Why Men and Women Are Born Different

Ladies and gents, please listen carefully. I’d like to say something that most of you
won’t like, but someone has to do it because it’s true and backed by science. And that truth is… men and women are different
from birth. Now, before you smack me on the face with
numerous social studies, let me explain. I’m not talking about social status — that’s
a different thing altogether. I’m talking about gender issues. For example, in 2006, Larry Cahill, Associate
Professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of California,
conducted a study that proved gender may influence how we experience emotions, memorize things,
perceive information, and so on. And there’s also a 2019 study that only
confirms this: deep learning techniques used by researchers led to the discovery that brain
differences between men and women are present even in the womb. Okay, so this is controversial, and some scientists
still argue that the research lacks evidence. But let’s face it: we ARE different, whatever
our social environment might be. And that’s actually a good thing. Yes, it is! I know, I’m a man, and you might think I’m
only saying this because I want to reinforce the male position. But trust me, I don’t. What I really want to do is to tell you that
the differences between men and women are necessary and beautiful. And I’m talking about both biological and
mental differences. We all know that men are born to be physically
stronger, and women don’t feel pain as acutely as men to endure the process of childbirth. That’s the undoubted truth, and no one really
argues with it. That’s how nature works. With the brain, however, things often get
complicated. If we are physically different, why would
we think that we’re not mentally so? Why can’t we just accept the fact that male
and female ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving information are not similar? What’s so wrong with that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing is wrong with it, and I
don’t know why there’s so much negativity about this issue. Thanks to these differences, we can look at
various problems from all angles, sometimes finding unexpected solutions. If we only listen to each other, of we only
start trying to understand the opposite gender’s views and motives, we’ll discover a whole
new world of opportunities. This is exactly what more enlightened countries
are doing right now. History knows lots of examples of unfairness,
injustice, and discrimination. Today, however, we’re on our way to recognizing
universal equality. “Human” is the word of the century. It isn’t the gender or the skin or hair
color that makes you human. It’s your heart and your brain. We can love and hate different things and
come together with those who share our views; we can join social and religious groups or
activist movements. We can even team up with our colleagues and
enjoy working together. What I’m saying is that we divide naturally
into groups, and that’s what makes us humans as well. So why not look at the gender issue from the
same point of view? Men are one group; women are another. That’s our human approach to life in general. We are social beings, and we need this separation. But even from a physiological standpoint,
we won’t ever be able to understand each other completely. A man will not understand what it’s like
to give birth to a child because he’s physically incapable of this miracle. In a similar manner, a woman won’t be able
to fathom what it is to suffer from some male-specific disease. And that’s okay; that’s perfectly fine,
if you ask me! Because we don’t need to understand everything. Just like we don’t need to completely understand
each other’s motives and way of thinking. You see what I’m getting at? No matter what we do, no matter what kind
of social environment we have, we’ll still be different. And that doesn’t, in the least, concern
our equality of rights or anything like that. We ARE equal, that’s not a point of argument. But we ARE different. Why do you think more men than women love
action movies and video games, while more women than men adore soap operas and plush
toys? Of course there are exceptions, and this is
all statistics, but still, the percentage in both cases is quite obvious. Things like these can’t be imposed against
our will; they’re our choice, and ours only. We choose what we like and dislike ourselves,
and statistics say there are typically “male” and typically “female” things. It’s also known that women can distinguish
much more colors and shades than men, which can make them better designers, for example. Men, on the other hand, are better fit for
hard physical labor because of their constitution. We have hormones that also play a huge role
in how we perceive the world around us. Testosterone in the male body makes us more
aggressive and protective than women who have next to none of it. Yet only women have the maternal instinct
that drives them crazy if someone or something threatens their child, while men have no idea
of what it’s like. Now, I’m not saying that fathers don’t
love their kids; it’s just that they don’t have the same instinctive, primitive bond
as mothers do. The list of these differences can go on and
on, and I can dwell on this for hours, but what good would it serve? What I’m trying to say here, is that we
shouldn’t deny our dissimilarities and try to prove that we’re the same, men and women. Let’s face it: we’re not. Whatever society we live in, we’ll never
be similar to each other. Social equality has nothing to do with our
being different; it’s the innate stuff that makes our lives so much more complicated,
yet that much more fascinating as well. We team up; we mix; we fall in love; we break
up; we make friends and fight; we live. Together. That’s what it’s all about. Because, despite all our differences and disputes,
we complement each other. Where a man can only see one solution, a woman
can show him another, and vice versa. This is teamwork; this is our life as humans. We must not toss away our identity, neglecting
who we are. Instead, we should take pride in everything
that we are. In being men and women. In being different. The truth is, we can’t survive without each
other, even as a species. So let’s respect this and give ourselves
a break. Let’s accept the fact that we will never
be similar and enjoy it, not be frustrated about it. Let’s embrace our differences. They are, after all, what makes us so beautiful
in each other’s eyes. And in case you didn’t hear me the first
time: we’re not unequal; we’re just not the same. Do you agree with me that we’re born different,
and not raised so? I’d like to hear your opinions, so leave
them down in the comments. Don’t forget to like this video, share it
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100 Replies to “Why Men and Women Are Born Different”


