Why recurrent miscarriages happen & what you can do about it.

hi there have you gotten pregnant and then miscarried and then gotten pregnant again and miscarried in a row maybe even more than once if that's the case we're going to talk about recurrent miscarriages today and some things that you can you know check out about yourself and then at the end I'm going to let you know some options that you can do as well to help you make sure that you can sustain the whole pregnancy so you can have the baby right it's not always just about getting pregnant as you if you have experienced that no more than anybody I'm Denise no llores and I'm known as the fertility godmother and today we're going to talk about this challenging time when you get pregnant and then you lose the baby and it can be anywhere between you know six weeks to 12 weeks sometimes it's even late trimester in the second or third trimester when that happens and there's a lot of unknowns and there's a lot of horrible feelings that go with with that you know losing a baby once and then if you do it if you lose a baby more than want more than once it's really mind-boggling so I'm going to share with you some things of some reasons that are common or not even common it's not the right word but that can happen that can cause a miscarriage that I'd like you to advocate for yourself yeah I've found that women I work with a lot of women who this this one is recurrent miscarriage is near and dear to my heart and I work with a lot of women who've had several miscarriages and it turns out that most of them have to be their own advocate sorry for this important discussion and I don't know if you heard my puppy that's one way to help you feel better for the little puppy or a little kitty cat you decided to wake up right now sorry about that anyways so um I actually have to talk to women to be their own advocate for when they're go to the doctor because the doctors doctors of course not all doctors will give a they don't go through they don't know what to do or maybe they're within a child and you have to advocate for your test but there's things that you can do that you need to find out to make sure that you can correct what's going on so there are certain things like you know genetics can be a big deal so if you do have a miscarriage definitely if possible oh my goodness that's really distracting hold on guys I'm sorry sorry must be my little puppy it was the first time after his wellness visit and here he is growing big already he should make you happy so our babies are also fun to add to the family anyways so there are some things that are really important for you to know obviously there's genetic imp problems that can occur when you're trying to get pregnant so if possible you want to have the the baby tested or the fetus test it or the embryo or whatever it is at the time you lose it if that's possible to get some of that genetic that tissue material because that'll give you some really great information if it comes back abnormal okay then you know you try again and there's nothing else going on but what happens when it comes back normal now there's a couple things that can happen it could if it if it was a girl and you found out that it was a girl it could have gotten your tissue but if it came back normal then you want to start looking at other things such as maybe there's an immune issue going on or maybe there's something anatomical in your uterus that caused it maybe there's something going on with your thyroid or your immune I said your immune system sometimes wait you know having your blood sugar levels going crazy can really can cause a miscarriage so you want to take a look at everything possible so that you can ensure the best you can to make sure that you end up taking that baby home so you can cuddle with it and so it's really those are some things you can do so there's some testing done a sort of blood test that you can have done and that would be your testing for like a thrombophilia panel or lupus or anti-nuclear antibodies anti phospholipids those are going to be some of the things that you're going to have to really advocate for a lot of times insurance companies they don't want to pay for these tests unless you've had two or more I think some of it used to be three I think that and most of the companies lowered it to two which is I'm so happy because if you've had two consecutive miscarriages you want to be able to get tested so you want to test for what the thrombin feel your panel so other things that can happen are you know the sperm quality if you are miscarrying early then the sperm quality can also impact that so that's why if you follow me you realize I really enforce both partners both of you guys to be as healthy as possible when you're trying to conceive and then after you have your baby you know you you still I still have a kid a healthy lifestyle because I want you to live a full vivacious life but it's really important to be as healthy as possible both partners and there's things that both of you can do to to do that make sure that is so lifestyle is a big deal genetics you know is is really helpful you can get an Evan you can get a genetic screening if you can test I just put him down and hope he doesn't bark again if you get a genetic screening on both your both of you to make sure that there aren't any diseases and once you've ruled all that out then it comes to what we really don't know but I've seen women I've even seen women who have had inseminations and they've implanted and then they miscarry and then later on they do an assailant ultrasound and they realize that there was a small fibroid or polyps that occurred so if you're even going down the route of having an insemination then