Woman Lied About Being Pregnant Multiple Times (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
White v. Hollie.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day, Your Honor. Ms. White, you are furious, that your on-again,
off-again boyfriend of seven and a half years got you pregnant, and refuses to do
anything for your daughter. You say “He better step up
and be a daddy.” When today’s results prove what you have always known. That he is Makyliah’s biological father.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Hollie, you say, “The plaintiff
is delusional.” And claim you dated on and off, only three years. You are certain another man
is her daughter’s father, and you have evidence
to support your claim.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. White, tell us
why today’s results
are so important. Today’s result is
important to me, Your Honor, because I grew up
without my father. My father was deceased
when my mom was
pregnant with me. So, I don’t want
my daughter to grow up
without her father any longer. It’s hard taking care of her
by myself, and I need help. (CRYING) And I can see right now, you are overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed because
I’ve been through too much, by myself. And it’s like you can’t live
your life in that and not take care of your
responsibilities. Like, I’m trying my hardest
to do it and it’s been almost three years, and it’s getting harder. And I didn’t have her
by myself. And you’re getting no relief
and no help from Mr. Hollie? MIKELLA WHITE: No. And you feel like, at this point, does he… He sees that
you’re overwhelmed, you’re telling him
you’re overwhelmed,
but he’s not doing anything? With Mr. Hollie
we had a rocky
relationship, so haven’t talked
in three years. Almost three years. So… Has Mr. Hollie
ever met Makyliah? He has never
seen her in person. Never have seen her in person JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Hollie, you’ve never made
an attempt to see Makyliah? No, no. JUDGE LAKE: And why is that? Because I know
I’m not her dad. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. DEMARIO HOLLIE: Your Honor,
it’s like this… We was together for probably
like three years. Round the time
she got pregnant, we was livin’ together but, we was on a… You know, we was on and off. WHITE: That’s not true. For like three years. HOLLIE: Your Honor,
we was livin’ together, I was transporting cars… Three years? …from here to Miami,
twice a week. I would leave
and go to Miami, come back, probably
on a Wednesday, leave out again.
I would see her
in passing. And so, at that time, you did not feel like you and Ms. White were
in a committed relationship? HOLLIE: No, because she… She was just stayin’
at your house? I mean, we was cool
for a minute but then, you know,
we might be cool
two days. And then, for two weeks. You know, she on some trip…
you know, I… I wouldn’t
pressure her to… So, when you say
cool for two days, does that mean
you would still be intimate
for those two days? HOLLIE:
No, I wouldn’t be there. Now, I’d probably come in
on a Wednesday, we might
be intimate one week out of
maybe a month
that I’m gone. Or you know, I mean,
comin’ back and forth… JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. White… …I meant to say. JUDGE LAKE: All right. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. White, take me to the day you find out you’re pregnant. I was having, like, emotion, and, I didn’t know
where it was coming from. You know, I just started
feelin’ different. And, one night I came home, when Mr. Hollie
was off this night. On again, off again
relationship I was still stayin’
at his house. But, we was on bad terms. And, I caught myself, you know, confiding
in someone else. I had… You know, I was with someone else that night. JUDGE LAKE: You had sex
with somebody else. WHITE: Yes, ma’am. And, at that time, I didn’t think
I could get pregnant. So, I wasn’t thinkin’
of pregnancy. So, the moment
I found out
I was pregnant, I immediately
called Mr. Hollie, because I was with him
more than anything. I messed up one time… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hollie… …but the whole time
we was together… Man, c’mon… …we were together. JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Hollie, I wanna know your testimony about finding out Ms. White
was pregnant. When did you find out? How did you find out? HOLLIE: See, first of all
Your Honor, she had done already
cried wolf before. “I’m pregnant.” She done did this
on two different
occasions. “I’m pregnant.”
And she wasn’t pregnant. Okay, so this last time,
which was probably some months or
maybe a year later,
she did it again. “I’m pregnant.” And this time
she actually was pregnant. But she had been tellin’ me, for like maybe two weeks. I’m like, “Yeah, whatever,
okay, whatever,
you’re pregnant.” HOLLIE: I’m gonna
hit the road,
I’m gonna go. So… When she told me again, I was like,
“You know what, okay.” She said “Well,
meet me at my OB-GYN,
and they’ll show you. “I’mma go take a
pregnancy test.” I said
“Okay, cool. Let’s go.” So I pulled up
on ’em. She was up there,
she pulled up, I was up there,
I went in. And the lady went and did
the little testing thing and she said, “Yeah, it came back,
she pregnant.” I looked at her, I was like, “It ain’t my baby.”
