Why won't he NAP!?? || Day in the life with toddler

[Applause] good morning guys I'm gonna attempt to do a vlog today I never done one before so bear with me today I don't have too much planned I my husband worked last night so he's back home and he's sleeping because he works again tonight and I am gonna take Ethan and run some errands I want to go to the dollar store and Target which it's probably not the best idea for me to go because you go in for one thing and you come out with like 20,000 things but there's not a lot of stuff that I can do right now with the baby because he has a moving very well and he used to go to swimming but I had to stop taking him to swimming classes so long story I'll get into it after I have a little bit of coffee I haven't seen hi Hey so we used to take them to swimming but the place where we had him always sick after every class he would get sick he got sick so much that he ended up at the hospital with pneumonia right yeah why are you terrorizing the cat just so every time that he went to the swimming team again okay yes and yes baby I'm trying to tell a story here honey good good Hey so anyway here we get super sick and so I called another place oh because I went to this pediatrician and every time she would tell me it's not swimming it's a very common misconception people think that kids get sick because of swimming it's not swimming I ended up calling another place because I didn't want to take him out entirely swimming I think it's important for him to learn go I called another place that's close to us and she told me that lady told me listen I don't you know I don't want to talk badly about the other place but I can tell you that there's been a lot of people that have transferred over to us because their kids have gotten really sick and also because of like other things like the smell of the plays or the cleanliness which I didn't really I didn't think there was an issue with the cleanliness to be honest I was just concerned about him getting sick so often we did everything that we could this was an indoor pool there was no AC or there was a C but not even remember any more things he wasn't the place for the pool and and the temperature of the water was 85 to 90 degrees so it wasn't the water temperature but every time he would go in there he was a paper like shipper horribly probably five minutes into the 30-minute class so we tried everything I tried buying him like a thermal bathing suit and still nothing and like I mentioned he ended up getting really sick and going into the house all the other place and I asked about um I said Papa and they have like a two-week program it's like an intensive program Monday through Friday instead of one Hey nothing I'll be back with the story [Applause] my kitchen is really dying so I keep standing right in front of the windows so that it's not darkness and sorrow and despair but anyway she said that the classes are an intensive two-week course where they actually house him because she mentioned at his age he's not even 2 yet they don't have a lot of retention when it comes to what to do with swimming so if they go once a week or once every little while because I see they're not gonna remember anything and it's true because every time that he would go back to swimming he was still cried for the same exact thing so we'll see how it goes it's a two week course like I said and then after that that's when you can go ahead and take the maintenance classes once a week so I'm hoping that it goes well because he really enjoys being in the water it's just always constantly sick so I guess it'll also allow me to see if it was the place that was sick the water was like gross or something I'm not I'm not sure that's in the blippi blippi yeah yeah no God is he is so infatuated with flippy if you guys have toddlers and you need to entertain them for a little bit blippi pl/i PP i– i had my coffee so I don't think we're gonna be going anytime soon until after he naps because he's already super moody and cranky and throwing everything now you're gonna break it you know [Applause] throwing you're putting it down slowly okay grass yes kisses to puppy good no you guys done oh my god no it's enough to do that Coco the Reno as you guys could all read about his first language is Spanish and it really wasn't until I had a kid that I realized that the Spanish language is difficult like the English language is a joke compared to the Spanish language they're just so difficult to pronounce I feel I'm trying to put Ethan down because of a super movie that's where we left off yes Luna how can I help you and he just won't go to sleep he's like fighting asleep he's singing he's throwing his pacifiers all over the place let me know if that day that's what he's saying where's this pacifier but I need him to sleep because we have stuff to do and while he's sleeping I'm gonna take advantage of the time that I happen I'm gonna do his laundry because he has no clothes left yesterday he wore the last little outfit that he had and it was like his fancy clothes I hate doing laundry so much you guys I hate it let me know in the comments below if there's anybody like me who hates soon laundry cuz I hate doing laundry putting it in it's easy but like folding in and putting it away like it's supposed to be my husband's job but my husband literally it just leaves it in the dryer and that's much worse for me because then we have to dry everything all over again and it's just more friggin electricity that's spent and more work did you hear that let's go in there to see if we can calm him down yes it's a pit on the staff don't that date a oh yeah again I guess that they pick on you put it in your shirt uh-huh I get you oh you were playing Maggie happy other needs I don't need Papa he's not happy but he needs to sleep well it doesn't look like he's going to bed anytime soon so I'm just gonna get started on laundry