Woman Brings in 3 Ex-Lovers for Paternity Test – Part 1 (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Downing v. Jones.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Downing, you are here
today in court to finally prove
to the defendant that you are
not her daughter’s
biological father. You claim to be in debt because of
this paternity issue and plan to contest that debt
with your hometown court once the results are revealed,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Jones,
you are certain that the plaintiff
fathered your daughter
and claim his only motive is to get out of paying
the child’s support he owes is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Downing, when did you
start to doubt that the defendant’s daughter was actually
your biological child? From the very beginning,
uh, Ms. Jones and I were never
in any committed relationship. Uh, we dated
on and off a little bit. And we never really, really
had any type of relationship. But you had sex. Yes, ma’am. Where you using
protection at the time? No. No, Your Honor. Okay, so that is
a recipe for… Making a baby, yes. Making a baby. (AUDIENCE TITTER) JONES: He was the type, if he were calling me
or whatever, I would get up
and go be with him. And so…
I was more set to act with him
than anybody. Through my high school years
I was with this man numerous of times. I mean. I…
It’s so many times
I can’t even count. I mean… Wow. (AUDIENCE LAUGH) DOWNING: At the time Britney
was conceived, I don’t recall us
being sexually active. JONES: Wait a minute! I can remember…
I can remember when we were younger we… We left church one time
and we went down to, uh… (AUDIENCE LAUGH) JUDGE LAKE: Mmm. Seriously, and… And that was the first time
I could remember being intimate with…
With Ms. Jones. First time you remember
being intimate with Ms. Jones was after church. Yes. (AUDIENCE LAUGH) Okay. So you don’t remember
none of them nights
after the club? (AUDIENCE GASP) Picking me up. That’s what we used
to call the booty call hours. Yeah. Okay, okay. You don’t remember
none of them nights? I don’t remember
any of those encounters… Really, Clinton? …that you talk about me
asking you to get out of bed
to come be with me. I do not recall those days. But you do admit to having
a sexual relationship… Yes, I do. And you
did not use protection. Yes, we were sexually active. Okay. JONES: Okay. So when Ms. Jones
informs you she was pregnant what happened? She didn’t inform me.
I found out through a relative. JONES: That is not true. It’s the truth. I told Clinton myself that I was pregnant
and his exact words were, “What you’re telling me for?
It ain’t none of mine.” (AUDIENCE GASP) I did tell him that. JUDGE LAKE: Really? You’re smiling, Mr. Downing. Has your, uh,
memory been revived? (AUDIENCE TITTER) DOWNING: That was
not the case. JONES: I did talk to him.
I remember one time
in particular, Clinton and another guy
pulled up beside us, and I got out of the car,
and I went to the car, and I knocked on the window… (KNOCKS ON STAND) And he lowered the window,
“What you want?” I said,
“I just want to let you know “you know,
I just left the hospital.” “What you
telling me for?” He cranked up the car
and he left. And… Do you remember this,
Mr. Downing? Absolutely not. So, wait a minute.
So, your recollection really is you never have
another conversation or another encounter? No, I left
and went to school… University of Tennessee.
I left Florida, moved to Tennessee, Knoxville,
and pursued my education. So when someone told you they think
somebody’s having your baby you just decide,
well, it ain’t mine. In my mind it’s not mine. Mmm-hmm. And so you feel like
you have no further
responsibility to it. That’s correct. Till you find out later that’s not the case. Absolutely. JONES: I took a picture
over there to your ma. Now, if she didn’t tell you,
I don’t know why not, but I did take a picture
over there to your ma. To my mother,
you took a picture? JONES: Yes, I did. So, Britney, I need
to understand from you… Is Mr. Downing
on your birth certificate? Yes. Yes, Your Honor, he is.
I have the proof. I’d like to see that. All right.
Britney, you handed me
your birth certificate. Yes, Your Honor. On this birth certificate, “Child’s name,
Britney Chantell Starks.” Father’s name listed as,
“Clinton Dowing”? DOWNING:That’s incorrect.
Downing. Clinton Downing.
JUDGE LAKE:Well, yes,
I know that.
