Woman Sues Over Fetal Pain Abortion Law In Idaho

kaelin mccormick from idaho is suing a
vast a prosecutor because uh… of the way that they handled her abortion okay
in idaho is extremely difficult to get an abortion especially if you are in the
eastern portion of idaho their noel and providers or abortion providers there so
you have to travel out of town it takes a great deal of time and money to do
that right in a lot of women don’t have that opportunity socio actually of
looked up abortion pills online with her sister
and then she took the pills and had an abortion when she was five to six months
pregnant this is my whole life his scenes people warning uh… about all you know remit coat hat at hangars in the and alleyways in a few there make
abortion illegal it’s gonna be dangers of warm air so do it on their own and if i got down to the i thought that
was unrealistic exile in the wrong time context that was totally realistic before roe
versus wade in and other times in in in history but i didn’t live through that time i
lived through a time when roe versus wade was fairly protected was in pretty
good shape right uh… but they will be all of these things that could happen
world now they’ve begun can be done and it’s really depressing
because you know this is a mother of three okay
she lives on two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars a month a month which is
amazing okay she’s does not have the money and the resources to take care of
another child but here’s the thing it idaho after twenty weeks you can get an
abortion ok so an and not only can you not get an abortion there aren’t enough
providers abortion providers for you to go and get an abortion on time so she
had to take those pills or not she gives birth to a baby that she just cannot pay
for right and she said look dot only way i might have been able
to get one is if i drove all the way to salt lake city utah i didn’t get one
which is a helluva dr this is i don’t have the resources of
the ability to do that by so hurt that the ability to get an abortion for all practical purposes was limited
and that’s exactly what the supreme court says you cannot do and that’s exactly what i don’t think
that is so she’s saying i want to go to court now but i know i didn’t say
whether she should have built uh… you know abortion earlier at certain but look its keys in the judge
afterwards right but one year in the middle of it idon’t
know maybe should change your mind maybe her health change may be a lot of things
happen and but it’s not for asked the judge that’s the
whole point of roe versus wade and the whole point of not getting between somebody in their
doctor or somebody in their rights you let them decide it’s their choice
right and so they’re short of that the detroit’s on abortions is on purpose
being limited further and further in all the states it’s friday wide wildfire there all
passing more more anti abortion laws whether
it’s constitutional or not and you know part of me of course likes
very much as usual g_-men and then of course there are serious
care that is going to go to a conservative supreme court which is
somewhat avego not so much in you know this woman got
these pills online which is so incredibly risky because even if they
are truly abortion pills you take it there’s a some chance that after you
know u it avoids the fears you can suffer a lot
of medical conditions as a result of that especially since you don’t have a
doctor involved you know you don’t know what’s gonna happen you know you it’s
very very dangerous and precious putting her life at risk ok koalas concern is
that are passing this legislation they’re putting these women’s lives at
risk they don’t care about that look percentage of abortions there haven’t
been on that or what bank and that’s the whole point of the court
hangers that people use to warn about continue putting all those lives at risk
when you have to do in horrible ways and you think that getting
some pills online there’s not much safer you take the money wrong with no doctors
know hospital anywhere it near you now that sounds incredibly dangerous family
woman are gonna suffer either helped us was remaining died from that exactly
right and wife is a limited their access to a safe abortion that is their
constitutional right

100 Replies to “Woman Sues Over Fetal Pain Abortion Law In Idaho”

  1. So! Some say it is better to kill the child if the child would not be cared for properly? Let's say you are lost at sea on a life boat with your lover and the child you had with him. There is not enough water for thres of you! Would you kill your child because you don't want him to suffer to see you and your lover drinking all the water in front of him and enjoy being kept alive? For me killing the child for that reason is the same.

  2. your delluge your yousing what i the child hase all ready been born what if the child the women whas planing a fetuscidle abortion but it he or SHE excapted what if you found an abandend baby you should all ready know the answer if not whats rong whith you



  5. @Wwjdlol Hi. Guess what? Your opinions on when human life begins is not commonly accepted, and does not have scientific backing. It is not murder, it is not a human.

