Woman Claims a Ghost is the Real Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Chmielinski v. Brown Long III.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Chmielinski, you say
you had a loving
five-year relationship with the defendant’s
son, Georgie, who unfortunately died
in a motorcycle accident.You claim the defendants
initially accepted
your son Xavier
but now need proof that they
are Xavier’s grandparents,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mrs. Brown
and Mr. Long, you say you don’t know
Ms. Chmielinski and claim your son was never
in a relationship with her. You believe she has
made up a fairy-tale
love affair with Georgie and he is not Xavier’s father,
is that correct? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Chmielinski,
what is riding on today’s
results for you and your son? Um, my son needs his family. He calls her “Nana” and she’s been in his life. CHMIELINSKI: We need answers.
He has nobody. Listen to me… Okay, let’s keep
it real, please. Okay? Take me to the day you
found out Georgie passed. I was devastated. (SNIFFLES) Heartbroken. Confused. But why… Just make me
understand one thing. Why didn’t I
know about you? I don’t understand
why you didn’t know
about me, either. Okay, that’s
not an answer. Why don’t I
know about you? LONG: Five-year relationship? I’ve never seen you
in my house. Did you ever ask Georgie,
“Why you haven’t introduced
me to your parents?” No, ’cause we were
just friends. It was like a sexual
friendship that we had
for so many years. For five years? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: So, how did you
find out that he passed away? (ARGUING INDISTINCTLY) He had a girlfriend. Yeah, no matter
who we were with. We still had
sexual relations. And so, who told you
he passed away? CHMIELINSKI: My sister. I just kept calling his phone
and calling his phone, he wasn’t answering. JUDGE LAKE: Now, at that
point that you found out
that he’d passed, did you call his parents, or you felt like
you didn’t know them… I didn’t have her number. I don’t know her.
I didn’t know her. I met her after
Georgie passed. So, at what point
did you finally decide, “I need to reach out
to his parents…” She didn’t, I reached
out to her. Oh. BROWN: I reached out to her. Okay, my son is not here. He’s not here, okay? I’m picking up
where he left off. JUDGE LAKE: Take your time,
I know it’s hard. Go ahead. LONG: Basically, we found out when he actually
sent me a picture
or text message when I was talking
to him one time. And he sent me
a picture and he said, “Dad, what do you think? “This could be my kid.” And I told him at that time
that I really couldn’t tell
from the picture. How old was Xavier
when you got that text? A year old because he, um…He gave it to me also.So, I knew everyone
that he interacted with.
Okay? I’d never seen her before. I was just about
to ask you, is it your testimony
you never met Ms. Chmielinski? BROWN: No. Did your son ever mention
Ms. Chmielinski? BROWN: No. What had happened was, she says that this
baby is Georgie’s. Two years passand the only reason
why I pursue this test
is because a friend
of Georgie’s,
a very close friend, told him, “Listen. “You need to find out
if this baby is Georgie’s.” So, there’s other people
in the neighborhood
must be saying something because he came to me
after two years. Okay. BROWN: Okay? He brought this
to my attention. It went over my head. You told me that he looks
like all your other grandkids. My grandkids are biracial. But that’s what you said,
“He has Georgie’s nose.” My grandkids
are biracial. I don’t wanna look
at this baby and see something
that’s not there. Why are you so upset,
Ms. Chmielinski? Because it hurts. JUDGE LAKE: Because you feel
like they don’t know? You want… She wants
it to be Georgie’s. CHMIELINSKI: Me and Georgie
was doing a home DNA test a couple months before
he had passed. And we couldn’t
come up with the money. So, after, I think it was,
like, five months, then he had passed
away, so then… You should’ve come to me.
You should’ve came to me then. How old was Xavier when Georgie died? He was two weeks
before he turned one. JUDGE LAKE:Okay.Did Georgie accept Xavier?Did they have
a relationship? He saw him a couple times. They took
pictures together. Five-year relationship, you only saw him
a couple times? Not with the baby. Why did he only see
the baby a couple times when he was
almost a year old? CHMIELINSKI: Because he wasn’t
positive if it was his or not,so, he didn’t wanna get too,
too close, you know?
He just wanted to know
if the baby was his.
When did you tell Georgie
you had a baby? CHMIELINSKI: When the baby
was five months old, Georgie came to me,
called me and said, “Your son has my nose.” And I said, “Oh,
my God. You’re right.” BROWN: He came to you… CHMIELINSKI:He said,
“Your son has my nose.”
