where's Pooh Bear there he is where's the bear Alexa Alexa will you tell her to be quiet thank you where's boo bear where's boo bear [Applause] where's Lindell you were very patient so these are really neat these are what you call wet bags which are what hold soiled cloth diapers thank you and keep the moisture in they have some that you keep in your house that you just like put the diapers in as you go throughout the day and then they have some that are smaller that you travel with and these particular ones are from our friend Mary Elizabeth thank you so much for the boxes of goodies pretty awesome ha we got so I'm assuming I'm assuming those four cloth diapers that you had you said some of them seemed like they were we call them pre-loved because cloth diapers I mean really don't go bad they can always be like revived with bleach or with like a strip or something like that oh sorry so I'm not sure what the story is and actually the ones that were brand new I was getting ready to purchase those are the ones that we use at night time they're like a pre fold just like a absorbent thing anyway still gung ho cloth diapering I mean as you guys see in the videos these these two are 95% and cloth diapers where's blue bear where's blue bear we occasionally have to use disposables if we like get behind on laundry and run out of hot diapers it's really the coverage that we run out of where's Linda where's Linda hey cutie I'm not sure what you want me to do with that so that is that what you wanted man that's a great new toy Wow is it slippery whoa be careful so we've been cloth ivory basically since they're born if you're new here and you didn't know that already and love it we've had to kind of evolve our what cloth diapers would use as they've grown and I have videos all throughout the process if you want to look back you can probably just search our page for cloth diapering diaper and find the videos where I talk about like what system were using based on what weight they are and how much they pee and then so in our house we found that it works best to keep their class I bring stuff in this drawer right here which is probably meant for like pots and pans but for us it's our cloth diaper drawer so we keep I try to keep like the ones that the thicker ones were used for a night time over here and then our daily ones right here which are just like a we call this a pre fold it's just a trifold thing and then I put one extra absorbent thing in the middle like that and then those are just ready and then these are just waterproof cover so you put this in on this and then put it on him and then throughout the day you can probably use this two or three times in a row where you just change out the middle part unless it gets like poop on it which is pretty rare but then obviously you would change out the cover with a new one but yeah like maybe two or three of these per kid per day and then however many times we change their diaper is what we end up using and it's a great system I think it's as quick as changing a disposable diaper I think when we got to the point where we use those just the inserts and yeah that's what it became awesome yeah my favorite thing is the savings the cost savings portion we probably have yeah maybe maybe that I mean you can get everything used that you need to save a ton of money what's the average cost of diapering it's $100 a month yeah so we save a lot of money yeah for sure I really do like the I really do like the diaper diapers though dyp er yeah a company they sponsor they sponsor one of our videos and they have a great diaper and they have a great system where they delivered straight to your door so that's pretty pretty cool yes they sent us their product to try out obviously to talk about like when we when we use disposables that's what we that's the kind we use they are biodegradable because you may not a mostly bamboo it's this sustainable bamboo though like they have their own I'm not really sure how that works but they have like their own bamboo source so it's not like taking bamboo from endangered animals and they're really soft because they're bamboo and in theory if you compost your own trash then you could put them in the compost if they don't have poop in them so if you're looking for a greener option but you're not wanting to go straight to cloth ibrain and check out check out diaper do iper and it's like I automatically I want to go to bed away oh I did not know that I couldn't talk I'm actually getting really good at like tuning out that must come as like yeah yeah but you also like hone in as soon as it sounds like you're doing something dangerous I had a patient the other day that had like three kids in the room and they were all being like really quiet I don't want to say good okay I don't equate being good with being quiet like kids are just noisy and that's like normal for them like you can't just expect them to be seen and not heard but anyway I thought they were being very well behaved and she was like I am so sorry and I was like honestly I didn't even notice they were in here so I guess we're going on a diet wha Golf Cart ride just before bed and this weekend coming up we literally don't have anything to do this weekend exactly right good job bear that is yellow umbrella umbrella there can you say umbrella umbrella umbrella it's not time for TV buddy it's bedtime but do you know how many free weekends we have between now and when the baby's born yes that was bear said to bring two weekends between now and when the baby comes that we don't have anything going on Rachel's gonna be freaked out gonna be great well what do we need to get dead obviously we need to sort through we were pretty silly in the fact that we didn't label very well all of the baby clothes so we'll have to go through like all the baby clothes although does it really make sense I guess we could get out all the general neutral stuff yeah we might as well just separate it boy-girl stuff and then whichever one we have we could give the rest away like what really it boils down to like I'm in my third trimester it snuck up on me like all of a sudden I opened my pregnancy app and it was like welcome to the third trimester or it actually sent me a notification I'm like what that's not right I'm in my third trimester this baby's coming sooner brother totally snuck up went very fast and yeah so we have like there's meowing the baby there's three times where you the reserves there's Labor Day weekend we have the weekend look we're gonna be in st. Louis we have a weekend that some st. Louis friends are coming down here that's gonna be really fun because they have twins that are just turn ten months old I think and they're just now getting mobile I like it'll be like going back in time yes and and so like I mean we're ten weeks away from delivering and that's like eight of the ten weekends right there it'll be here before we know it and the two weekends that we do have open I think we have I probably need to make the list of stuff that we need to do but it's a lot do you feel like yes are you boy Cooper who's on your shirt hey you want to show them you sure daddy who is he who's on your shirt oh she's saying Nora Oh your friend Nora our nanny brought her little girl with her today they play her name's Nora and I guess she took a nap I told I told her like she was gonna need an apple over here and I said just use our bed and I guess she like curled up inside my pregnancy pillow was calling it her nest yeah but these kids have never seen frozen but they know Anna and Elsa on your booty case TV we're gonna be writing down right Oh baby baby if ever there's a snack out you know that's right that's mommy's phone you have huge news I do very exciting let's go out for ice cream [Laughter] yeah he did which is yellow yelled at him for pushing window often decision to go to the pool good to see him it is yeah we can't forget the pool is baby hot Haiti was less hot than this he had experience there yes it was not this hot I know but this is something so the real feel is 102 it's this is 104 this is not a good time to be pregnant seven and a half months pregnant well sweet doggy and to be like meat and taller and on top of that but we're gonna be in a swimming pool so hopefully I'll be fine the swimming pool we're going to is like the smaller pool in our neighborhood and I wonder if the water is like way warmer than thankful already all our body of water but the kids are really excited Linda literally is holding her puddle jumper because she loves that thing and we'll see how they do in the open water this is going to be the first time we were trying puddle jumpers and open water right right all right stay tuned well it could be better they're not too excited to be in the water yeah she's doing all right but she wasn't okay with just her puddle jumper on yeah they're definitely not but at least they're comfortable in the water yeah all right I'm going back in oh my gosh you guys are too cute oh oh three of you all right I've got my camera here to smile bear smile boo-boo bear smile hey where's my okay that's enough oh I was gonna film I knew oh geez our new trick bear do you want to show him your new trick ready whoa Oh friend two one two [Applause]


