38 Replies to “Will Birth Control Help Me Get PREGNANT?”

  1. DISCLAIMER! I’m not a doctor, like I said in my description. Everyone is different and every body reacts differently. Consult your doctor if you have any questions! I definitely will also reach out to a OBGYN when I want to get pregnant as well! 🦋 Thanks for watching 💕

  2. I love how at first everyone was shipping them and now they're saying the relationship is fake… Like tf do you people want 😂

  3. I lost my phone so I didn’t realize you uploaded and when I saw the notification I WAS S H O O K.

  4. If u use birth control after unprotected sex u won’t get pregnant and if u don’t use birth control u will get pregnant the second time u have sex

  5. The Pill Club doesn’t come to my state sooo that sucks cause i have irregular periods too and idk what to do lmao tmi ik

  6. hey langie for a prank you should say that you wanna break up cause the pranks have gone too far or say i think we’re better off as friends

  7. in my opinion it would be fine if she got pregnant this early in their relationship because they have been bestfriends/known each other for years and throughout these years they probably loved each other and they know how each other are. They've been living with each other. It would be different if it was two people who have been talking for a few months and decided they loved each other and wanted to be in a relationship and one month in the relationship they want to commit to a child when they probably aren't even fully committed to the relationship

  8. i’m on the same boat as you, langie. only recently i found out i have a hormonal imbalance so i was prescribed birth control in order to restore hormonal balance. my biggest worry with not getting my period for months was not being able to conceive, and my doctor suggested i would have to go on a treatment if i ever decided to get pregnant bc it would be more complex than the average person. i actually first start taking birth control tomorrow (or should i say today since it’s midnight), coincidentally, so this video was really… right timing? lol. i have some worries about taking birth control for period of time and just with everything else. for a while i just felt so out of place and scared cause no one i knew was personally going through it and my previous doctor ignored me for YEARS, but hearing this from you really helped me feel less alone. thanks for making this ❤️ i hope everything works out for you, please update if you can 🙂

  9. Can you give me a shoutout on your next video l love you so much my post notifications are on and my bell is too ❤️

  10. I'm probably wrong but just think, no birth control…. active sex life…… period didn't come……. Langie you could already be pregnant 😱

  11. Aw I thought u were pregnant so I clicked really fast! Either way if u were pregnant, you guyzez baby would be sooooo cute 😗 because u are 🙂

  12. I've been taking birth control since 4th grade because of irregular periods. I would have my periods for the entire month and then only get a week off and the birth control has really helped honestly

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