sometimes the doctors don't they usually check if you're going to do IVF but they don't always check if you're gonna do an insemination so you want to make sure you can roll it off because that's just a quick little procedure they can take care of right away and it's you know you they can go in dr. scopic lee or figure that out really quickly and you want to make sure that you're with a skilled technical skilled doctor who does that then you don't you then you're concerned about scar tissue that could be another complication but most are ders you know you go to a good doctor who can perform this procedure it should help you pretty quick pretty quickly you'll peel and then you can you know feel confident that you can have that um how about have that baby so the other thing is the blood test so what do they do when you have these blood tests come back so there's different things different when they're still unsure but they treat these prophylactically and you end up being able to take home a baby so that's the one way to go about doing this oh my goodness I'm like home I'm back on schedule super excited to be with you guys I got the puppy I got the phone this is crazy talking about some really emotional stuff here sorry oh my goodness I guess that's what happens when you go live right things that are unpredictable set everything up and here we are okay thanks for listening anyways so the some things that you can do besides medicine and I work with a lot of doctors we work in combination with treating this but what I do is I help get your body strong and to prepare so that it can thanks for laughing guys I appreciate your sense of humor get your body strong so that it can hold the baby so we look at things you know I look at things a little bit differently from a holistic point of view then do you want to so we're going to strengthen the body strengthen the immune system it helped make sure there's good quality blood flow going to the placenta to nourish the baby we do this things like this and we use acupuncture and Chinese herbs and we make sure that you and your partner are as healthy as possible so that you can get there and it's so it's really it works really well it's something that's near and dear to my heart because there's not that many options at this stage and it's so heartbreaking and I really get that so that if this is something you would like to reach out and talk to me about and see if that's an option for you please feel free to either call or comment in the comment section below just let me know if you want to call so we will reach out for you just right in there comments-section free consult or call our office send us an email and I'd be happy to get on the phone and just kind of talk to you and see if I think I can help you I know I'm working with a woman right now who doesn't live in the state who's had three miscarriages and I had to help her advocate for her doctor to her doctor or advocate for herself to get these tests done so that she can at least rule rule some things out and then we know what the next steps are to take and so and then we recommend I I put her on some Chinese verbs but I work with these women with women like yourself who can get pregnant but have a hard time keeping the baby and we just want to make sure that everything is covered so that you can have your baby so please give me a heart if you found this villa valuable I appreciate your time today I'm sorry for all the craziness if I can help you reach out to me I would love and to help you would be honored to help you I just want to do a little quick recap so you want to make sure that you are you've had a pelvic exam and that you had a saline ultrasound so that you can be sure to let's just make sure that the uterine cavity is clean even if you've had kids before and then you want to have make sure you get a blood test done ask for a thrombophilia panel or the recurrent pregnancy loss is actually a recurrent pregnancy loss panel and the doctor should know that if not I can help you but they're going to be looking at your immune system I'm going to make sure your thyroid was in healthy range not the normal range for thyroid but for normal range for pregnancy which is usually around 2 I've seen people some doctors let it go at 2 and a half but usually a lot of the doctors I work with like it around 2 and under so you want to make sure that that's normal obviously if you can do any genetic testing that would be really helpful sometimes what what else oh the glucose the sugar so that's something you can really take care of your diet by eating really clean and healthy and eliminating sugar you know sign women who have PCOS or diabetes can struggle more so you have to put more effort in to be healthier to balance your Sugar's or take something to help you with that all right so again please go ahead and comment in the section in the comment section if you do if there's anything I can help you with or just reach out to us give us a call email I'm always here for you we'll make it a great day and I know that you can have your baby and I know sometimes it's not just your first your first time something you have kids but just seems more mind-boggling and then all of a sudden your miscarrying I've seen it so many times where women have had two kids and they're wanting a third kid either with the same partner or they remarried and then all of a sudden they're miscarrying and it doesn't make sense because you've had two kids but there are things that happen later on something gets turned on so don't be hope to feel hopeful I know you can have a healthy baby and I'm here for you if I can help you see you next week here's to your fertility

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