  6. i think that womens choic should,ent end afster she gives birth.what she ca,nt she di,nt know she whas pregant what if she realis,es she can,t ford the baby faster its born what if she has truble geting legal abortion or babys is born early before she hase a chance

  7. @MrJahka "And does not have scientific backing." Maybe I should add, that science would tell us it is not a human. In the 1800's there wasn't any evidence that women and colored people should not have freedoms. The issues are not the same, but I should have worded my first post better.

  8. @thricerocks- seriously? Science highlights the fact that embryos/fetuses are human beings. You can argue the title of 'personhood', but to say an organism growing in a human womb, made up of unique human DNA is NOT a human is asinine

  9. @thricerocks
    decent point. but I also you look to point out that its not like theres a consensus among biologists to when a fetus is more human than cells.

  10. @chocchipcookiegirl Again, good point. I once again worded that really badly. I inadvertently redefined what was meant by "human". I should have used a word such as person-hood, but even that would have been iffy, since that isn't up for science to define. I think most people however would accept that person-hood requires consciousness and in that case, at least early in development, it would not be a "person".

  11. @MrJahka If you look at my response to chocchipcookiegirl, you will see what I meant by that portion of my comment. Science does tell us when a fetus is developed enough to be conscious, or capable of it.

  12. A thought miss I have 3 kids and can't afford another….how about birth control? Pills can be had for free if you're poor, which obviously you are, condoms are only $4.00 per box, or here's a novel one…keep the legs closed!

  13. How many adoption clinics do you visit and how many orphans to you help nurture, love and care for? How many social workers do you contact to help support these parent-less children? Unless you plan on contributing to any adoption conglomeration's, (perhaps your are,) I propose you 'close your mouth,' instead.

  14. I propose that someone with 3 kids they cannot already afford keep her legs crossed. And btw, I spend a lot of time protesting at an abortion clinic and more than once we have offered to adopt and offer referal to adoption that guarantees the baby will be with a family that will love and care for it- but it is simply too cruel to ask a woman to carry a baby to term when she could simply go in and have its arms and legs cut off, right ?

  15. I propose you 'close your mouth until you know all the facts. I my self have adopted 6 kids. With out the adoption agency I would not of been able to. So you posting "adoption conglomeration's" shows how foolish and ignorant you are. I have also fostered over 26 kids and still have 4 at home with me now and volunteered at many foster kids groups and still do. So YES I have contributed and still am. What HAVE you done?!?! NOTHING!! So of course killing babies are your answer.

  16. I think simply "placing a child for adoption" is easier said than done. Babies of certain ethnicities are fine, there are waiting lists for adopting these babies, but the same can't be said of others, so where will these babies go? Also, it costs a lot of money to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy, which is accomplished by going to doctors at least once a month. This is what prevents neo-natal and maternal deaths even when no abortion is planned. Don't judge if you don't want to be judged.

  17. Why murder? Because it is life? Then is taking antibiotics murder? Because it is "potential life"? Then is ejaculating in the toilet murder? Call it murder if you like. Call it whatever you want. Chicken have a thousand times more feelings than embryos and we lock them in a tiny cage and then eat them and their children, yet abortion is murder.

  18. But we are not talking about babies. The abortion after 6 months was cited as a negative example of what can happen if you take control away from women and they get desperate. The only thing that has ever been defended here is abortion within normal parameters, which does not involve killing babies.

  19. The Issue is more complex than that the baby is inside her body not yours or mine and that is were it becomes complex.

    Personally I believe that better contraception education and practice needs to be on the agenda. Abortions should be for the most extreme health cases and not for social/economic reasons.

  20. What kind of moron gets preganant when you only have less than $300 a month? And what makes it ok to kill a 5month old 'fetus' or 'child'. She can't get condoms? It's so laughable how these people have no idea how sex works!

  21. Wrong question. THe RIGHT question is why are woman-hating, male supremacist POS DENY women access to reliable birth control, or sabotage women's birth control and DENY women access to abortion if birth control fails, not held accountable for gratuitous cruelty, sexual torture, and reproductive enslavement of women.

