Why is My Pregnancy Test Invalid?

Why is my pregnancy test invalid? I did not
even know it could be that way. It is not like this is the kind of test that
can fail. I thought that’s why they had the control
strip on it. You’re right, the test is invalid when you
use it and the control strip does not change colors. If only the control line shows up,
you’re not pregnant. I honestly cannot tell whether one line has
lit up or two. If both lines are faint, assuming you did
not drop it in the toilet, it means you are pregnant. I would not think that would make it invalid. An invalid test can occur when the tip did
not get enough urine on it. This could be because only a few drops of pee got on it,
or because you got a lot of other water on it dropping it in a toilet, or splashing it
while washing your hands. You’re supposed to pee on the test. You can collect the pee in a cup, then dip
the pregnancy test’s absorbent test in the urine in the cup. Can you retest on the same test? I’d only recommend that if you barely peed
on it the first time and are saturating it the second time. Otherwise, this is the reason
they sell pregnancy tests in bulk, with three and five in a box. I did not think it was because the tests were
wrong so often. No, it is because people are so afraid that
the tests might be wrong, though user error does occur too. So that’s why the control strip is on there. You also can get an invalid test result if
you do not dip it for at least fifteen seconds in the urine. If you just dip and drop on
the counter because it seems so yucky, it may not get enough urine in the strip to get
a proper result. If I’m pregnant, then in a few months, I’ll
get well over any such squeamishness after being peed and pooped on all the time. I wonder
if my recent stomach bug could make the test invalid. While throwing up your birth control can make
them as ineffective as if you took some antibiotics, that won’t make a pregnancy test invalid.
A miscarriage could cause the test to be positive today but decreasing or negative next time. Or the test could be wrong. If you’re in doubt on the results, literally
try two out of three. If still in doubt, see the doctor, though two out of three positive
results mean you need to see an doctor anyway. Sure, for a blood test that’s almost impossible
to get wrong.

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