Why is My Stomach So Big in First Trimester?

Why is my stomach so big in first trimester? Are you expecting twins? The odds are against that. The odds are that someone will suggest that’s
the reason your stomach is so big the next time you complain about it. The odds of that are maybe one in a hundred. The odds are closer to one in sixty if you
are in your thirties and up to fifty – fifty if you used fertility drugs. This was an all natural event. Then I’d ask if you’re sure of the due
date. If you mistook light spotting at the end of the first month as a period, you’d
be a month off. That would only make a difference in stomach
dimensions if I was around the fifth or sixth month, explaining the differences between
the size of a basketball versus a blimp. If you’re eating for two instead of one
point two, that could explain the extra inches on your stomach. I’d also be adding inches to my thighs and
hips if I was doing that, in addition to the stomach and breasts that already seem to be
ballooning. If you had six pack abs, your stomach would
not stick out as much as it would if you were out of shape. My body was stretched out of shape when I
had the first kid. The second pregnancy and subsequent ones tend
to show earlier because the muscles are all already stretched out. So I’m stuck wearing maternity clothes a
whole trimester earlier. You already have an excuse for the Mom in
sweatpants look if you want. I want to know why I’m showing this much. It is not possible to get so bloated that
it affects the stomach, though you can have so much fluid retention that your ankles and
legs swell. If my legs swelled up like my abdomen, I’d
be concerned about a blood clot and preeclampsia. If you’ve lost weight since having the last
kid or you’re losing weight due to all the vomiting, your growing belly could seem more
stark against a thinner torso and limbs. If I look like a starving African kid, there’s
way more to worry about than my belly sticking out more. Then you’re sticking out more because the
body is already stretched out, farther along than you expected or you’re having more
kids than you expect. Do you have any other answers as to what it
could be? If in doubt as to what might be the reason,
talk to a doctor. And if it is anything out of the ordinary causing it, you’ll need
to talk to a doctor anyway.

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  1. "If I look like a starving African kid"?? that level of insensitivity and ignorance is astounding on so many levels!

  2. Could you be anymore ignorant to say such things. Starving African kid is a bit rasict. There are starving kids everywhere.

  3. I was listening and looking up at the tv and looked back at my phone when i heard "starving african kid" im like what! Did i just hear…thats messed up

  4. Poor choice of words! There are far more different races that have starving kids
    …why say that ignorant mess !!

  5. I unsubscribed the video coz of the statement starving like an African kid…may God have mercy on your white kids then

  6. “Starving African kid “ soo disgusting. There are starving people everywhere in the world not just Africa. Shame on you !

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