And I left. WHITE: That’s not
how it went, Your Honor. HOLLIE: I left. WHITE: He showed out. HOLLIE: No, I did not. JUDGE LAKE: How did
he show out? It was not…
It was not… “That ain’t my baby.” He said, “Oh, oh, oh, no!” “I can’t… This girl like,
this woman ain’t
pregnant by me. WHITE:
“She can’t be pregnant.” The lady doctor said… It’s the truth. “Oh, my God, do you want me
to get on him for you?” HOLLIE: No, she… WHITE: She said
“That is embarrassing.” HOLLIE: Your Honor… That is embarrassing.
I sat down,
I felt belittled. I sat down and I sat there
and I told myself from that moment on… Your Honor… …I’mma have to do this
by myself. Your Honor… And that’s how I went through
my whole pregnancy. Your Honor… By myself. It was about a month. It was about a month. When I had my child, he told me
not to call his phone, do not contact him You wait… Because he in a relationship… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. …with somebody else. And he was
gonna put me through
postpartum depression. So, I didn’t wanna
deal with him. Oh, man! Period! I didn’t wanna… Man, she been
on that act. …deal with him at all. She need to get a Grammy,
Your Honor Because at the
end of the day, he… She need a Grammy. At the end of the day,
he has no filter. You felt like, he has completely
abandoned you. I do. JUDGE LAKE: And Makyliah. Yes. HOLLIE: It ain’t my kid. When I was pregnant. So, when you gave birth, Mr. Hollie wasn’t there? I called Mr. Hollie. Mr. Hollie told me, “Okay, “if that is my baby, you can’t
be callin’ me every day “because I’m in a relationship “and my girl won’t be
havin’ that.” And I was like, “What?” So, you admittedly
have not had any relationship
with Makyliah, the baby,
for the past two years? I ain’t never seen her,
I seen her on a picture. JUDGE LAKE: And you have
moved on with your life because you are certain that she is not your
biological child. HOLLIE: That’s right. HOLLIE: That’s right. Do you have any other doubts, as to why Makyliah is not
your biological child. That baby don’t look
nothin’ like me. That baby don’t… That baby have
none of my features. All of my other kids
have my features. The big gums, the arched eyebrows, the dark skin,
all of my kids do. Although physical appearance
can be an indicator we know in this courtroom that it is not… HOLLIE: I wished
you’d say that. …proof positive. I always
hearin’ you say that.
That’s why I say, “It might be a possibility
that it is my baby
and if it is…” If it is, I’m not gonna
treat her no different from my other three. JUDGE LAKE: So,
you are admitting that Makyliah possibly could be your biological child. HOLLIE: Just because,
I was intimate with her mom, you know, in between. But, you what I mean, that… So, you…
Hold on, hold on ’cause now, your testimony
is different from what
you just testified two minutes ago. Your Honor,
Your Honor, listen, I took her, I requested… I requested
two DNA tests. He requested one. I requested two DNA tests,
Your Honor. She didn’t show up
for neither one. So, you think she was dodging the test because she knows… HOLLIE: Because she know
that it’s not my baby… That Makyliah… Makyliah is not
your biological child. Not my baby. JUDGE LAKE: And you also feel
like you have done
due diligence, in this process. Meaning, you have
made every attempt, to identify… HOLLIE: Your Honor… …whether or not she’s you biological child. She told me it wasn’t my baby,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: She told you? Yes. HOLLIE: She said… Wait, what happened? HOLLIE: She told me,
she said, “I went to
have a DNA test done, “with another guy. “And it came back,
it was his baby.” She said, “I’m sorry
I was puttin’ you
through that.” WHITE: That is not true. HOLLIE: You didn’t
tell me that? WHITE: Oh, no! Bro. She told me that… No, that’s not true. She had a DNA test
with another guy, and it came back
that it was his child. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. White,
is that true? No, I told… Your Honor, he’s right.
