Will A Pregnancy Scare Cause Queen To Cancel Her Show? (Ep. 2) | The Birth Of Queen Naija | MTV

– We found out on the 3rd of June. (heart beating) It was right after my performance. I was in the bathroom taking out the test. We looked down, and it said yes. He just walked out the bathroom,
had his hands on his head, started crying and stuff
like that ’cause for him, he ain’t never dealt with no kid. Me, I was just sitting on
the toilet like, shut up, are you for real? And it’s crazy ’cause it seemed like I would have been the
one going through it, but I kinda championed him through it, you know what I’m saying? ‘Cause I’m a G. ♪ Hands up ♪ ♪ Ohhh ♪ ♪ Just hold on to Mama’s
hand and never let it go ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ (upbeat music) – So being on tour is hard. I can’t imagine how much
harder it is for Queen, being 7 1/2 months pregnant. – Before I started
tour, I was supposed do, go to a doctor’s appointment. And we flew in later than
our doctor’s appointment and missed it. So I have actually missed
two doctor’s appointments. – That was another obstacle that we faced. We planned this whole tour and forgot that she has to visit the doctor. – Queen is currently in the
bathroom because she ate a chili dog from Nathan’s
at ten in the morning. I don’t know what made her do that, you know what I’m saying, but we’re here. They just gave me this for Queen. This is Queen’s glucose drink. She’s not gonna like that. – Sometimes it would get hard up there because this boy like,
would be, I don’t know. It feel like he ’bout to pop out my uterus and just like, hurt. A couple times, I felt
like I was gonna throw up, even though I passed that
stage, but like, just the heat and all that stuff and like
the loudness of everything. That’s just a part of
being pregnant though. – [Clarence] What are you feeling? – Like light headed. I thought I was gonna have
to cancel one of my shows when I started bleeding out of nowhere, and we had to go check on the baby. – We had like a little
scare and we were actually in the E.R. all day. – She had blood drawn,
she just looked out of it. You know what I mean? She was scared, until we found
out that everything was okay, but she refused to cancel the show. (ultrasound doppler beating) – Measuring fine, sound fine.
– Ow! – Don’t hurt your mom.
– Strong heartbeat. I get worried. I’m very overprotective
like, I tell her like, it’s not worth it. Like it’s not worth this show, like for the health of you
and the baby, you know? But like, she’s not having that. She never wants to like,
let her supporters down. – We literally went from the E.R. We slept in the venue, she went on stage. (crowd cheering) – What’s up Alabama? (crowd screaming) As long as the baby was okay,
I wasn’t gonna just be like, oh, I’m canceling because
I had to go to the E.R. No, I’m gonna still go do
a show like, people paid to come see me, like, I
don’t believe in that. If people pay to come see me, like, I have to go give them a good show. And I’ma need ya’ll to help me sing, ’cause I been singing a lot and as ya’ll can see my vocals a little. (crowd cheering) Ya’ll got me? Okay. (upbeat music) I had a dream about baby Renzo last night. – [Woman] Yeah? – He was so cute, he was so chubby. – Yeah? – Yeah, was Clar a chubby baby? – No, he was just hairy,
real red and hairy. – Aw, I hope he has hair,
’cause C.J. was bald. C.J. was bald headed. – Clarence was so hairy. – [C.J.] You was bald headed! (laughing) – C.J. is my baby. He crazy, he got such a crazy personality. He kinda like bring life to the bus. I’m about to wear a sexy cheetah dress. – I can wear a sexy dress – No, you can’t! (laughs) You can’t wear no sexy cheetah dress. He like a sponge, so we gotta watch what we say around him now. ‘Cause like, he’ll really
repeat what you say. And like, it’ll be funny
but you gotta be like, okay don’t say that. – Yo, can you stay out
of our conversation? – Yo can you stay out of my conversation? – Oh you repeating everything? – Oh you repeating everything? – Oh! – Oh! (all laughing) – [Lee] Queen’s son C.J. didn’t
start the tour off with us, he was with his dad in Texas. When we arrived in Texas
on the tour, we got him. He’s here on the tour with us now. – Come here C., wanna
talk to Nanny real quick? Say hi, Nanny! – [Nanny] Hey, grand boo boo! – [C.J.] You look pretty! – Thank you! You handsome, you look nice. – Thank you.
