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  1. I do have to wonder who was seeking to have this added to the banned porn list. Was it at least a committee or just one person who put together the list and if it was a committee you have to wonder did one person suggest this and a number of others agreed because they didn't want to admit to doing it?

  2. My boyfriend doesn't mind having sex while I'm on my period. I'm the one who's a bit conscious about it. I know I shouldn't, but I'm embarassed by the odor. It's not bad, but it's bloody and I don't really like it.

  3. If I or my partner were uncomfortable having sex while I'm on my period, we wouldn't have had sex MOST of our 6 years together because of how horribly messed up my hormones have always been XD …. fortunately, he sincerely has never cared 🙂

  4. I'm not opposed to the concept of period sex, but sexy time and blood just don't seem to be good bed fellows.
    I'm not sure of anything that goes well with the sight of blood.
    Maybe keep the lights at candle light level? IDK.

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  6. The guy who almost fainted clearly just couldn’t handle the sight of blood – wasn’t necessarily anything to do with the context. I have a friend who isn’t good with seeing blood. He once passed out when he cut his hand while sharpening a bladed tool and passed out at the site of his own blood.

  7. Thanks for the information Hannah, firstly period sex… As a bloke I can only apologise that some blokes are just jerks, period blood is part of a woman's mentrual cycle and is therefore part of sex. Put some dark towels down, enjoy each other's bodies, and clean up afterwards.

    On the porn ban, I am completely against it for the reason that it bans all the elements of sex that show a woman getting highly aroused, which can only lead to the impression that sex is all about a man getting aroused… Which it isn't.

    Banning things like squirting, that only happen when a woman is completely aroused, causes the impression that a woman should be ashamed of having sex, and so is detrimental to equal relationships between men and women in the sexual relationship. As long as the performers and viewers are both of legal age to have sex, they should be free to watch whatever they like.

  8. I think you should make a video on you masturbating and showing us how to properly masturbate because some people don’t know how to, even I don’t really know how to

  9. A song on the topic (note: contains explicit lyrics)…


    I hope folks here enjoy Rachel's song as much as I do. 🙂

  10. Okay so my boyfriend wants to have sex but I told him that am on my period and he don't care but like I don't like doing it but I wanna have sex lol and he don't like wearing condams??

  11. I've been dating my girlfriend for almost 3 years, and she loves period sex. Her libido gets SUPER high and as you said it makes her cramps go away instantly. Also I'm not sure exactly why this happens, if it's the large amount of muscle movement, or if it's her orgasm flushing it out, or if it's me screwing it out of her or what, but us having period sex has sometimes shortened her periods by 2 or 3 days. Also she's on birth control so her periods are irregular, abnormally painful, and abnormally bloody because they don't happen as often. Period sex really helps her get through them much faster and I'm happy to do it. P.S. My gf loves being on top even on her period lol so we just have to clean up a lot lmao.

  12. Although I am fine with having period sex with my gf, and although most guys are assholes about it, don't forget that some people, males included, do have genuine problems seeing human blood and they aren't trying to be rude about it. P.S. My gf loves being on top even on her period lol so we just have to clean up a lot lmao.

  13. Hannah. Please will you marry me you are absolutely beautiful I love your channel I have fallen in love with you will you please be my wife x

  14. There is some people who just don't like blood, just like someone fears height some people fear blood. I'm not saying people shouldn't be relaxed and fine with menstrual sex but the guy who had to move into a certain position in order not to faint sounds like someone with a genuine fear of blood. I doubt that kind of reaction stems from only the idea that "we that's gross" it probably was something more.

  15. I'm in a long term relationship. It's our 6th year together. He was sooooooo disgust by periods. But now he's just like "oh you're bleeding ? Oh give a condom and Let's go !!" Should I marry this guy ? For sure I'm gonna marry him. Keep on with those amazing videos !!!!!

  16. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) will remove blood from clothing immediately. No need to soak overnight.

