keep fluids down because you’re always nauseous, talk to the doctor. I do not want to go to the hospital. It might be as simple as throwing out everything
that smells bad to you, because you have not had the stomach to clean in weeks. So you think it is getting worse because the
advancing pregnancy is putting pressure on my stomach? Or your back, where the growing baby puts
pressure on blood vessels, causing dizziness in some women leading to nausea. That gets
worse as the baby gets bigger. I know they say parenting is a wild ride,
but this is ridiculous.

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