– I like your hair. – Thank you. – Not having C.J. for the first
part of the tour was hard, because like, I’m just so
used to having my baby. You miss Nanny? You do? – [Nanny] (laughs) He smiling. What are your eating? – I don’t know! – C.J., you know what you
eating; you eating cereal. – You just say, me no cereal! (Nanny mumbling) – C.J. you! (laughing) Why you hang up on Nanny? Now that C.J’s here with me I
feel happy, I feel complete, ’cause I have both of my boys. It can be a little hard sometimes, but I’d rather have him now
than not have him at all. Ma, he hung up. Yeah he hung up on you just
like how he been doing me. – Sorry! – I miss seeing both of them together. It’s just like, I just see her happy in a way I don’t see her
when he’s not around. She’s like soaking in
every moment with him, because it’s been hard
this year, you know? She went from waking up to him every day, being with him 24 hours a
day every day of his life, to now sharing him with the father because they’re not
together anymore, living in two different states and
then her career taking off. So she’s had gaps where
she hasn’t been with C.J., and that was a big adjustment for her. (upbeat music) – [Queen] Do I need to put these on? – Yeah you can put ’em on. You can put ’em on or
you can take ’em off. Whatever you like to do Queen Naija. We’re on live; say hi. Queen Naija’s in the studio with me. Hi, how are you? – I’m feeling good and pregnant. – [Tammi] Good and how many months? – 7 1/2. – And you have a little
one with you as well? – Yes, he– – What kind of mother are you? – What kind of? – Yeah, are you (laughs). It came across– – That’s the first time I ever
heard a question like that! – I meant like what
kind of mother are you? Are you a punisher; are you super nice? – I’m super super duper nice. I’m really, yeah I’m really lenient. I’m trying to be more on a
tougher side with my son. I have to make sure I
keep him like in line as far as like discipline,
because you don’t want your kid runnin’ around terrorizing
everybody on the bus. – What’s up, bro-bro! – [Man] What’s good, what’s good. – What’s good! – And then like still trying to keep him on a sleeping schedule while
on the bus and just trying to like teach him like
little basics of stuff before he get in school. All while trying to do all this. It’s like my job never ends. – [Tammi] Your show for,
is it tonight or tomorrow? – Yeah, tonight.
– Tonight. It’s sold out. – Yeah, I’ve sold out all my shows. – Yeah, I got like people were
tweeting me and Instagramming going, hey, um, can you ask
Queen Naija if I can get tickets ’cause it’s sold out? I always wanted to know this– – [Queen] I feel so bad ’cause
like my nose is stuffed. Can you just hear my– – [Tammi] It’s all good I can
turn the mic off while you do what you gotta do.
– Yeah, please? – Do that thing right there. And I can ask you the question on air, then you go ahead. You’re good right now. So my question is– (Queen blows nose) I always wanted to know. (laughs) You loud girl. I may as well turn on your microphone on and hear all of that. – I’m so sorry it’s just that– – Your baby gonna come through your nose. – Lord, I mean I wish;
I’m ready to drop him too. (laughing) (crowd cheering) I love ya’ll, too. How ya’ll feelin’? C.J., you being good? This tour can be tiring sometimes, but it’s nothing that I can’t do. Say hi everybody. – Hi, everybody! (crowd cheers) – Say, Merry Christmas. – Merry Christmas! (crowd cheers) – This is my life; and, you know, who said that you can’t have a career and be a mom? Some people say you can’t do it both. But you can. ♪ And I promise to give you ♪ ♪ Everything that I have ♪ ♪ There’s not a dream in this world ♪ ♪ You can’t accomplish or grasp ♪ ♪ I will cross any ocean
before I let you land ♪ ♪ Just hold on to mama’s hand and never ♪ Give me your hand, boy; come on ♪ Oh, just hold ♪ I hope you enjoy this inside
look at my life on the road. Make sure to click over here to check out more content and subscribe.

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