Why is My Stomach So Hard During Pregnancy?

Why is my stomach so hard during pregnancy?
It feels like a boulder rock in my abdomen! Don’t worry, this is quite normal. Your uterus
is growing and expanding. Soon it is going to be as big as a basketball, or even a watermelon! I am still pretty early in my pregnancy, why
am I noticing it now? If you are thin you may notice it in your
first trimester. Most women start really noticing their hardening belly in the second trimester. So it is not actually my stomach that is hard? Your uterus is certainly displacing your stomach,
so it would be easy to get confused between the two. Either way, it is strange to have such a hard
belly. Personally, I think it is one of the best
things about pregnancy. That cute pregnancy belly sticking out. The only downside is that everyone loves to
put their hands all over it. While your belly should be getting firmer,
you should pay attention to see if it is getting harder and tightening in waves or contractions. What would that mean? If it is tightening up really tight then getting
looser then doing it again, you are having contractions. Would that mean I am in labor? It could mean that. Or it could mean that
you are having Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are preparing your body for labor later
on. If they keep coming or are happening in regular intervals, call your doctor. I am only in my second trimester. Could I
be having Braxton Hicks this early? Yes, you can have them anytime from around
20 weeks along. Normally they aren’t anything to worry about. They can be why your stomach
keeps turning into a hard rock every once in a while. I am getting a little worried about my tummy
getting so hard. My skin is stretching and I am starting to develop stretch marks! Those are the battle scars of motherhood.
A rite of passage many women go through, you are certainly not alone.

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