Wildebeest Gives Birth To Clumsy Calf

COMM: It’s February, which means it’s time for wildebeest to give birth. And Yulia
Sundukova has traveled to Tanzania specially to film the new calves being born. COMM: Incredibly, 80% of all the wildebeest females give birth in the same two to three
week period. Wildebeests are a kind of antelope, but unlike other antelopes, which seek seclusion, they happily give birth in the middle of the herd. COMM: With up to five hundred thousand calves being born so close together, even when many
are inevitably picked off by predators, the vast majority survive. COMM: Each female will give birth to one calf each year after an eight to eight and a half
month gestation. COMM: The calves are very unsteady on their feet to begin with. COMM: But they can stand and then run within minutes of being born. COMM: They’ll eat their first grass in around 10 days, but will suckle for around four months. COMM: The calves will remain with their mothers until the following year’s calf is born. COMM: And the males will reach sexual maturity in two years, and the females – three years.

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  1. Just amazing!

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