BROWN:Just out the blue?Yeah, when the baby
was five, six months old. So, the truth is
you don’t know for sure. You really don’t. No. Okay, so, let’s just
get down to the bottom line. You don’t know for sure. JUDGE LAKE:
So, you and Georgie tried to figure out
the timeline and tried to execute a test
to get the answer. Unfortunately,
due to his untimely death and the fact that
the specimen had expired, you were unable
to complete that test. BROWN: Right. LONG: Yes, Your Honor. He took the initiative, as a young black man, who usually would
run the other way… You know. And took initiative
and wanted to find out
if the baby was his. Ms. Chmielinski,
I wanna ask you and I have to ask
this respectfully, how many other
possible fathers are there? There’s just one. So, just one other
possible person. Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Come now,
we here to get the truth. We here to get everything
out in the open. We’re here to find out
if my son has a child. CHMIELINSKI: Mrs. Brown… We here to find out
if I’m the grand-mom of your baby. What are you asserting,
Mrs. Brown, that there are more men
than just one additional man? One. BROWN: It can’t be. So, there’s one other man
besides Georgie? So, what, there’s one
other, you’re saying? Yeah. Yeah, it’s him
and the other guy. Oh, one other man.
Okay, okay. Did you ever tell
the other guy? He had passed
away when I was
five months pregnant. He had got murdered. BROWN: Oh, good Lord. A family member of mine
had contacted his family, they did not respond
until Xavier turned two.And they said, if I come
up with the money,
then they’ll do the test. So, both potential fathers
of this beautiful little boy
have passed away? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. So, what happened
to the parents? I can’t contact…
A friend of mine
contacted his sister. And they seem like
they don’t want
nothing to do with it. And so… Is that why you’ve
reached out, too? I just wanted both of them, both the grandparents,
you know, to know. Because they’ve
both lost a child. We all wanna
know, but you can’t
delusion yourself. BROWN: Georgie was popular.
I’m gonna tell you like it is. He was very popular. Very popular. And a lot of women wouldn’t
mind having Georgie’s baby. BROWN: He’s not here
to defend himself.As far as saying,
“No, you’re wrong,
you’re wrong.”
How many other women
could’ve said the same thing? Because, you know, so… I’m here. I’m here to find out. Ms. Chmielinski, when you talk
to Xavier about his father… He’s two now. CHMIELINSKI: Mmm-hmm. Do you talk to him
about his father, who do you tell him
his father is? I tell him Georgie. See, that’s the problem.
That’s the problem. What do you tell him? That he watches his videos
and I say, you know,
“That’s Daddy.” And he points to the videos
and says, “Daddy”? BROWN: He calls him Daddy. Because, either way,
Georgie told me no matter what the results
were when he was alive, that he was gonna
be in his life. Really? Georgie couldn’t
even take care of himself. I know. I understand that. And I told you that
the day before the funeral. He wanted it.
I could see
that he wanted it. But he wasn’t
just gonna claim it. He was gonna dig
and find out. So, you feel like
the reason why he said, “Mom, who does this
baby look like?” You felt like it was
because he wanted the baby but he just wanted to be sure. He was looking for something
that wasn’t there. My problem is it
was after the fact, after he passed…
Two years passed. I went on with my life. Okay, grieved for two years. That’s why I didn’t
bother you. Wait a minute,
let me finish. And those were the worst
two years of my life. (SNIFFLES) Those were the worst
two years of my life. So, I wanna know
if Georgie has a child. Why wouldn’t I try
to find out? And how come
it took so long? So, if I wasn’t here today, the baby could be
a teenager and not know
who his dad is. If I didn’t step in… You know? This is something
that she should’ve done a long time ago. When it first happened,
she should’ve said,
“We wasn’t sure.” I would’ve went
along with her. Because you told me the truth
and said you wasn’t sure. Okay, that was truthful. All right? That’s all. So why did I have to wait till the baby
is three years old? ‘Cause I didn’t have money,
to come up with all that
money for the tests. It’s not all about…
You never asked.
That’s what I’m sayin’. Okay. BROWN: What about the video? The video. The spirit video. BROWN: What about the video? I wanna know about the video. CHMIELINSKI:
What do you mean “video”? The video you showed me. All right, so now
tell me about this video
you mentioned. This video was when
me and my friends
were sitting in the car… She’s trying to convince
that there’s a video with a spirit of Georgie
in the video. Oh. Is this the video… (BOTH CLAMORING) JUDGE LAKE: Hold on.
Is this the video
you submitted to the court? Yes. Yes, Your Honor. So, you say this is a video
of your son Xavier, and in the video,
you can see Georgie’s spirit. Yes, that it looks
like a spirit… It’s like a cloud. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, talk me
through this video. CHMIELINSKI: We’re sitting
in a car right now and my friend
is videotaping himand talking to him.And as you can see
on the right,
there’s like this cloudything that comes
out of nowhere, and my son looks at it
and then it goes away. Let me see that
again, please. Just looks like
a reflection. JUDGE LAKE:
This is slow motion.