So did you sign
this birth certificate? No. You just gave them
the name, Ms. Jones? How’d Clinton name
got on that birth certificate? We had, like,
five court days. Five of them. Clinton never showed up
for not one court day. DOWNING: I’m in
Knoxville, Tennessee. Not one. Well, I… I didn’t…
I never got letters tell me to come to court. I never was informed
that I had a court date. All the letters
went to his mama house. He never showed up,
not one… So by default
he was listed as the father. The judge
was like, “Ms. Starks, “I’m tired of you
coming here by yourself.” He say, “Well, we gonna
call him Daddy.” He say, “You want a name
on the birth certificate?” I say, “Yes, sir.” He say, “Okay, I’m gonna
put a name on it.” That’s how Clinton name
got on that birth certificate. Okay. And so… And from that…
That’s when you found out you’re on
child support now because you now
have had your name added to the birth certificate
because you’ve been
determined to be the legal father by default
because you didn’t
show up for court. I didn’t find out
that I was legal father
until, uh, ’94. JUDGE LAKE: Really? Yes. What happened? They started garnishing
my wages out of… (AUDIENCE CHATTER
INDISTINCTLY) …child support. That’s when I found out
I was the legal father. I paid child support from 1995
until she turn… Till 2005,
until she turned 18. So for 10 years
you paid child support. Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE: And now
you still are in arrears, this is what you presented
to this court. JONES: I am in arrears about $16,000, $17,000. JUDGE LAKE: Wow. Because of
the years I didn’t pay prior to… Absolutely, because you are legally obligated
to pay child support from the day
the child was born. Right. Even though
you might not find out
until she’s 10 years old, those arrears
are still gonna tax you. Exactly. Many men don’t know
that legal lesson as well. BRITNEY: Your Honor,
can I say something? JUDGE LAKE: Yes. Um, I wanted, you know,
from Mr. Downing… I wanted to know
when they started
to garnish his check, why didn’t he
step up to the plate
and say anything about it? If… If someone has
taken money out of my check… (AUDIENCE APPLAUD) …I’m gonna find out the reason why.
I’m gonna say something. JUDGE LAKE: Well, that’s
a good question, Mr. Downing. At the point that you realized
your wages where garnished… And did you do
some investigation
and figure out “I’ve been added
to a birth certificate
for a child”? They told me
that I was the legal father and I didn’t contest it
within a year. Therefore, in the state of…
In the state of Florida, after one year,
you cannot contest paternity. All right. So we know
that paternity laws, they vary
from state to state. And so you did call
and you found out you were outside of that window of time
you had to contest. Yes. Right. So at the point you realize,
I’m named the legal father
of the child, I’m paying for this child. Don’t you say,
I need to see this child,
I want to meet this person? I did meet her.
When I initially met Britney, her mother called me
on the phone and said, “You need to talk to Britney
because Britney’s getting
a little out of hand.” And she was going through
some teenage stuff and she wanted me
to talk to her. Needless to say,
Britney wasn’t trying to hear anything I said
or her mother said at all, and I don’t…
And I don’t blame her, but, you know, it was just
one of those things. So, wait… Okay…
So in that moment you felt like
she’s coming to me as the father
of this child. Right. BRITNEY: Your Honor, how can
you try to step up to me and tell me about my life
when you don’t even know me? DOWNING: And I felt
the same way. I felt the same way
when Leslie asked me
to speak to you at the time,
and I didn’t feel comfortable in talking it,
but because she requested it and because she was adamant
that I’m your father, I felt
an obligation to do so. So, you… (CHUCKLES)
Because at that time you still felt like Ms. Jones
felt you were the father, and even though you knew
you were the legal father,
you still didn’t believe you were
the biological father. Exactly. I… I did not. And at that time, when he came
to talk to you, Britney, your mother told you
you got to talk
to your father. Did she say this is
your biological father? Well, my mom told me
about Mr. Downing. She always would say
that Mr. Downing would want to
speak with me. Mr. Downing would want
to talk to you. And I kinda would like,
you know, I’m being honest, I would shrug my shoulder
and be like, “I don’t wanna
talk to him.” If she was so adamant about
me being Britney’s father, why was it
that she was telling her that this other man, Mr. Jackson,
was her father? AUDIENCE: Mmm. JUDGE LAKE: Is that true,
Ms. Jones? Did you tell… I told Britney
it was a possibility. JONES: No. No… She started to favor
this family so much… No, you called me… This was like… “Where you involved
with this guy?” And she told me,
yes, she was. When you called me and… Well, I actually
saw you in the streets. And you was like, uh,
“Oh, you’ve been with Joe?” You know, I didn’t deny. I was like, “Yeah, I was
with him once, okay?” Why would
I confront you… And so he was like… …if you
and I had no relationship at that time. “That’s who you need
to be calling. “You need
to leave me alone.” Why would I… “That’s who you need
to be calling.” Why would I confront you? JUDGE LAKE: Well, she’s
explaining why you would have
confronted her, because she says
you told her, “Well, if that’s the guy…
If you’ve been sleeping
with that guy,“that’s the guy
you need to be calling.”
So my question
then becomes…
Ms. Jones,
this other gentleman,
I mean, Mr. Downing, does have
an interesting point. If he believes
from the beginning that this is not
my biological child. I’m named the legal father.
They’ve taken
the child support from my check,
but the child has a relationship
with another man. JONES: Mmm-hmm. And so, Britney,
did you call
Mr. Jackson “Dad”? Yes, Your Honor. I do. You do? I do. Mmm-hmm. Did you believe your whole life that he was
your biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Well, tell me
about your relationship. Me and Joe have an…
An awesome relationship
with each other. I love, uh, Mr. Jackson. He’s always been
a part of my life. At the time,
when I was one years old, my mom
married my sister’s father, and they were…
And he was in the military. So we traveled around
to different countries. Uh, when I would come home
for the summertime, when I was out of school,
Mr. Jackson would come
and pick me up and spend time with me.