I did tell him, that I had DNA test done with another guy. Did it come back? It is true. It was his child? I never did have a DNA test I just didn’t
wanna deal with… But did you
tell me that… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hollie. C’mon… Let her testify. HOLLIE: I’m sorry, Your Honor. And he’s… That is the… He’s very honest about me sayin’
that I had a DNA test
done with another guy. I did, Your Honor. I told him that because
I didn’t wanna deal with Mr. Hollie
claiming my child. I didn’t wanna deal…
I didn’t wanna hear him sayin’
that she wasn’t… That she wasn’t his child. HOLLIE: Your Honor, I have… I didn’t wanna hear that
because I don’t believe that ’cause I’ve been
with this man for so long. I mean, I didn’t,
I didn’t wanna hear him… JUDGE LAKE: All right,
you know what, you know what, this is…
This is too much, and I need to hear
from the source. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome, please
escort the other guy
in the courtroom. JEROME: Okay. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) JUDGE LAKE: I’d like to
talk to Mr. Parker. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Parker, thank you for joining us today.
I have a few questions for you. How did you find out
Ms. White was pregnant? I got a phone call
from Ms. White telling me that she’s pregnant but it was a possibility
that it was somebody
else’s baby also. So, how did you find out
she had the baby? I got a picture
sent to me
via Instagram. And when I looked
at the picture that minute,
I seen that she was mine because I’d seen
how she looked. She had all my features… What is the evidence
you’re holding? The picture
that was sent to me via Instagram. Let me see that. So, you got this picture
on your phone. PARKER: Yes, ma’am. And you looked at the picture
and said “That baby
looks like me.” PARKER: Yes, ma’am,
and she also agreed
that the baby looks like me. Now, I wanna understand
the next layer to this. It’s that Mr. Hollie testified
that Ms. White told him that she had had a DNA test with the other guy,
that would be you. Yes, ma’am. And that it was determined that you were
the biological father, and Mr. Hollie could go
on about his business because he was not
the biological father. JUDGE LAKE: Did you or
did you not have
that DNA test? No, ma’am. You did not. No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Did she ever
mention anything to you about a DNA test? Yes ma’am. She told me that
she had a DNA test with him and that he wasn’t the father. HOLLIE: Oh, Lord. Whoo-whee! So, Ms. White told you
that she had a DNA test, with Mr. Hollie and he… Was not the father. JUDGE LAKE: Was not
the biological father. Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: So, you told Mr. Hollie you had
had a DNA test with Mr. Parker, and he was the biological
father but you told Mr. Parker you had a DNA test
with Mr. Hollie, and he was not
the biological father. Yes, Your Honor, and I said that
due to the fact that Mr. Hollie disclaimed
my daughter from the beginning. So, when Mr. Parker started claiming her
as his child, I just like… Just went with it, like… Just… You’re
her father, like… So, you was lyin’ two ways? Yes, ma’am. And you were doing that
because you felt like Mr. Hollie didn’t want
anything to do with your child. WHITE: Do with her… But Mr. Parker did? Yes, ma’am. So, now I’ll just
spin these tales to make it point
in the direction of Mr. Parker. HOLLIE: Your Honor… Yes, Your Honor,
but I won’t be less of a mother to not be here today to get the results
for my child. HOLLIE: Your Honor… So, I made a mistake and I… And we all do. HOLLIE: Here’s my thing… I’m here to clean up
my mistake, that I made, ’cause
I owe that to my child. If I been takin’ care
of all my other kids, why would I not
take care of her child? HOLLIE: If it’s my child,
I’mma take care of my child. I got all my doubts,
I just feel like
that’s not my baby. So, you don’t think Makyliah’s your
biological child? No, I don’t. But, Mr. Parker, you do
believe she’s yours? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And you’re hoping
that she’s yours? And I agree with him. I hope she’s mine. JUDGE LAKE: And, Ms. White,
am I assuming
that you hold Mr. Parker as her
biological father as well
since you were spinning these tales to make it point
in his direction? I hope it’s Mr. Parker. JUDGE LAKE:
But you believe
it’s Mr. Hollie’s? WHITE: I believe
