Why it matters how we are born | Bettina Breunig | TEDxTUHHSalon

Translator: Екатерина Житомирская Шехтман
Reviewer: Carl Luc Campbell I would like you to think
about а woman giving birth. What do you see? Do you see а hospital scenario
with lots of people suited up in green, a smart doctor,
preferably Dempsey or Clooney, urging a woman to keep on pushing? I suppose, you accept stories of overwhelming emotions,
funny situations, or dramatic events. For me as a midwife, the beginning of life is a very normal and natural
yet specific event. So here’s what comes to my mind
when I think about labor. Regardless of setting, I see а very strong and courageous woman
rising to meet her personal challenge. I see her using her inner power
to fuel that process. So my role as a midwife
is to simply be by her side. I help her to find
the space and confidence she needs to find her challenge. Let me invite you on a journey. Say you are preparing
for a big expedition. You want to climb the Mount Everest. You gather everything you need, you find a trusted partner
to accompany you, and you decide when the time
has come to start the journey. So this is exactly what а baby does
during the nine months of the pregnancy. And when the time has come,
towards the end of the pregnancy, the baby decides that the time
has come to take off to the summit. The increasing contractions set the pace, but there are always breaks in between where mother and child
can rest and draw strength. It is a journey they have
to accomplish together, and it is a very necessary journey
that builds trust and roots an incredibly deep-rooted bond. So when they reach the summit,
everything changes. There is cold air
filling the baby’s lungs, there’s bright light and loud noises, but because the mother is always there, the baby feels the reassurance
of her heartbeat, her familiar voice,
her warmth, and her love. So let me ask you something: what if 50% of all people would die
under unnatural circumstances? Imagine if people would set a date
and a time they want to exit this world. How would society react? I am sure it would cause a major debate! However, it is a fact that over 50% of all babies worldwide
are being born in an unnatural way. And society accepts this. The norm of modern obstetrics leading to the impression
that the way we deliver our babies is just a matter of personal preference. Today, we know of the effect
a lack of natural birth hormones has on the bond
between a mother and a child or the rising risk of obesity
or diabetes type 1 later in life. So let’s go back to our journey
up to the summit of Everest. Now imagine how a baby feels, experiences a cesarean section
or an induced or planned labor. Any given day, not of its choosing,
the journey suddenly starts. It is given no time to prepare or pack, and it is rushed along
right from the start. It is given no break
at the first or second base camp and is forced along
as quickly as possible to the summit. And when it gets there,
it is cold, and it is bright, and the baby has to breathe
without having had the chance to slowly adopt or adapt
to the thin air it finds there. We all know that there are situations when interventions are necessary
or a cesarean section is the only option. But of course, it matters
how we enter into this world. It is my wish that every woman is aware of the impact
and importance of her decision on how she wants her child
to enter into this world, because birth, love,
and death are not diseases. They are the three major
elements of our destiny. (Applause)

24 Replies to “Why it matters how we are born | Bettina Breunig | TEDxTUHHSalon”

  1. Every single pregnant woman needs a midwife and a Doula. There is less emergency intervention when you have either one of these instead of a OB surgeon. As women we have been conned into believing that our bodies can't handle child birth. This is crime.

  2. There is more money and less time involved in a C-Section so doctors take advantage of those two things if they can. Every woman of child bearing age should watch this video. Thank you for the message, it's very important.

  3. I planned a lovely safe home birth. I HAD to have a section. So I've negatively impacted my childs life at the moment of birth? Thanks for that, as if mum's didn't have it hard enough!

  4. If you've had a c-section, don't let this affect you. I truly believe that natural birth is a terrific experience, because I had one. And I think everyone should push for a natural birth if it's right for them. But c-sections are necessary sometimes. It's not often that they are necessary with the help of a midwife or doula, but they ARE there for a reason. C-sections are life saving medicine. Having a c-section doesn't mean that you will love your baby any less. It doesn't mean that your baby will develop life long complications. It means that you and your baby both get to live, when you may not have otherwise.

  5. Yeah offcoarse a midwife would say these things…😖 I have had terrible experiences with midwifes. This woman should not be lecturing women about c-sections. She’s not even a doctor! Íf something should happen a
    a woman will die because she cant do anything really…

  6. Thanks for this. I am 37 weeks now and have a determined high risk birth so trying to go through deciding what is best medically and intuitively. I was finding it so hard to break through the confusion that the consultants plans were making me feel but have now found my courage to trust myself and also take medical advise instead of being overwhelmed.
    Truly, thanks

  7. I have never commented on a talk before but feel that I have to with this one. I went into labour naturally, my contractions were intense from the start and 38 hours later I was still at 2cm because my body wasn't working. At that point I demanded a C section for the safety of my child. We have the strongest bond that I can imagine. Mothers should not be made to feel bad for decisions that they make for the best of reasons. I would have loved to have had a natural birth. If I ever have another child I will have an elected section because I would not risk putting my child in danger again if my body were to respond in the same way. Mothers get a hard enough time with stories that constantly make us feel guilty without the medical profession adding to this. I'm sure that very few sections are carried out without there being a need to do so.

  8. I can tell you right now that induced pregnancy and anesthetics do nothing to limit this bond between mother and child. My mom had both and we are very close and she is actually kinda overbearing at times, but I don't think that we don't have a strong bond. Plus, I don't even remember being born, so how could such a thing possibly have an affect?

  9. What do you say to someone who is 6ft tall, partner is 6'7 and our baby is 10lbs. In the womb right now… In the 99th percentile. I have a history of blood clots.. I'm 36weeks pregnant w my 1st baby and my Dr. are medically recommending a cesarian section? I follow a holistic lifestyle my goal was to have a water birth at home but I'm told it's too risky with my medical history.

    What do you suggest? I plan to wait until labor kicks in naturally but I just feel sad already because I don't see myself being able to push out a 12-13lb. Baby.

  10. One day people will hear a message and will not jump to twisting what they heard into negativity , this woman is not coming out of malice or being judgemental . She is speaking from love and from her knowledge as a woman . She is not trying to kick any body down for their decision instead she is attempting to educate so that woman take back control of their bodies , lives and birthing experiences. I recently had an unassisted homebirth and because I had faith in my temple , in my baby and of course my creator, it was beyond beautiful . I regret nothing and feel empowerd more than ever before. Why ?? Because what I did took strength that I didn't know I had , courage , patience ,and faith .This is something my ancestors took part in before they were colonized by invaders from European countries . I am bringing back our independence and freedom from Babylon so that my children know that we do not need to depend on those who tried to enslave us for anything. We only need to be in tune and in alignment with the Almighty creator . Because we were made to birth nations.

  11. I love this talk. ♡ I had a natural home birth with my midwife and doula. I Love being at home. I will have home births for all my babies ♡♡♡

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