  22. Selfish mother? If it's not OK to force men to be chattel slaves and organ donors even to save the life of their own child, WHY the fuck should it be OK to do it to women through FORCED CHILDBIRTH?

  23. Yeah, not really. Condoms don't really 'fail', the people who use them fail to use them. But if they did use them, nobody would have to murder a little innocent baby, would they? Let me guess Jacqueline, you're against the death penalty? All about animal rights I'll bet? I only ask because most of the anti abortion zealots I've run into for the most part are. Well here's what I say to you: the fetus gets hungry, the fetus dreams, the fetus is sometimes sleeping. The fetus has an urge to live.

  24. Why are WOMEN less deserving of OUR right to live, to live FREE instead of as captives in the human puppy mills of FORCED CHILDBIRTH? We are NOT disposable incubators and interchangeable meatpuppets for MALE benefit at OUR expense.

  25. That "dumbass woman" didn't "get pregnant" all by herself; she was IMPREGNATED by a self-entitled, selfish MALE in a society founded entirely on MALE SUPREMACY where most poor women are economically forced into survival sex situations due to sex-segregated jobs, discrimination, and lack of real equal opportunity employment. Why is there NO "slut-shaming" aimed at the MAN who impregnated her? Why punish poor women for being on the receiving end of men's orgasms (benefiting MEN, of course!).

  26. Correction: Controlling women and subjugating women through reproductive abuse has been done by MEN, ALL MEN, since the dawn of patriarchy — which spans the past 6,000 years. Male privilege, male supremacy, women as "less than." Since ALL men benefit from male privilege under this system, NO men are willing to give up all the extra benefits that they get at women's expense; even if that means gratuitous cruelty of mandatory ORGAN DONATION — which is what forced childbirth really is.

  27. Not to mention where are you going to get money to live if carrying a pregnancy to term takes you out of work due to complications requiring bed rest or keeps you from getting hired for SEVERAL MONTHS TO A YEAR, and what about ongoing post-partum care from birth injuries caused by deep tears and episiotomies that can be 100% disabling? Some women end up needing colostomies and have to shit in a bag for the rest of their lives as a result of giving birth. That makes it easy to function — NOT.

  28. What is truly selfish is FORCING women to give birth no matter what trauma, pain, disfigurement, other harm and risks and costs it inflicts on them. Are YOU selfish for refusing to go through mandatory organ/blood/bone marrow donation procedures to save the life of a child who will otherwise die without it? Forced childbirth = FORCED ORGAN DONATION.

  29. Then the first ones that should be lectured on "personal responsiblity" are the MEN who IMPREGNATE women because they're too selfish to NOT get vasectomies. Men are not entitled to deposit their sperm where imposing the risk of unwanted pregnancy on a woman can happen. Why is NO ONE challenging men's "rights" to sexual access to women's bodies? Why are men entitled to have sex for their benefit at women's expense?

  30. Right. Because abstinence works soooo well when you're married and cannot go through/don't want to go through pregnancy and childbirth, or when you don't want/can't handle ANOTHER baby.

  31. Right? I wish I could have put all of that in the comment but only 500 characters allowed. People are so ready to say abortions are evil or people who get them should go to hell when they themselves probably don't know what pregnancy, birth and/or childcare is like.

  32. You know what would lower the risk of condom failure? More sex ed in schools. Not the absolutely retarded 'abstinence only' because that works exactly 0% of the time, but actual fact based sex ed.
    No one's murdering a baby, a baby is never included in an abortion.
    Let me guess, you're for the death penalty, against animal rights, a meat eater, and for the war, right? I find that most anti-lifers are.
    Give me proof a fetus 'wants to live.' Better yet, give me proof a fetus is self aware at all.

  33. It's called discriminatory laws and public policies aimed solely at hurting women in our male supremacist society: Planned Parenthood defunding and clinic closings in several states leaving POOR women unable to access reliable birth control (IUD's, the Pill, Plan B, etc.) including voluntary sterilization (which women are denied that too, based on the male-dominated medical constabulary's notion of women as reproductive chattel).