  1. Christian has asked me to come over but I watch you when the twins was born I can remember you guys called the baby boy bear I remember when you guys was in the house and you had everything you needed for those babies the boat ride in I'm on my way people with a good work God bless

  2. So glad you passed your test!! I caught my breath when Bear pushed June Bug off the sofa. Thankfully, the table was not close enough for her to hit her head on.

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  7. Hahaha Bear had that totally naughty face and movements and he so knew it was wrong 😂 glad she is ok 😍

  8. I’m so happy you passed your test Rach!! And if it makes you feel any better Charlotte and Wes are fully into the “let’s push/hit/fight” phase and I’m pulling my hair out a little! 😂 it seems like Bear and Lyndle get along much better than they do, I feel like they are always rivaling each other 😓 lol

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  12. My mouth just dropped when Bear pushed Lyndle off the sofa. Glad she is fine. Poor thing being pushed by her brother.

  13. When my daughter was pregnant with her twins she said she wanted to cloth diaper so I spent a fortune and got her the diapers, liners and covers she never used them 😒 I was quite upset…I cloth diapered my girls but of course we had to use pins and rubber pants I thought the new ones would be so much easier. That was my thought anyway..

  14. My aunt has 5 children, and she hired me for the day several years ago and we divided all the clothes she has for the kids into gender and size, so that when she had another baby (or one of her friends had a baby), the entire box of clothes could be pulled out and used. It was a system that has worked for a long time with us!

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    Ok, nosy question, but aren't you guys still going to be transferring the two frozen embryos that you still have?wouldn't it make sense to keep both boy and girl clothes until you know what those babies are?

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