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  1. Motivational video indeed! you're extremely lucky that you got some answers concerning enhancing egg quality sooner. I'm extremely sure this next cycle will work for you. I don't see anything however awesome things ahead for you. I might want to want you to enjoy all that life has to offer in your next IVF. you ought to presumably search for ripeness pros who have great outcomes, their group ought to incorporate a decent embryologist.

  2. Sarah when your 1st ivf failed after that your doctor recomened you some medicine or diet chart for your frozen embreo plz tell me the name of that supliments

  3. I appreciate you making this video & your one called Increase Egg Quailty for IVF Success. Both have given me some comfort when I needed it most. Just got some bad news yesterday, my one remaining embryo did not not make it to a blastocyst which is needed to do the biopsy/PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) The PGS has been recommended for me since I am 40 & TTC & I have low ovarian reserve (which is normal for my age). Comforting hearing someone else's IVF journey & happy your journey ended with success. I have done 6 IUI & 1 IVF now. Just easy to get bummed, still trying to figure out where to go from here. Thanks for sharing your experience

  4. Thank you for the video. For such a tough subject you make me laugh. I also have PCOS and thought it was hilarious you calling it a Ahole. Thank you for the chuckles and so happy your journey ended in success!

  5. Not approving of IVF???? OMG!!! Some people are just ridiculous. I am sorry! I guess in that line they don't approve of blood transfusions, dentists, medicine in general!!! Go for it! My sister has a boy and a girl twins. Miracle babies. Most beautiful thing ever! I am 42! They won't allow me twins… but if you want to have a baby, use all methods available to you! Heck, if I could I would use cloning!!!!

  6. Do you think it's smarter for me to do the laparoscopy before my embryo transfer. I have the same situation you had, with the hydrosalpinx of the Fallopian tubes.

  7. What supplement did you end up using? I am taking some but not 100% sure if they are the right ones.

  8. we just started ivf and I'm nervous as hell because I cant see something that good happening to me. I enjoyed your video thanks

  9. IVF is deeply problematic.


  10. Actually the most part of our testing, treatments were made and performed in UK. And we never took the prices seriously. Probably because we were lucky not to have money issue at all. But when our tries took years, the prices raising each time we and when we ran out of almost all our savings that was the crucial time for us to look on overseas clinics as cheaper options. I've also had an experience of failed IVF cycle with OE. This is a very challenging situation for you as you have to find the solution and cope with the disaster. I was a true emotional wreck then. So there are so many reasons our 1 cycle may fail! In our case this was my own eggs using. I understand this was the last try to make sure they wouldn't do but it was so hurtful afterwards.. Some time ago we took egg donation rout. And it took us to Ukrainian Biotexcom clinic. We're passing DE IVF program there (5 att, selective reduction if needed and needed meds for 9900 euro). We've already had transfer (2 5-day blastocysts). Officially I'm in 2ww club now. Fingers crossed for this video has no relation to us!

  11. What can you take for better egg quality? What test can i do to know about my egg quality im also ttc but i think i dont get pregnant because of my eggs

  12. Sarah, can you and Peter do a video about what his journey from start to finish. I have watched so many peoples blogs of ttc. We found yours to be the most interesting. My husband and I both have infertility. He would like more info from the mans journey through ivf and ttc….we know Peter doesn't have issues but what was it like for him. Thank you for all of your videos. Your such a help, and congrats to and your new family

  13. So when you do ivf isn't that expensive? And when you do it can you take out as many eggs as you want? Like 2? Or dose 1 make 2 eggs.

  14. Hey Sarah. I've had PCOS since I was a teenager, but I became pregnant at 17 and gave birth at 18. I'm almost 22 now, and my doctor just found out that I have Hydrosalpinx, and is considering to remove my tubes.. but my right ovary also has the HF and he is also considering to remove that one. I'll end up with just one ovary. I know I'm young but I just want at least another baby before they take my baby making system out of my bod. 😢
    Goodluck on the 2nd one, btw.