  34. No, what's really fucked here is that POOR women have almost ZERO access to reliable birth control and early term abortion thanks to all the laws and anti-woman policies that have been enacted which is WHY poor women like Jennie McCormack couldn't get an early term abortion much sooner, or get voluntarily sterilized to PREVENT an unwanted pregnancy in the first place in our male supremacist society that views sex as a MALE ENTITLEMENT that women are then PUNISHED for. That's what's truly fucked.

  35. I call bullshit. Abortion is not the 'lazy way", it is more intrusive than if poor women had access to reliable contraception, including voluntary sterilization to PREVENT a problem that men don't have to deal with physically. No one takes the hardest route as a first resort if realistic and feasible options are available. Men being sperm-wielding thugs with an entitlement attitude to women's bodies and the "right" to deposit their sperm wherever they want with impunity is the problem.

  36. When does another's "right to life" dictate mandatory organ donation that entails pain, trauma, disfigurement, permanent negative side effects and changes to your body, and also the risk of permanent disability or death? In the case of McFall v. Shimp, PA Supreme Court Justice Flaherety summed it up: forced organ donation is NOT moral. Or are only MEN'S bodies and human right to bodily autonomy sacrosanct because only MEN (and male fetuses) are "people", while women and girls are not?

  37. When access to reliable birth control, including tubal ligation on demand, and access to safe legal early term abortion is denied or withheld through the force of misogynistic laws and abusive social and economic policies (like defunding Planned Parenthood and forcing clinic closures) that make prevention, or access to early term abortion impossible for poor women to get, then yes, it IS too much to ask.

  38. So punishing her with the torture of FORCED CHILDBIRTH as a consequence of satisfying some self-entitled MALE'S sexual "needs" is you answer?

  39. No, the "right thing" would be for these selfish, controlling abusive MEN to use a condom or get vasectomies. Men are abusive, selfish and controlling. And most of this nation's poor are women because this society is male supremacist. Men refuse to wear condoms all the time, and studies by Dr. Elizabeth Miller also show that men deliberately sabotage women's birth control use in order to gain further control over their victims through forced pregnancy/childbirth. And the men get away with it!

  40. Project much? Maybe that's because in this male supremacist shithole of a country, women are valued ONLY if we have a "tight ass" and a trim figure and can't get anything — not jobs, not social acceptance or even love — unless we have thin, perfect looking bodies and a "tight ass."

  41. Responsibility begins with losing your sense of male entitlement to women's bodies for YOUR sexual gratification at women's expense.

  42. Not wanting to go through pregnancy and childbirth IS good enough reason. Same as not being forced to undergo forced bone marrow donation surgery because it's painful (and a hell of a lot less risky than pregnancy and childbirth!) is a good enough reason to let another human die by refusing to go through bone marrow donation, even if that human in need of it is your own child who will otherwise die without it. Refer to McFall v. Shimp. Forced pregnancy = forced organ donation.

  43. What is your definition of "choice?" In this male-dominated shithole of a country created by men for male benefit only, men define the roles of males and females and their respective statuses so that men have free reign over women — including making sure that women are sexually available to men strictly on men's terms and ONLY on men's terms. Any heterosexual sex reflects and reinforces this power imbalance. You need to examine the limited options from that unequal relationship.

  44. 1) Fighting for my/my sex's basic human rights is NOT the same as Hitler invading Poland.
    2) Pregnancy and childbirth changes women's bodies in irrevocable ways, no matter how much and how hard we try to take care of our bodies. And when you're POOR (like most women are thanks to male supremacist selfish bastard pig men like you that want everything and for women to have nothing), being able to "take care of your body" is a luxury.

  45. With men showing their true woman-hating colors in this War on Women where even access to reliable birth control has been eliminated in many states, more and more women are NOT in the mood to "hook up" even though selfish bastard male chauvinist pigs think so. Because of this male supremacist rape culture, women are economically forced to capitulate to men and giving men sexual gratification regardless of how we truly feel. It's not an equal relationship. It's more like rape.

  46. You have helped affirm my conviction that men do not love women, and that "love" from a man is no real kind of love at all.