  2. FIRST OF ALL! And I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a girl and I use one towel to dry my whole body(not including my hair). I mean, why be extra??

  3. I'm not trans nor a male I'm a cis gendered female however I have quite a few interests that are typically "male interests". I've also taken many quizzes and they say that my brain leads more to the male side and that just confuses me. These tests think I'm mentally a male due to my interests. I'm not saying that men and women aren't different but we can have any interests we want, it doesn't change our gender.

  4. The SJW’s think admitting that we’re different is some kind of unpardonable sin. I’m sick of these people confusing everyone. We all need to speak up or it’s never going to get better!

  5. TRUE….we are born a man or a woman. Period. I don't understand why there is any discussion that says differently. Why do we think we are smarter than the Creator everything came from? In almost every aspect of our existence, we think we are smarter and we know better than Life, we are not, where all Life and anything and everything else comes from is the Ultimate Wisdom.

  6. Oh really thank God you have told me otherwise I am going to put skirt in bathroom where my father was going to take bath 😂😂

  7. i appreciate this video. Thanks for putting this out there and making this point regardless of controversial points of views. It is really sad how many times you had to pretty much apologize for the topic. People are way too offended by everything, to include reality.

  8. Actually, I'm great with this fact. I'm also mystified about why some other people seem to deny it as much as they do. Hopefully, they'll come around eventually.

  9. I agree most women and men have differences, but not all men are physically stronger than all women and not all women have maternal instincts. Every person is different than the next, be they man or woman.

  10. 4:39 I’m a girl and I like action movies and video games more then soap operas and plushies because I think they’re boring and I don’t understand why people think that all girls favourite colour is pink (• _ •)/


    well I don't like soap operas tho. I'm a tomboy so yeah 😀 doesn't matter I'm a ♀️

  12. I have promblems with your video, which I honestly feel is the worst Bright Side video I've ever seen. Despite what this may sound like, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I just think it was presented poorly. First, I don't think "most" people will disagree; I think a very vocal minority will disagree, which will make it sound like a majority. Beyond that, what bothered me the most about your video was the repetition of "we're different – we just are" statements. Yes, you listed a few reasons, all of which are true, but it seemed you were trying to soft-pedal it so much to cater to the people who think gender is fluid, changeable and non-binary that the reasons were drowned in apologetic justification. I would love to see this video re-created to match the tone and no-nonsense attitude I've come to expect from Bright Side.

  13. Part of the innate difference is due to nature preparing females for motherhood by making us less aggressive and more tolerable because that's what helps when dealing with babies and children. The production of more estrogen is part of that agenda. As an aunt and someone who has worked as a nanny for many years, you need to be tolerant and preferably void of combative instincts. Kids will do things that make you angry, like throw food at you or continue babbling all through the house. Ever throw food at a man's face? Don't be surprised he gets up and smacks you in the face. But for an aunt such as myself, it's just another baby sitting day. You can only discipline a baby/child so much because they're unreasonable at certain ages.

