Wizard101 Roleplay: Dr. Phil Gives me a C-section

hey guys hey guys it's your girl dairy creams here and I am coming back at you with another video do you guys like dr. Phil I like dr. he'll go kill yourself nobody likes you if you do then you've probably seen the girl who I think she's like 16 and she thinks that she's pregnant with baby Jesus I'm pregnant and it is Jesus you've probably seen that if you like dr. Phil cuz that was a pretty viral video this came out in like 2016 and I haven't watched it since then but it was like so dramatic that I remember it and I know some of you are probably like well if you just stop for a minute and let me explain then maybe you would know so basically since so many of you guys liked my role-playing video and there were a whole bunch of people who didn't as well we are going to go to the Commons and we are going to roleplay basically I'm gonna ask a stranger to be dr. Phil and I am going to be the lady who thinks that she is pregnant with baby Jesus and it is Jesus is the same girl who thought that her father was Eminem's did you tell people that Eminem is your father yes I did actually yeah did you see your father I'm not sure oh yeah yep um it's extremely dramatic I will link the full video down in the description if you guys would like to see it and I'm pretty sure it's like a series too so if you want to figure out what happened after that dr. Phil has more videos on his channel not sponsored by dr. Phil that I should be okay so we are now live and wizard101 and we need to go to the commons and we are going to ask if people would like to roleplay with us little do they know that they're gonna be dr. Phil today do you want a role play with me and not worry about your mouse right now no stop you look at that face I'm the head of what of what boohead what is that Horlicks just gonna have to come with me oh my god you can't even say come to my house come to my house he said okay that's right carlac if you're gonna be over here saying that you're a boohead's then you're gonna come to my house oh by the way it shoutout to Dan for the new teleport rainbow effect this is going to be where we are having our doctor view doctor view dr. Phil interviewing I'm gonna be a girl oh my god you can't even say dr. Phil you're gonna be dr. Philip that's better than me so you sit here okay I guess you can sit in that one that's fine basically just ask me why I'm here today then you will be in for a surprise why are you here today well dr. Philip I am per Nate her purge Nate with baby Jesus I think I can help you it's the baby kicking yeah I've been purging a 404 Wow 3:03 entire years oh that's a long time yeah and it's baby Jesus wait does dr. Phil do ultrasounds cuz um this chapter Phil is about to do an ultrasound money X gets ready for ultrasound X give his ultrasound I think why dr. Phil's giving me an ultrasound right now do you see baby Jesus yes I do yay what does this mean for me we are gonna have to do a c-section right now if you're fine with that yeah go ahead it's fine just you know cut right into me and look at that yeah let's do it shouldn't we move into a real hospital bed I mean I'm a pro okay dr. Phil I'm sorry for clustering your professionalism sorry that's what the last girl said what is that supposed to mean okay I got my gloves on okay I'm ready for the operation this is really what happened in the dr. Phil episode it's the operating oh he's prepping okay are you sure you're ready I mean yeah but give me some anesthesia what's on the back of this man's shirt is this doctor really about to give me a c-section with this shirt on I do not want that to be the first thing that my baby sees x3x you're ugly you're disgusting I'm gonna kill you give me $200 little little scared I just met this doctor I thought he was dr. Phil like a psychologist but apparently he is a child operator oh my god what what are they called I wonder if the doctors called that um give birth it's not a midwife and it's obviously not a child operator labor and delivery doctor I guess whatever okay here's crying it's from me takes baby wait what are you doing to my child do it it's my child where are you putting room oh he's back okay are you gonna sell me up now you didn't sell me up tarrlok I'm literally bleeding out on this operating table and you're gonna wake me up you didn't even sew me up those screams and agony you freaking woke me up before you sewed me up I'm gonna get sued hell yeah you are gives pain medicine takes where's my child I'll go grab him I'm so happy to see baby yes all right go grab him toilet krakow zone what's a Crocker's own you think he has an extra Krakow zone here you just remove it X grabs baby X washes baby off oh hey Devon I just gave birth a hook at me crab thanks it's baby Jesus Troy is not the father pure woman I'd never do such a thing but he's so cute yeah those aren't all my genetics Jenna okay you will be seeing your bill in the next couple of days well how much trouble million oh okay that's not a big deal I make that money in a day from my YouTube I'm red yeah that's nothing to mean why didn't you just go on a freaking conga line come on shake your body baby do the conga know you can control yourself any longer come on shake your body baby do the conga I know you can't control yourself any longer – Tina – Turner – Turner – Turner – Turner – Turner – Turner awesome come on shake your body baby do it say bye to the camera everyone no bye guys where's the bye where's the bye where's the body oh there it is take care okay guys so that is all I have for today's video I hope that you enjoyed watching dr. Phil perform a c-section on me make sure to leave a thumbs up a comment down below and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already bye go kill yourself nobody likes you everybody hates you you would be better off dead just go kill yourself you're ugly you're disgusting I'm gonna kill you give me $200 go kill yourself nobody likes you everybody hates you you would be better off dead just go kill yourself you're ugly you're disgusting I'm gonna kill you give me $200 go kill yourself nobody likes you everybody hates you you would be better off dead just go kill yourself you're ugly you're disgusting I'm going

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  1. THERES ME i literally couldnt say poopy head. I randomly came across your character in game. I was gonna talk to you but i figured you were recording.

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