  47. Another whiny wannabe victim who pretends that she doesn't understand the reality that this "shithole" country is gynocentric and that females are now at the top. You need to check your female privilege. You people now have all the say. You want to talk about an imbalance of power in sex? A male can be thrown in jail just by being falsely accused of rape. Going anywhere near you females is dangerous for us males.

  48. You overgrown children want the freedom to play around with sex but don't want to face the consequences of your actions. You want to control men's sexuality by telling us to keep it zipped but won't take your own advice by keeping your legs closed. It works both ways, hypocrite. Then, you little girls have the nerve to wonder why many men don't take you seriously. Grow the fuck up and realize choices have consequences.

  49. You femilezzies want the freedom to spew your misandry but as soon as we shoot back, you cry foul. Too bad. Suck it up.

  50. Yeah, except like I said, condoms don't really fail. And what complete dolt doesn't know how a condom works? Are you saying that the woman in question here, who already had kids didn't know how a condom works?

    Fetus=baby. It's a living thing.
    Yup, I'm pro death penalty. Mass murderer kills people, he/she is begging to be brought to justice, I say let them find it. Little unborn baby, never killed/harmed anyone, I say let em live. Or else, just don't make them in the first damm place.

  51. Just like everything else in the world, if no one ever told you how to do/use something you don't know how to do/use it. Condoms aren't just roll it on a go, you have to make sure there's no air in the tip, you have to make sure it's not passed the expiration date and you have make sure there's no punctures. It's not all that simple.
    Fetus=group of cells in my body. Baby=separate, sentient, born person.
    So you're not 'pro-life' you're pro-fetus-until-it's-born-then-fuck-'em.

  52. I've been with lots of women and never had a complaint. Just about all of them wanted to stay with me and keep going. I'm not rich, so it wasn't because of the money, and it wasn't my personal charm, so you figure it out. That said I learned how to use a rubber when I was 14 and they've never, not once failed me.I've had 0 unwanted pregnancys. Condoms work, only mindless sluts who should have their tubes tied would think otherwise. How drunk does a slut have to be to not know how a condom works?

  53. Fetus=group of cells in womans body. Baby=group of cells outside of womans body. Both would die without the mom, so your distinction is bunk. I'm pro life in that I think that the making and taking of life is a serious matter, and could care less about anything but your 'right' to kill whatever isn't convieninet for you.

  54. A baby can be cared for by anyone, not just the mother. If mother doesn't want her born child she can give it away to anyone capable of caring for it like and aunt or grandfather. You cannot do that with a fetus. If you take a fetus from of the host (mother) it will die almost instantly. If you take a baby from the mother it will live. If you give the fetus rights you take them from women, that is why abortion is legal.

  55. Misogyny in it's purest example.
    How dare a woman want to have sex and do what we're all evolutionary programmed to do: fuck.Why is it women are sluts and men are players when both parties equally want sex?
    If we teach people how to use contraception and make birth control more affordable we can lower the amount of abortions.But because of dicks like you who just want to shame people that'll never happen.
    Do you know how hard it is to get your tubes tied if you're under 20 and don't have kids?

  56. I see. So you think as long as the baby/fetus is inside the mother's womb, it's nothing more than an organ? That's an interesting stance to take, but morally I don't think many would condone being able to kill a baby up to the day of birth.

  57. You…Are…So…Brainless.You idiot. The male ONLY has the "right" to walk away on the FEMALE'S say so! You cry and whine about "women's rights" but at least you have them! Even when an underaged male is taken advantage of by a grown ass woman and she gets pregnant, he can STILL be forced to pay for the child. So, shut it, idiot.

  58. No, stupid, the government can force him to PAY for a child he doesn't want while the female is free to abort as she pleases. If you don't know what you're talking about, sit down and shut your ignorant ass up. Always fucking whining like overgrown children about your "rights" when the West is gynocentric as hell.

  59. Ohhhhhh, so now we get your true nature. It is okay for a female to get an abortion whenever she wants, but a man can not opt out. Even in cases where there female was an adult and the male was underage. You just exposed your own double standard, so nothing more you say means anything. Go to Hell.

  60. If men need to keep it in, you females need to keep them closed bitch. You deserve all the double standards you receive. You've earned it. Hypocrite.