  17. I don't understand why the government would bother banning anything from porn that is outside of like pedophilia/minors being exploited or something thats super violent or insights rape

  18. Its alright if BOTH are comfortable with it. But men should NOT be shamed or pressured into it if they don't feel comfortable doing so. If a lady on her period wants to have sex but doesn't feel comfortable doing so, men would be expected to respect her wishes. Should go both ways.

  19. I'm against penetration in that time and will not change that but i wouldn't mind to do it above period knickers which are sexy or between thighs and definitely will be asking for fellatio and titfuck and all sorts of sexy things, but the guys overreacting to menstruation are wrong because it's so normal and you shouldn't sleep alone in the couch or feel repulsive about your woman in period times

  20. blood removal. cold water, salt, overnight. got it. now i can go commit murder without worry of getting caught on bloody clothes. thanks.

  21. Reminds me of a lass I was seeing years ago. Only been out with her 4 times or so. But anyway back to hers, giving her oral and thinking this aint as nice as usually is. Didnt stay there too long, and then had sex. Wasnt until afterwards and went to bathroom to find out she'd come on. Nevermind, quick wash up, back to bed with a bit fingering. 👉👌

  22. The idea of having period sex is a bit morbid to me. Your having sex while an unfertilised egg and its surroundings are being removed from the body…

  23. Yummy your blood is clean it's not bad to make love on your period it's a normol thing your blood is clean what is dirty is not taken a shower

  24. I saw an episode of a tv show where they interviewed some ladies working in a legal brothel in the western US and they were asked if they had sex with clients while they were on their period and they said, “Oh yes, we just make sure to disclose this to the client and make sure the sheets and panties (pretty much anything fabric) is black.” Needless to say, I went out and bought a black fitted sheet soon after that.

  25. I had sex with my ex on her period, was actually pretty awesome, just took preparation 😂, plus the walk in shower helped 😎

  26. It’s no big deal having intercourse with a woman on her period.
    It can be a bit messy, just put some towels down.

  27. My boyfriend doesn't want to touch my lady bits when I'm bleeding, but he still expected me to give him blow jobs. I told him I wasn't doing one-way sex. We don't do anything when I'm bleeding. :/

  28. Like the phrases "a real knight isn't afraid to get blood on his sword" or "a good sailor isn't afraid to enter the Red Sea" 😂

  29. To be honest, to the men out there, DO NOT be afraid that you will offend a girl if you're not into period sex! I get that if you are having sex with someone on their period, its totally okay to not like it. I mean, some girls want a heads up tap giving oral, so why can't a girl be nice and say, hey there is a lot of blood down there before we keep going . Blood is messy, and can be kind of a concerning thing for some people, and that is OKAY to NOT have sex if the blood is a turn off. It would never offend ME if I was told by my boyfriend that he didn't want to be around the blood. It isn't something I can control, and I know for a fact it isn't him saying no to ME, just, blood is not the most inviting thing to fuck sometimes…And we did have period sex once….fucking awesome! be clean though ya'll lol.

  30. When dudes get scared it's cuz yall having sex without the love if you love somone and it makes you feel better they will do it for you

  31. I worked in a hospital as a security guard and as such saw alot of blood and worse. So naturally blood doesnt bother me and I have female friends that have called me for a tampon run for that reason. But to the sex, I don't know of they call it this where you are but I have my "red wings". Meaning I've had sex with a girl on her period, she was embarrassed because it started during sex. I comforted her and assured her it's normal and okay. We ended up having sex all over again and I did the towel plan on the bed. I understand some cant handle the sight of blood but common, no reason to make a girl feel bad.

  32. i dont mind.just prepare towels to not cause stains on the bed and also prepare chocolates/snacks for her afterwards. these guys need to grow up. I can just take a shower and clean up, but I'm not trying to add extra work for white sheets on laundry day lmao…

  33. Yo because menstrual cups make a seal w the vagina, and the vagina changes size and shape during sex/arousal, the seal for the menstrual cup can break causing a leak. So put a towel down the first few times you have period sex w a menstrual cup and plan on adjusting in the bathroom after sex before putting your pants back on

  34. Thank you for this video! Just a small thing, I thought sperm survived in the womb for up to 5 days, so I was wondering where you got the 7 days from. Other than that, I did learn a lot

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