A white cloud right there.And no one was
smoking in the car?
BROWN: I said it was smoke. We don’t smoke
in the car with my son. I was just about to say
you better not be. So, that’s how I definitely
know it was not no smoke. And she sent it to me, yeah. Yeah, and I sent it to her and that’s when she was like,
“Oh, my God. What is that?” And she told me
about her experience. No, I didn’t say,
“What is that?” Because I’m not
in the car, so… Wait a minute,
what did she tell you about this video? She said, “That’s
Georgie’s spirit.” And then what did
you say to her? BROWN: I’m like, “Wow.”
You know, “That’s deep.”I’m not a religious person.I’m a spiritual person. I said, “Wow, look at this.
It looks like a spirit.” At this point of time,
when it comes to Georgie,
just listenin’ to his name… Sends chills through my body. JUDGE LAKE:
So, as you look at the video
and you see this smoky
cloud-like feature come through this video,
what do you think? I’m sorry. It’s okay. I know it’s hard. I’m sorry. BROWN: Um… I just wanna know. I just want answers. I just want answers.
I need to know
if the baby is mine so I can be his grandmother. Because the truth is
you don’t wanna be attached. You don’t want to
become attached. BROWN: No. That’s why… Baby called me “Nana.” I didn’t scream
at her about it. I just was like, “I need to do something
about this now. “I need to do something now “before it gets
too out of hand.” That moment. Yes. So, what’s the meaning
behind him calling me “Nana”? Is it because
he’s my grandson? Or because I allow him
to call me “Nana”? You understand,
Ms. Chmielinski, even if out of the
kindness of her heart even out of her grief, she says, “Just have
the baby call me ‘Nana,'” in the back of her mind
she doesn’t know for certain. Right. I understand that. JUDGE LAKE:
And the real truth is, you don’t know for certain. Right. I understand that. But I have the results
and we can all find out
for certain right now. Jerome. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE:
Are you okay, Ms. Brown? Do you need to sit down? Are you okay? Okay. Because there wasn’t
a blood card available to test the DNA
of the deceased
Georgie Long IV, we performed a DNA test
with his surviving parents, George Long III
and Geneva Brown. The results are as follows. In the case of
Chmielinski v. Brown Long III,
when it comes to two-year-old
Xavier Chmielinski… JUDGE LAKE:
It has been determined
by this court the percentage
of relatedness between Ms. Brown and Mr. Long and Xavier Chmielinski is… Zero percent. (CRYING) I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. CHMIELINSKI: I’m sorry. JUDGE LAKE: I’m so very sorry. I’m sorry, Georgie. I’m sorry. CHMIELINSKI:
I’m sorry, Ms. Brown. BROWN: This is
the hardest thing
I’ve ever had to do. JUDGE LAKE: I know. LONG: And for me,
that was my only son. BROWN: That was his only son. LONG: Would’ve been nice. And I can tell from
both of your reactions that deep in your heart,
you wanted it to be true. You just wanted
to know for sure. LONG: Yes, Your Honor. I was ready to
take the baby. Ms. Chmielinski… BROWN: You look like you knew. No, I don’t. I’m shocked.
My heart is beating.
I’m shaking. It looked like you knew. I didn’t know. There was two
possibilities. (BROWN STAMMERING) For you do be so
indulged in him… Because he looks just like… BROWN: Emotionally,
you look like you knew. Because I’ve been
crying all day,
and I’m just… My reaction is I’m shocked. I apologize.
I really do. From the bottom of my
heart, you don’t know
how much I feel so bad. JUDGE LAKE: You really thought
this was Georgie’s baby. I really did. The other man… You’ve said that
he has passed on and his family has expressed
no interest in being a part
of Xavier’s life. Yes, Your Honor. That’s why
this courtroom exists. We’re here for children.I realize that there’s
a level of shame and
embarrassment in this
but if you lay down
with a man for five years, you’re gonna have to
make that tough phone call to the parents
of that other man, to the family of
that other man. and say, “Listen, I need
to get this test. “This child needs
to get this test.” And if you need this court,
we’re here for you, okay? Thank you, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
I’m so very sorry, Ms. Brown. And Mr. Long, I really am. Thank you. We will do our best
in any way possible,
Ms. Chmielinski to help you, we have
counseling and resources
for you right now, all right? JUDGE LAKE:
I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (APPLAUSE)

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