Woman Claims She's A Time Traveler And Pregnant With An Alien

all right what's going on everybody welcome back to yet another video here on the channel and today we're gonna be taking a look at a time traveler who claims to be pregnant with an alien from the future now this is some out just you know out of left field stuff just psychotic you know just yeah you and I are probably thinking the same exact thing right now you know this is one of the dumbest things you've ever heard but yeah there's a woman who's claiming this is actually the case and she's got this picture that she's showing and she's claiming that this is evidence it's an ultrasound picture she's claiming this is evidence of her being pregnant with an alien hybrid baby and she has this really elaborate story and whatnot uploaded on YouTube and I wanted to go over it because uh a fan actually tweeted it at me this morning and he goes by the at of Z relics and you know go follow him thanks for sending this my way you know aliens have been really popular recently I don't know what it is but they've just spent poppin recently area 51 that whole thing we got to go see them aliens now we're on the trend of apparently being time travelers who are pregnant with aliens you know it I don't get it but apparently that's the kind of thing that we're on here folks so but am i fair for judging her before here on her side of the story maybe I'm not let's go ahead and start taking a listen today I'll share some shocking information with you while giving you real proofs on it now I'm really excited to see these real proofs on it I miss I'm assuming there's gonna be a lot of evidence behind this I mean real proofs that that's a direct quote there should be a lot of evidence not just one picture that could have been easily manipulated and printed out on pretty much you know virtually any printer pretty much anywhere you know it has to be pretty you know a lot of proof may be video evidence of you being in a doctor's office and talking to a doctor about this plus an ultrasound photo maybe even you know some doctors records signed off by a legitimate doctor and whatnot some stuff like that right that's what you would think you know real proofs quote-unquote that's what I would expect to see let me start from the very beginning I was 18 years old and a student studying in one of the universities and parents when one of my professors noticed me his name was Paul Martel and he offered me a job at the laboratory by the way I was studying chemistry he didn't exactly specify what the lab was now I want you to notice two things about this story right off the RIP and you're gonna think yeah I'm overanalyzing this but yes I am over analyzing and I'm very aware now number one she gave the professor's full name already okay so we're not even what a minute into this and she's given the full name of the supposed professor who had given her this laboratory job and number two she had given out her major she was studying chemistry kind of weird that a chemistry major ends up a time-traveler pregnant with an alien baby but you know what yeah I I didn't go to college for chemistry so yeah maybe I missed out on something there there were many rooms in that lab but one of them was closed for regular workers only a limited number of people knew what was going on there I won't tell you the whole story let me just jump into the interesting points usually when people say things like this that is you know a very criminal indicator that uh the story is made-up hey I'm not gonna tell you the entire story where you get the full context and you know you can get all the details and kind of make the full decision for yourself I'll just give you the really interesting parts that sound really cool and fascinating usually that's how you can tell people are always telling the truth my supervisor had an electronic part with which he used to open that door and during lunch break I stole his car then entered the forbidden room it was a huge space filled with wires and cables glassware of different shapes that had various liquids in them there was a metal chair right in the middle of the room to which an uncountable number of wires were connected immediately just sounds like a generic scene out of a sci-fi movie like she had watched you know back to the future and maybe some other sci-fi movie and just combined the two with an uncountable amount of wires it sounds like she's like almost detailing the scene from rap God where Eminem's like plug into the computer or whatever you know I was walking around the room staring at things while suddenly a heavy hand grabbed my shoulder I turned around and saw professor Paul Martin he got very angry at first but then he calmed down and he decided to offer me a new job as a time machine operators assistant that sounds pretty realistic see he got extremely mad and angry figuring out that you know you stole the card and access to the forbidden room and then of course you know the most logical and rational decision was next to offer you a job after betraying his trust stealing property of this laboratory and then entering a forbidden room he offered you a promotion to a new job as the assistant of this top-secret project of a time machine operators assistant that sounds like a very wise decision that this guy made yeah I really this story is really coming together well so far turns out time machines have been around since the 1970s but a protocol has been signed worldwide banning time-traveling and any machines of such kind even for scientific study purposes really there's a protocol banning time traveling and any machines of such kind you know what's funny is I've never heard of that protocol could you maybe point us in the direction of that protocol this whole thing seems extremely realistic and it yeah the the time travelers have been around since the 70s right yeah I really wanted to see the future and with my own eyes witness all of the happenings there and this was the best opportunity I could get now this is the point of the story where apparently she gets sent off to the future with a squad of people apparently by this time she has gained the trust of this professor after you know me just a year prior according to her story blatantly stealing the card to gain access to this room basically breaching protocol of this entire laboratory going behind this man's back stealing his personal property and laboratory property to access this room that she was not you know given access to you know only a year later she was basically sent off to the future with the squad of scientists to tackle what I would say at this point would be a very important scientific feat in human history you know time travel is very important I would say even if it's not the first time we've ever pulled it off still a pretty major accomplishment nonetheless so they're going to a year 3,500 here folks the world had turned into a war zone buildings were destroyed plans and greens were burned down to ashes war was going on between humans and aliens and it was painful I can't even go into details you literally couldn't write a more sci-fi generic story than that all it's the year 3,500 we go in the future society is collapsing all the buildings are destroyed you know the world is on fire aliens and humans are at war ah you know apparently there's just no other