WK8 Postpartum Depression

good afternoon hi good afternoon um how are you doing today hmm not too well not too well asking well my name is Jacob and I'm gonna be your therapist this afternoon and what was your name my name is yourself Russell nice meeting you nice meeting you too so what brings you in today um I just have been going through a lot because I just had my fifth child but it's been eight months now but it's been my fifth child but you can only imagine how exhausting it is to be at home with four other kids and having this fifth one and still going through a lack of sleep and all that just really generally exhausted with everything must be really difficult do you what else has been going on with I guess since the baby's been born has there been any other issues or struggles that you've been dealing with there's some reason it should have been a lot easier for me now since it's already the fifth but it's been more difficult I don't know I feel like I am NOT able to care take care of the baby as well as I am able to with my four other kids when they were little like they were around this age I've been a lot grumpier and crankier at home my patience has been like a lot shorter with so many things it's just different this thing can you tell me what a an average normal day looks like to you well I'm actually not what makes it worse is not I'm not even a stay-at-home mom but I've been saying at home since having this fifth child because it's just someone like I've been dealing with a lot but I used to be able to go to work and take care of the kids at the same time and then I take turns with my husband takes care of the kids when I'm working but now that I've been at home for the most part and barely working it's just me a significant change like I feel like my whole world just revolves around the baby like I can't even do anything else for myself anymore and I mean as much as I enjoy being a mom it's it's I don't know it's too much so you're saying you feel overwhelmed and this is this is different this time leaving that you have for the children was I right yes how was your sleep Matt's that's what makes it really bad too because I only get this baby is also a little more difficult than the others like she barely sleeps at night or she wakes up multiple times even at her eighth month so I've only been getting like I don't know two to four hours of sleep which is really bad oh wow I guess it must be pretty tough just getting out of bed doing things that you need to everyday is that right yep barely you've been doing anything that I need to for myself or for the house it's really just to take care of the baby for the most part are you able to take care of you that's actually one of the things that brought me in here is because I'm not I don't know how they did it was how to deal with everything anymore like I can I can hardly even take care of myself with everything that's going on you admission your husband how is the relationship with the husband that does it help um well he's pretty supportive like he's sensitive when it comes to when he's off and he notices and he knows that I'm not I barely got sleep so he's usually good at volunteering to watch the kids or stuff like that just for me to get some sleep but you know we take turns with work I mean I used to now he's like doing work for the most part and I am taking care of the baby for the most part at home so it's me I'm at home not getting enough sleep but I mean he still does not get as good as of asleep because she's he also takes care of the kids at when he gets home from work so I mean it's I don't know it doesn't help as much I guess with the issue how does he feel about I guess your situation since if it's Charles been born with some of the struggles you've been dealing with he actually does feel really bad for me because between the two of us even if he even if he gets exhausted from work or from watching the kids the moment he closes his eyes he can sleep right away and he goes into the deep sleep I don't know I do not get that at all which is also something that changed for me so much like this sooner that closed my eyes I don't just sleep like it would take me a million positions and everything else just to fall asleep like it's hard but I used to be the same way that as my husband but since having this kid it's been really hard I mean he he tries his best to help me out and sometimes if he's off he would actually even offer to if it I wanted to go out with friends or see anyone you know just to have a break from home so he's been pretty good at that but I don't know it's just hard with the time and everything like I would rather just like the only time that I'm be able to go out I would rather just grab that opportunity to sleep or just to be a home yeah Wow so that seems to be one of the most difficult things for you is maybe the impossibility of taking care getting enough rest and things are related to that does that seem right yes well I'm so sorry to hear that several months children that you love but at the same time I've have you ever been depressed before or struggled with depression in your past hmm I think in my teenage years I've struggled with depression for a little bit but that was when I lost my grandma because I grew up with my grandma and when I lost her I did that was just it was devastating so I struggled that for a little bit but that was about it tell me roughs I'll have you any thoughts or feelings of hurting yourself well I sometimes think about when things get really overwhelming I mean I'm not currently thinking that now but when things get really overwhelming I would literally just break down in tears and um tell myself I'd rather just die or like I wish I could sleep and just not wake up you know things like that but I um I eventually recover from those thoughts and think well if I'm gonna do something like that was gonna happen my kids and what's gonna happen to my baby my husband is not gonna be able to handle all of that all so I'm I mean I hold back and I don't actively think about actually hurting myself but sometimes I do wish I should I could just sleep and not wake up yeah so would you feel like it's not necessarily that you want to end your life but maybe just the exhaustion the difficulty of your circumstances that those things are kind of what overwhelms you to the point of you think you know things yeah I think so well cell sounds to me quite clearly that you're suffering from postpartum depression and it's quite normal and it doesn't happen with all women or with every pregnancy but it's very real and it's something that very that should be taken seriously and there are a lot of resources and things available to help I mean it doesn't take away it may be fatigue but it makes things manageable helped you recognize the thoughts and feelings that are associated with your struggles and you know we'll continue to meet together discuss some of those those resources and some of those I guess interventions and I really feel like we you can maybe pick up your head and find some kind of relief so are you open to meeting again to discussing some of those interventions and resources yeah I think I would help me a lot and you right now or you said that you're feeling safe and is that right you're feeling safe without harming yourself or others is that something you could say yeah okay well good that's the most important goal here is that we're feeling safe towards yourself and as well as others because sometimes the T could get us in a state of mind where we're not thinking straight and I get kind of dangerous for us and for others so will I like to meet with you again next week to discuss some of those interventions okay good thank you a cell I'll meet you again next week all right thank you you

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