because he has no clothes like I said so you need my favorite part of my weekend what is that tire over here babe hmm why is that there why explain to me how these socks have no pairs I wore the pair of these socks but they disappeared I have no idea I don't understand but I know I'm not the only one that suffers through this so I didn't you come below if you guys have a dryer that eats up your clothes yeah all right people this is one life right here for real tea he's still not asleep and he's been in that grave for an hour so I'm gonna take him out and see what the hell he wants I don't know why he wants Savi notice I let me know okay in that case pray for me people because he's gonna be cranky as crap when I take him to the stores and because my husband is sleeping I have no choice but to take him with me is gonna be a pretty cranky man's let me ask him Bobby Deana somebody check out oh he total state a puppy kita Delta table mi Patito gracias no tienes hambre Oh No lo que quieres I said I wish llevaba I think he's teething as well so that's fun yes baby oh yeah yeah here's who where I II see Wow Oh see ya Pappy Nokia's coming so guys fun fact if you guys have seen any of my previous videos he started two of the things that I mentioned in there that I looked enjoyed for it I think it was three to six months but as you know he is gonna be too and he's still using it so great bye I am starving so I guess the going out is gonna have to wait a little bit because this is real mom life people your baby kind of dictates what you do where you go when you go and to be honest with you I have been with Ethan when he's cranky because he hasn't slept and it's horrible like he throws such a tantrum he's not like a real tantrum kid but looking tired specifically he throws such a huge tantrum so I would prefer not to take him anywhere until he naps but let me see I make him tilapia yesterday oh you guys I have to talk to you about that Ninja for me maybe it'll be a video for another time but that is the most amazing invention of life alright so I like to eat my tilapia with mashed potatoes and I'm too much of a lazy Punk to actually make them like from scratch so I'm gonna get this one [Applause] didn't sleep no once I don't need a bit of that no no kids on me busy talk on my is so here's the plan I'm gonna go to the dollar store gonna get a couple of things and then I might go to Target I have to get some socks for Ethan because the ones that he has are too tight on him I'm gonna try to not buy anything else from Target but I can't guarantee anything so let's go what I hate about the dollar store if then you come here for one thing it's very much like Target but I know for sure actually do I know for sure I don't even know what I came here for I think it's just like a habit a horse's habit like this I don't need this but it's so cute I'm just gonna get it cuz it's so cute funny bone cuidado I've been looking for this for the longest time I never have it I'm not good as she is and he's my little helper and he organizes the cart so that's nice another thing I love is that he's so young that I can just give them anything so their dog Easter eggs I get it this is also why you end up wasting more money yes children put stuff in your cart without you even noticing good ask yes I don't know what you've put in my car what is this oh that's nice GUI but I don't spend enough time in my cart for this do you see what I'm talking about let's see how much that boy is yes you know I just pick things up they lose their cool ah Francesca so we are back home finally it is hot outside of you who don't know I live in Florida but a little bit of what I got for even I got this brand they're awesome all of the toys that they have for the little kids and stuff they're really good ok tae-won good job papi oh it's ok so my camera's battery kind of sucks so now we're gonna have something to eat Ethan they don't want to eat the tilapia with the mashed potatoes that I had cooked lunch I think he doesn't feel very well and yeah it looks like why was two-year-old molars has come out so he wanted just Cheerios with milk so that's what he CD echo playing happy birthday finally all right guys I wanted to share what I got at Target I initially went in there for socks because that's really the only thing that Ethan needed but like I mentioned before I can't just go into target and get one thing and they are this one stained with the target goodness that I got from Starbucks but anyway these are the socks that I intentionally went there to get and then of course I came out with shorts these are really cute I like the cat and rack brand a lot I got these I got these quick dry he's a small still so he's not an eighteen-month and shorty still a 12 and shorts but with shirts he is 18 months so this is cute it says happy camper and it's glow-in-the-dark then I always feel like it's a good thing to just have plain t-shirts and so I got him one 18 months it's just great okay cat and Jack and like I mentioned they're having a sale so this was only four dollars and this one over here is the last thing that I got for him this one right here also from cat and Jack 18 months all right guys I think I'm gonna call it a night I am exhausted he did not sleep at all today so six o'clock and already down thank goodness he was so tired he kept rubbing his eye I knew he was tired but he was he's stubborn he gets that from his dad but anyway tomorrow he has daycare some GLIP that he's going to bed early and I'm gonna just chill watch some TV or something but anyway thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel thank you guys so much for watching bye

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  1. What was the brand of the toy you mentioned at 17:53? The cat-shaped piano? Also, did you find out why the tire was by the washing machine??

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