timeline that can ever happen apparently according to sci-fi the only things that can happen are a the apocalypse be aliens take everything over see zombie apocalypse basically that's it like can we get a how humans die DLC in here please you know come on now that's only a 1500 years from now okay and you're telling me humans and aliens are just at war right yeah I really believe this story this story is coming together piecing together very well now I'm gonna be honest like most of you going into the story I wasn't gonna believe it to begin with because it's just far-fetched yeah time travelers pregnant with that you know alien hybrid baby yeah seems legit I totally believe this one but even then like if the story was relatively feasible I can understand why some people would kind of believe it why some people who just get their hopes up could kind of believe it but this is just the most watered-down generic story you could possibly come up with like I'm dead serious like if someone came up to me on the street and was like you have 30 seconds to tell me you know a story of you being a time traveler and what you would see in the year 3,500 like well humanity's basically destroyed were at war with aliens all the buildings are destroyed basically I was in a lab and I got time-traveled into the future and I saw some horrible stuff we're all doomed that that's how everything ever ends like come on like for once can't we just ever get it to end we're humans just like when you know but hey there's more to the story there's more to the story those aliens were from the Andromeda galaxy and people got lucky that they were just a little more developed in humans now here's a very potential large hole in the story here these aliens are just a little bit more developed than humans just a tad bit more not too much the fights pretty even however these aliens have gained the ability to travel from an entirely different galaxy and wage war on us I mean according to this story like we can time travel but we can't like go all the way to their galaxy and fight them on their home turf but they're just like here smacking us from Andromeda like they're there on our turf stopping us out we're out here getting booed by the home crowd right now you know what I'm saying and yet but they're just only a little bit more advanced than us right we're still kind of putting up a fight but all of humanity's basically and ruin all the buildings are destroyed the whole planets basically destroyed but where we're keeping up a pretty even fight humans were pretty lucky about that right yeah it's always great when you can't go into details yeah that that's usually a very great sign of your story we join the community of people there who were fighting against aliens during one of those fights our community lost and the aliens took us into hostage I won't get into details on what happened there because the pain humiliation and torture we went through was any mean I was the only one who survived but I was I was there and I was there slaves I had no idea how I got so lucky and suddenly I appeared at home so one second you're a slave to these aliens who you're the only person who survived in your whole squad in the next minute you're home it just it's magic nothing happened you remember nothing and it just happened they must have felt mercy after you know killing off your entire squad waging war against the entirety of the human race and just decided hey we'll send you back where you belong that's that's usually how aliens who want to kill off an entire species probably would feel so now I will show you something you have never witnessed before now apparently this is proof of her being pregnant with an alien-human hybrid baby however I would just chalk this one up to being a very poor Photoshop I mean it's pretty clear that this story has almost no chance of being real to anybody who has any you know reason within themselves nothing about this story adds up she doesn't want to be named you know she wants to remain anonymous her face is blurred out and whatnot yet she named her professor with his full name named the location which it took place in Paris she showed an ultrasound of her baby alien which I would think you know would garner some pretty significant attention regardless it's it's a fake story however the thing is is people are gonna believe this and that's what I don't get cuz people believe literally anything like there's people who are gonna see this video and they're just gonna take everything at face value and go oh my god this must be true this woman really is a time traveler now do I believe time travel is possible if not already you know being executed of course I don't know 100% it I mean they all you know they might already just be walking around however I don't think the first thing I would do if I you know decided one day to go with a squad full of people to the year 3500 saw the most generic sci-fi story to the next movie next big Hollywood movie that I don't think the next thing I would do once I got home would be to go film a youtube video about it and show the fake ultrasound of my alien baby to the world I think I'd be going through extensive therapy I would have a lot of family time I'd be trying to mentally recover from what had happened I'd be doing a lot of soul-searching I'd be trying to recover my spot on society which I'm do a lot of personal you know rebuilding it's got to be a pretty traumatic experience seeing that you know but hey you know it doesn't matter right because the stories fit I mean let's let's just call it at what it is and if this story isn't fake I will personally donate $1,000 to this woman to you know buy supplies or whatever she needs for this half alien baby hybrid like it's just crazy the things people will make up almost you know I'm thinking maybe she has something wrong with her you know that I don't think any normal person could sit here and make something like that I think she's got to have some sort of mental problem going on she's got to be like I don't know psychotic or something crazy something's got to be going on up there that's just I don't know this is a normal behavior or maybe she's just doing it for the attention you never know there are some clout chasers out there man we talk about them all the time here on the channel cloud chasing is a real thing aliens are a hot topic at the moment folks I mean saying you have a hybrid alien on the way I mean that that could be a hot commodity so at the end of the day man I just don't get it I don't understand why people believe this stuff I don't understand why people make this stuff up knowing that the majority of people aren't going to believe it but I mean just a shame man just a shame the lengths people will go just to get even the smallest little crumb of attention from people anyways thank you for watching if you did enjoy make sure to leave a like subscribe if you're brand new around here all my channel follow me over on twitter at sub top the miss i post memes thoughts and updates over there it's a surefire way to get notifications of all my newest content join the discord down below lots of great things going on down there as well thank you to my channel members your support helps my channel tremendously and until my next video guys this is optimus having a half-alien hybrid and signing out