  15. Have you tried the low amylose diet? Apparently that really works for PCOS and can even dramatically increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally. I want to try it myself but I have no discipline 🙁 Maybe I don't want it bad enough 🙁

  16. Hi Sarah, I am DR Nanda, Actually a general Surgeon in Malaysia,  I stumbled across your Video and I felt extremely frustrated for your outcome,  Firstly I would like to wish you all the best in your next IVF.  Actually I wanted to let you know that all women are born with 5000 or so ova, out of which approximately  500 will ovulate in your reproductive period in your lifetime. So your 25 year old ova should be as old as another 25 year old's. You should probably look for fertility specialists who have good results, their team should include a good embryologist …  anyway stay cool and Take Care

  17. btw…i had no idea that pcos affects the quality of a woman's egg…..am in the same boat as you….i understand you and praying for u

  18. Oh man I totally feel ya on the having eggs like a 40 year old. I'm 26 and have low ovarian reserve/premature ovarian aging. We had IVF done in december and had 7 eggs fertilize. 4 ended up being poor quality, 1 a fair minus, 1 fair, and 1 good. We transferred the fair and good one on day 3. They kept growing the fair minus to see if it would improve and on day 6 in became a fair quality egg. So they froze that embryo. Anyways, same thing as you…every thing went great, I responded well, transferred 2 embryos, but didn't end up pregnant. Low egg quality due to my condition. Totally sick and doctor just says to try again. Nothing you can really do about it. We're going to transfer the frozen embryo this month and will pray it works, if not we'll be taking a break til June to try another fresh round of ivf. I'll supplement with DHEA since that's suppose to help give you the chances of 1 or 2 more eggs. I wish you the best with your move and with a new doctor. If we do ivf again we'll most likely be changing doctors as well…not super fond of the one we have right now. Best of luck!! Infertility sucks.

  19. Hey Sarah, I'm happy you got some answers… In my mind that is better than being left with wonderment and total confusion. I can tell you're feeling defeated and discouraged, and usually that's a good time to take a break. It'll likely help with your stress levels too. Just know that your TTC Cysters love you, and we will be praying for you & always hoping for the best for you! I think that knowledge is power, and I know you're very strong willed. You will do anything it takes to get healthy eggs, a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby! I believe in you <3 Looking forward to your Q&A!

  20. You are so beautiful my friend! Your next IVF is gonna work. You are working so hard to be healthy and take care of yourself. I am so proud of you! I love you!

  21. Hi Sarah I just wanted to share I have blocked tubes too. I'm not why doctors do not inform us if you have fluid in the tubes the egg will not implant because the fluid is toxic, so IVF may not work. I have been taking natural supplements to open my tubes. I have been taken serrpaptase 120,000 a ezyme that breaks up scare tissue, adhension and liquid. On the first 3 days I passed a huge mucus plug. If your interested I can send  you links to prove the the fluid is toxic and not allow implantion. feel free to listen to some of these ladies on baby center. Its a ttc forum and i'm in a group for ladies with blocked tubes. One lady had 4 failed IVF and she recently got her tubes clear but taking natural supplements. it's about 20 ladies on this thread and we 8 natural bfps. when the doctors said ivf ws the only way. Doctors do not know everything.
    if your interested feel free to check us out .

  22. My Great Dane came in from the other room when your dog was growling. He ended up watching about half of your video after that. Lol it sucks to hear about your egg quality. I have diminished ovarian reserve so I understand the desire to work on that before going through with any further treatment. Recently (and randomly) I came across juicing greens. I've started buying the Suja brand bottled juices (but only the ones with the lowest sugar) to see if I like them. I am surprised that I do. I'm hoping to get a good quality juicer when our tax return comes in next month. I won't be fasting or anything just supplementing. The way I see it is that it's like taking a real multi (although I probably won't stop with that or my coq10, vit D, b12/folate etc). I thought I'd mention it in case you might be interested in looking in to it. I found two books on Amazon that I might buy because they include super foods in juices and/ smoothies. They're called "Superfood Juices" and "Superfood Smoothies" and both are by Julie Morris. Foods high in antioxidants and micronutrients should also help with egg quality so I may as well give it a try! One VERY expensive supplement I'm thinking about is glutathione. It is available on amymyersmddotcom. I may also do a fertility cleanse from the natural fertility info website. Oh the drama!! Sorry for rambling! Good luck!!

  23. I'm glad you have answers.
    Ill probably be doing IVF with you in July.
    Ill be continuing to watch your journey!

  24. Been thinking of you and wondering how you been doing. I'm glad you finally have answers as to why..even though it just all sucks butt in general. 🙁

    Loved seeing Brophy in the video 🙂 such a cutie!!

  25. Okay I cracked up at the "what the fuck appointment" part… But I'm so sorry you're in this position, glad to hear your taking the time for yourself before jumping back into ivf!!

    Side note: had hyperemesis gravidarum with my only successful pregnancy seven years ago… It. Is. No. Joke. So miserable!!

  26. I'm so sorry Sarah… I'm glad that you now have some answers though. You're very fortunate that you found out about improving egg quality sooner. I'm very confident this next cycle will work for you. I see nothing but great things ahead for you. <3 With that being said, you're freaking hilarious. 

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