Why IVF Fails (Hindi) – Dr. Pooja Mehta

namaskar those two went out to pooja Matta Fortis Hospital Molly my gynecologist or inversely specialist mayor yaku three current I wait failures yeah I've asked you in heat with a successful new taxes para member tomma chapter seven is a homogeneous you do bi bhp Queens America in largely ivf schematic lobby of nike hum nails even Minar a geek week unique Ebates to see key pregnancy who yet to delivery hurry – delivery – Jota thse kaput cancer at some mature honey your uterus here under the knee you're questioning our little the way America enlarge with that licking I really huh make me achieve in maraka much an anaconda darling you see Li I we've got success rate know that no chemica a gram solo book IV of cutting is vomited around charlieseo fat ass look pregnant with a first attempt me she is a much Kirara mortgage I had to at least hamare maybe what Asano died he would say it was in the negative result to accept obscure up car and kikyo few pregnancy negatory isaac major dough karan hotei 8 Carlton this make a thick blue and my problem is my embryo my problem I do Sakura not ahead this may endometrium jaha they've been a crock and I was my problem us of the Branca Karen Kelly a job doon my problem muñeca Karanka no reason for such they ache reason whatta ya toe healthy egg nigga ya sperm held in here yeah H DISA a Corcoran dislocated jaw habemus make broken eyes endometrium Nia I'm Brianna grow can i chomp hey whoa a Channing he was mayor embryo chaos was the quality laugh equality lack of Culture Media Lab kahafer filters your lab guy inhibited thickening here whose cases may be endometrium sorry embryo my problem was up t up comes I can gather endometrium key problem chilly so I know my TMJ problems normally George is cook a say but she's an icky lining job baby Negro cannot go Karen no teen what the hell's my ache major Cara no psyche I know madam they know that Tim eclipses both but Lee defer a tuxedo endometrium chief Atlee OT but liver at me usually embryo groaning cursor so paper homicide he clinically g-csf PRP yes Malkin upper saqqaq Lucita Lemke and no matter him the kitchen making us ke extrinsic factors of extra in 6m what's up Joe uterus kept a hard is it to visit to Miss Ellie was a few just comma hydras helping scatting okay but ammu hydras alkenes laparoscopic in Juarez clips can apartheid gay bar fibroid was a parasol your city buddy buddy this widget CB embryo may implantation muñeca chances commuted to pay but however Orsolya an economy perfectly a Corcoran Otaki undersea hamari body of me because of Absalom yeah major way buddy by marriages may hamari cookie body can sells Mary cookie body Cassell's good morning eternity with those cases make a bar huh make the vyuha injections your intra lipid therapy yeah immunoglobulin therapy yes steroids they can yeah he faron blakely humming treatment de queiroz go home pregnant economy health care something the cabin on taking a botany hanky agar IVF a advice either by their field was up you see a cheese IVF specialist kept a jockey with a detail makes Sarika sorry a flipper on a paper for running is free hussar a detailed my big kids or who smell some thermals constant million keeping the embryos burning hey keep the egg banana who suraj above evaluate curry to paint ourselves a home for about around 70 percent to pinpoint curves Atticus kalkaryn X 30 percent Philbin a motor Tommy Finnick advanced lab gideros parties advanced lab comas love just lab make incubator Chico Latika edges slamming in Seiki facility UMC massive intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection this much of magnification normally charge so you know whatever magnification passes are those open on time lucky chances abnormal egg abnormal sperm who the economics are música the Tisa or HC what they just this lab make a layup cage time-lapse technology I am Rio scope capacity or wouldn't own lab sleepy hum apke I mean are you kidding you the chances plane will take it better for me so just relax and RK q CH it off – Kamini thank you

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  1. Aurat ki hahish puri kar ne ke liye mard ka link kita mota aur lamba ho zaroori hai please zaroor batayye

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