49 Replies to “Woman Claims She's A Time Traveler And Pregnant With An Alien”

  1. “That’s a funny story Mark”- Tommy Wiseau
    I haven’t even watched the video and I already know this lady’s gonna be lying

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  3. If we did discover time travel in the future or already how are there no time travelers coming back too our time

  4. This is after the Area 51 raid and the women was from the future after the Area 51 raid were aliens are normal people and she’s the first one with a alien baby

  5. Saying 'I love Minecraft' in 2016: 😂😂😂 you're so funny 😂😂😂 you're soooo dumb
    Saying 'I love Minecraft' in 2019: You're breathtaking!

  6. Its pretty simple really :
    " and then i reappeared at home suddently " i would assume in her bed ….
    It was a dream , and she believed it real cause she dumb af , that's it .

  7. Just a theory, but: What if she was dreaming, and then denied that it was a dream to herself, wrote it down to remember it, and then made this video. Comment if you want my reasoning, and say what you want me to talk about specifically.

  8. Thats not a alien thats a defective baby and how did she think she had a alien baby we havent raid area 51 yet

  9. Due to the laws of biology two different species can't breed together. Great example is the Pied Cockatiel with a Nanday Canary two entirely different species of birds unable to reproduce. So her story of an advance humanoid alien impregnating her false because they would be a different species genetically and humans would be really different in the year 3000 whatever she said

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