    Also, speaking of estrogen again, it's being noted that men who take estrogen injections do become less aggressive. It's also noted, that when men become fathers, they also produce more estrogen around the care of their baby. And this excessive flow of estrogen can stir feelings of love, patience and tolerance because that is what is necessary to see to the care of someone so vulnerable and naive. It's nature.

  14. Nothing is wrong about the difference between women and men. It just the social pressure of being a certain way that doesn’t state being a women like always wear skirts and if u didn’t then u are not a girl

  15. I've been playing darts A LOT for the past 22 years, and I've never understood why males seem to have an advantage over females in darts.

  16. I always have to tell my boyfriend: "When I tell you my problems, you don't have to find a solution. It is sufficient to listen to me to make me feel better". He knows that, but he can't really believe that. How can I do to help us both when I need to talk to someone whom I trust?
    What about us women who won't have babies?:o(
    Did you write "proMblem" on purpose?

  17. I definitely agree. I don't know, why so many peaople want to be the same. Why should we want to be just a grey mass. We are differet, everybody has his good and bad points. And that makes the live more colorful.

  18. Yes, gender has an impact in thinking BUT it is among many other factors. The problem is focusing only on gender when there are many other factors to consider as well. For e.g. how a parent grooms their kid impacts how their brain develops. If you keep giving dolls to guys and guns to girls, they will grow differently. Parents try to reinforce their stereotype on the kid and try to make them more "male" or more "female". And there is not one study but many studies on this.

  19. No offense, but this is just boring. I thought you would give some more examples insteading of just saying something like "we ARE different" (kind of annoy) eight minutes wasted -_-

  20. Men and women are two halves of the same whole. We're radically different but we fill the empty spaces that need filling in each other that the same gender just cannot fill; not just in relationships, either. I can't explain this phenomenon, I just know it from personal experience. We were designed differently and that's what makes us all the same.

  21. I dont like soap operas, I love plushtoys. I love video games, action movis r cool. So.. Im mostly like a dood? 😂

  22. useless video, why making video only for 3rd world countries, as most of them wont have access to internet to watch this anyway…

  23. Just because men and women are biologically different it doesn't mean that women should be abused objectified sexualized discriminated and have limited opportunities just because they are born with an XX chromosome and that men shouldn't be judged if their penises are too small or if they show emotions such as happiness fear or sadness or that they shouldn't treat women with respect just because they are born with an XY chromosome Both genders should be treated with respect and you can still be an Alpha male if you are a softie

  24. What does this say about society that we can't even admit the genders are DIFFERENT fr/ each other?
    Why are we so afraid to admit that? The truth is the TRUTh. The only thing to fear is LIES.

  25. Different peepees for boys and girls? I though they were like cats and rabbits how they all start out as kittens and change into cats or rabbits when they get older. Sometimes you learn nothing new every day.

  26. Doesn't mean we women get resorted to housework and childcare. Or that mums are more important than dads and we're meant to be love them more (mums are mostly much stricter and harsher than dads😡😠 good thing I don't ever want to be a mother saying this and growing up I'd always been slightly closer to dad)

    Or that girls are more likely to be culprits of gossipping and backbiting

  27. But of course it will always be normal seeing females of whatever age crying but strange seeing teenage boys or men (young kids are a different matter)😁

  28. Men and Women are different. Period!!! Speaking of Period, if I bled for a week as a guy, I would be dead

  29. Good reasons for not accepting and acknowledging the difference are not only men and women but also among all creatures, between all personalities. And do everything you can, even if it is the most negative plan (the authoritarian plan that makes people and gods think together), to change it.
    -I am one of the world's most feared mosses, which should have been used by people who are friendly to eat, bandage wounds and it only grows in non-toxic places.
    -We are also afraid of holes and dirty places.
    -We are not brave enough to bear the risk of all types of permanent injuries, this is like fear of pain and death that prevent us from fighting hard.
    -We almost never discipline no matter what.
    -We have to put in the position of the overall male in the law of cause and effect.

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