I would spend time
with my grandmother um, a few cousins
at the time and prom…
Just throughout my whole life. One time
we were living in Georgia, he came to visit me. He was just
very involved in my life. Always look out
and check up on me and make sure that I had
everything I needed. So I consider him
as my father. And you believe
he was your biological father. Not just
a man that was being nice. But you believe
he was your biological father. Yes, Your Honor, I believe
he was my biological father. My mom did tell me
that there was a possibility that Mr. Downing
could be my dad. And I told my mother
that I did not want
Mr. Downing to be my father. So, Mr. Downing, this was
also fueling your doubts because even though
you don’t remember
the conversation, per se, it sounds like
you were somewhat aware that there was
also another man, which also fueled your doubt as to you being
the biological father. Well, this is the first time
I’m ever hearing Ms. Starks say that she didn’t want me
to be her dad. This is the first time
I’ve ever heard that. Um, ’cause
as she’s become an adult we’ve actually developed a… A… A different type
of relationship. She sent me
some Easter pictures
of the grandkids. Your Honor, Mr. Jackson
and myself, we look just alike, and…And I’m sticking to that.
I feel like Mr. Jackson
is my father.
JUDGE LAKE:Ms. Starks,
you believe Mr. Jackson
is your biological father. Yes, Your Honor. Your mother
is telling Mr. Downing
that she believes he is your biological father. Yes, Your Honor. When do you begin
to question whether or not Mr. Jackson is
your biological father? Your Honor,
I spoke to my mom about it and she says… She told me…
She said, “Britney, you know, “I’m just gonna be
honest with you, I feel… “I know how you feel,
but I feel like Mr. Downing
is your father.” And that’s just something
that I never wanted to accept. I… I just…
I just didn’t want it. I didn’t want to have
no part to do with it. Because who, you know,
would want someone
to be their dad, that never wanted
to be their dad? I didn’t want,
you know… And I agree… I… And I…
I absolutely agree… (AUDIENCE APPLAUD) But it had nothing
to do with you personally. It had nothing
to do with you personally. It was all about
your mom and…
And misinforming me and the people
we were associated with. So, I’m not saying
you’re wrong. What I’m saying
is that your mom
has been wrong all these years by not clearing the air and I’ve asked her
to do this… JONES: Wait a minute,
wait a minute. …over and over again. By not clearing
the air you… You and Britney
had a relationship, you could have been
and got a DNA test. Britney just said we did
have a relationship. Well, you’re called me
two years ago telling me
that Joe had taken a, um… Mr… Mr. Jackson had taken
a DNA test and it came back
that he was not the father. JUDGE LAKE: Well, hold on now.
Hold on, hold on! (AUDIENCE GASP) Hold on,
I want to understand this. Britney, you
believe Mr. Jackson was your biological father. BRITNEY: Yes, Your Honor. But at some point
you took a DNA test? Yes, Your Honor. I have the…
The paper. You brought the results. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
I’d like to see those. Now, was this
an at-home test? Did you all
go in person to a laboratory? Did you go through the court? Your Honor,
the person that he’s with reached out to me, um… At the time, Mr. Jackson
was sick. And he was in a hospital
for a long period of time. And she felt like… That I needed
to establish some paternity. That I should know
that he’s my dad just in case anything
happens in the future. So she told me
that they were gonna purchase an at-home test
and that she was gonna send it to me
through the mail. And she did,
and I did whatever the instructions
told me to do… JUDGE LAKE: The swab
and you sent… Sent it back. I sent it back. But you all were
living in different states. Yes, Your Honor. And then
the results came back, and you’ve
handed me the results and it comes back
that there is a 0% probability of paternity. Yes, Your Honor. This document
you’ve handed me, it doesn’t have
any names on it. No, Your Honor.
I didn’t believe it.
I didn’t trust the test. Um, I didn’t believe it
because it just was… I know at the time
that the person he was with
did not care for me. So I felt like the test
could have been tampered or anything
could have happened
with the test. So the bottom line is
you never had any part to play nor have any information
about the chain of custody.
You weren’t there. No… You really don’t know. And so in your mind you don’t really know
what happened on the other end
of this test. Yes, Your Honor. But you have feelings
that there may have been some people in his life
that wanted this test
to turn out negative. Yes, Your Honor,
because I had
to reach out to him, to her to find out
what the results were. Because she would not call me. And when I find…
When she told me, she screenshotted a picture
of the results to me. So I never officially
had the paper and that’s when she told me,
“Well, he’s not your dad.” You still believe Mr. Jackson
is your biological father? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. Well, this court
had retested Mr. Jackson. And, uh, we actually have
the results for Mr. Jackson. And I’d like to get them now. JEROME: Here you go,
Your Honor. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read
as follows… In the case of
Downing v. Jones,
when it comes
to 29-year-old Britney Starks, it has been determined
by this Court…

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