Why Won't Donald Trump Apologize To The 'Central Park 5'? #WhenTheySeeUs

so yesterday the other day April Ryan asked the president a question she asked him now that the Central Park five have been exonerated will you apologize to them he fumbled around for a bit he asked why why isn't he being asked that question today obviously you're being asked that question because that the stories in the news the Netflix show has been on people are are talking about it and you were a part of it and now people want to know what you had would you think about it it's no different than you're taking an advantage of Hillary Clinton or any other events that you feel work to your advantage when you were announcing your election campaign Donald Trump said that he those people there are people on both sides and some of them believe that they're guilty those people who do believe that guilty are now being discredited they're losing jobs and book deals and all credibility they're pariahs but you hold on to that Donald Trump loves a lack of evidence he loves a liar he loves not knowing the truth because if he listens to evidence he didn't get to make a story the story he refuses to believe evidence Obama's birth certificate he said I have people that have been studying Obama's birth certificate they can't believe what they're finding the truth is Obama and the evidence shows that Obama presented his birth certificate he was he was born here in a 2015 Trump claimed that he had a net worth of over 10 billion dollars he has filed for bankruptcy six times Detroit has only done that once the evidence is the New York Times investigation showed he spent a decade in the red so that wasn't true the evidence is different than his estimation of it he thought at one point that only black people in the spring of 2017 members of Congress congressional black converse had the tale Trump that not all Reliford recipients are black responded really what are they they're your supporters that's what they are the evidence is somewhat different he says that he signed more bills than any president in history he said specifically we've signed more legislation than anybody we broke the record of Harry Truman the evidence said that he only signed 42 bills Oz Eisenhower signed at 228 Rob Porter who was his former staff secretary he was he had to leave for being a wife beater Trump says he's innocent I think we have to remember that evidence says his wife has a black eye evidence showed differently Roy Moore jr. was a cruise accused of pedophilia Trump said you have to listen to him he also totally denies it the evidence yearbooks victim victims malls and schools kept him away this dude couldn't go to Chuck E Cheese Vladimir Putin kills journalists and political opponents Trump's evidence says I've always felt fine about Putin he's a strong leader he's the powerful leader I think our country does plenty of killing also journalists who criticize Putin have gone missing or dead he several of our intelligence agencies said that Russia had colluded to steal our elections and he didn't believe in it he asked we have seven security agencies evidence says that seven different seven different intelligences said that Muller that the Russians interfered in our elections he says the Saudi prince in the Saudi array of prints had a journalist beheaded the UN has evidence our CIA has evidence he does not believe it Trump believes would he want to he says I I won the electoral college in a landslide I won the popular vote if you deduct the maze of people who voted illegally the evidence ID laws are so restrictive voter impersonation is nearly impossible if it occurs the number is necklace gold not negligible not millions you know what Donald Trump is he's a person who hears what he wants to hear his question was do you on apology to these fourteen-year-old boy and now here's the thing these fourteen-year-old boys were denied food water access to their parents legal representation and they were beaten for 48 hours they were beaten to give a confession Donald Trump the most powerful man in the world refused to even be questioned by the authorities he refused to be questioned by authorities he believes that these boys still did it despite evidence to the contrary right now there's evidence to the contrary concrete evidence you know what happened you still can't say it but yet he believes that Michael Flynn despite his he said he did it the admitted he did it despite Paul Manafort he admitted he did it he has people in jail that admitted they they Sarah Huckabee admitted she lied Kellyanne Conway is told that she needs to resign for violation of a hack attack he does not believe evidence because he doesn't want to here is the thing you know you a liar or a criminal when Donald Trump believes you

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  1. Who needs Donald Trump's apology? Even asking Trump the question takes away from these young men's story and placing spotlight on a bigot and a racist, which Trump loves. The story was created to show the ugly truth of the injustice department and the irreparable damage these young men received from it. Trump is a part of that system. So Trump is right. Why asking an unjust racist pathological liar a question about justice and truth and act surprised at his answer. That is like asking a venomous poison snake why he bit me. That is the snake's nature, just like Trump.

  2. An apology should be sincere, Trump is not a sincere individual and he never has been. So at this point, why would anyone really want an apology from him?!?!

  3. All i can sag is watch korey wise so call confession. In minute 28:10 you could hear a boy screaming for his mother on the other room and korey reacting to it. These people who say they protect and serve are the real criminals

  4. Why should he?

    Let’s tell the real truth, even if he apologizes…it will never be enough. He won’t say the “right” thing, it will be considered insincere or not genuine. I don’t blame him. IF he does, it shouldn’t be public.

    It will NEVER be enough!

  5. That would be to much like right, that man is all left!!! Plus he don't like the blacks so why would he do that?

  6. Fuck Donald trump aka agent orange the most illiformed,ignorant, lying, fraudulent, I think he's a walking lie his creditability is zero so why would anybody believe anything or trust anything he says # surviving Donald trump lies the Central Park five shouldnt never accept a none liar fake apology it's not genuine

  7. Why does the media always bring up shit that keeps Black people in a perpetual state of negative emotion. They never talk about what happened to the Chinese, Irish, Jews, even Native Americans. Just us. Whens the next slavery movie coming out. This shit is whack.

  8. Trump likes lies he not going to do nothing he is a Demon and we must get him out of there fast as possible.

  9. At this point I would not accept his apology. I feel like after all of these years his words from his mouth or pen would not be sincere.
    At this time it would be like rubbing salt into an old wound.
    Maybe an action like donating money to or spending time with a nonprofit organization that supports the Wrongfully Accused might help this old hurt

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