it’s Mr. Hollie’s. JUDGE LAKE: So… Obviously, the stakes
are very high here. There’s been a lot
that’s transpired. I can see in your eyes,
Ms. White, that despite whatever
has happened, this has
taken a toll on you. ‘Cause I need help. I need help! I’m a young woman,
I’m trying to find my way. WHITE: I don’t want my baby
to go through that. I made a mistake
I won’t ever make again. And I’m sorry, ’cause I’m only hurtin’ her. That’s why I’m here today. I don’t want her to grow up
and don’t know her daddy. My daddy was deceased and I knew so many men to be my step daddy. I don’t want that,
I want somethin’ consistent. Whether I wanna go on
with my life or whatever, I want her dad
to be consistent. When you say “I need help,” I feel you
right here in my spirit, because I know what it’s like
to raise a child. And it’s not easy. It’s hard. It’s so hard. And, I know,
I can really feel that you want to fill the void that you felt in your own life
by not having your father. And you don’t want Makyliah
to feel the same way. Your Honor,
I needed my father. I ran to… Man… If you don’t stop talkin’… I ran to make…
I went to the street
lookin’ for love, and ran into the wrong men. God… Like, I don’t want
my baby to… I don’t want that. I want…
I need her father
to guide her so he can at least
try to protect her
from the bad guys. You know, at least… HOLLIE: Your Honor… I understand. WHITE: And that’s what I did. HOLLIE: Let me make
a statement, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I understand. As long as it’s
something constructive. HOLLIE: It is constructive. This woman standin’ here
runnin’ game on you,
Your Honor. WHITE: How am I playin’ games? HOLLIE: She had her
little baby on social media twerkin’ and everythin’. What? What little baby? That little girl
right there. That little girl
right there. My baby don’t even know
how to twerk. C’mon, man! This girl, man… My baby is two years old, she don’t twerk. She’s runnin’ games
on you, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Listen, listen… She’s runnin’ games. She runnin’ games. JUDGE LAKE:
Hold, hold on… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hollie,
first of all as to what’s going on
with the baby outside of this courtroom, the truth is I don’t know that. But, one thing I do know is that we have the results
and the answer
to this question. And that’s what
I’m tryin’ to get to. Let’s do it, let’s do it. Jerome… HOLLIE: Let’s do it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results
were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
White v. Hollie.
I hope that she’s mine. JUDGE LAKE: When it comes to
2-year-old Makyliah White, it has been determined by
this court, Mr. Parker, you are not the father. HOLLIE: My Lord. Are we ready
for the next result. HOLLIE: Let’s do it. In the case of
White v. Hollie,
when it comes to
2-year-old Makyliah White, it had been determined
by this court, Mr. Hollie,
you are the father. WHITE: Right. Damn! WHITE: Exactly. Exactly. So, yeah. Yeah. AUDIENCE: Wow. JUDGE LAKE: I’m sorry,
Mr. Parker. It’s okay. You were sincerely hoping
this was your child? I was. HOLLIE: I was too. (WHITE CRYING) (AUDIENCE EMPATHIZING) He… That’s why…
That’s why I can’t… I mean… JUDGE LAKE: Well,
I ain’t gonna lie either. JUDGE LAKE: I was too. I’mma stick
with what I got. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Since, we not lyin’ I was too. And you know why I was? I didn’t see anything
when it came from you. I was listening to Ms. White, basically tell the truth, that as a woman,
“I weaved a web of lies “because I was
in a relationship, “that was not healthy for me. “So, I lied to this man, “then, I lied to this man. “And at the end of the day “what I figured out is that
I lied to myself. “And ultimately
put a lie on my child.” I watched that testimony. Wasn’t nobody even really
thinkin’ about you. Good… JUDGE LAKE: But, no, no, no. I wanna know, do you wanna meet
your daughter Makyliah right now? HOLLIE: Of course. ‘Cause that’s what matters
to this court. Of course, but… JUDGE LAKE: Do you wanna
meet her in my chamber? Of course, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
I’m cutting you off because I can see
by the look in your eyes you don’t have
nothin’ good to say. No, it ain’t that… No, you’re not gonna testify. No… JUDGE LAKE: No! Court is adjourned.

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