  61. You want all of the fun but none of the responsibilities that come with it. An overgrown child you are. Grow some ovaries and "woman up", little girl.

  62. Your version of "logic" is really just bitchlogic. Just some random beta spewing femitroll rubbish on the internet. I am really enjoying this. Entertain me some more, doggy.

  63. Well, a lot of men are like that. But, some men still want to take care of the child, because some women don't know how to take care of a child. You need to go back to school, because you're grammar is autrocious.

  64. I want to know in a country with doctor patient confidentiality as a law how the hell do you fucking right wing nut MEN even know who's getting a set medical procedure whether an abortion or a kidney stone removal…huh… how the fuck do you know??????

  65. 1:20 > "She just does not have the money/resources to take care of another child." Then, she should've put the baby up for ADOPTION. She should've exercised control/good judgment in her sex life months earlier.

    I can't 100% escape the risk of prostate cancer as a man. I can't 100% escape the risk of Tay-Sachs Disease b/c of my ethnicity. A woman can't change the fact that SHE – NOT THE MAN can end up w. unplanned pregnancy. A solution to that "problem" isn't OWED to women if it's too extreme.

  66. isue of choice but there responcible for the childern heath care egucation men do,nt know any thing about that.&joan walsh said the men are changing.just to cover for him.ok what i said women do any thing about suporting the family or make much muney.but man can&said the women are changing.but this is,nt about men or women this about babies. talking about right now.

  67. you know there have babies born premature 23 weeks&right front as if ultrasound is,nt enof.they smeen to show they can feel&have sighns countiousness.will doctores at planed parenthood who never give an acoret deminstretion of fetul neuro develpment said not till 25weeks.&david pacman said it was anti choice be against fetuscide at 30 weeks chris mathows said probabies do,nt really believe its murder.but christ mathews also said the reason women vote demicrate more offten then men is just the

  68. Read up on her, she had an income of about $250 a month from child support payments from one of the fathers of her 3 kids. Now you tell me, with births costing around $8000-$15000 and higher with complications, how she could afford to birth a child on $250 a month?

    You weren't in her shoes, and from her point of view she made the 100% logical conclusion.'
    Furthermore your laws, which restrict and attempt to ban doctors from performing abortions, should be no surprise that women do them now.

  69. Gee, nobody ever thought of THOSE things! I change my mind now. Let's let women kill all our babies and continue to take 90% or more of the benefits of Affirmative Action away from the groups for whom it was actually intended. Heaven forbid they should endure any inconvenience, or the slightest amount of personal sacrifice, so that another human being might survive. What an awful thing to ask of them!

  70. Um, maternity time is usually payed for. And you can give birth in a hospital without healthcare. Now she's complaining because her actions caused what the pills are made for. 5-6 month elective abortion is illegal for the fact that the fetus can feel pain at that point! that's why only rare extreme instances would allow her to do this. Stupidity isn't one of those situations

  71. Agreed, it's VERY hard to do, but not all the best decisions we are given are easy. Sadly, the easier choices tend to be the wrong choices. This woman doesn't deserve to be burned or anything(like some of the crazy pro-lifers think) but perhaps this could have been avoided if people used more than one birth control, and were better educating regarding options other than abortion. Abortion should be allowed, but in extreme cases, not this.

  72. well thank you, you too! so many people on Youtube spout their own opinions without considering those of others. Your also one of the only people I notice who look at both sides of a story rather than shutting out other possibilities : )

  73. poor mother of 3 who is actually a mother of 4 who is killing her child. WAKE UP! its amazing how these people ignore WHAT SHES ACTUALLY DOING! they ignore the fact that this mother is killing her child is killing another innocent human being.

    poor lady she does not have the resources to go kill her child. ITS AMAING! how these people ignore all sense of logic , reasoning, moral, that here is a women wanting and going to kill her child but its so hard for her to do so . BUT POOR LADY! lol

  74. A baby at 12 weeks gestation can feel pain, fear and so on. If you dont believe me watch the silent scream part1 2 and 3. They filmed the process of the abortion over the ultra sound. The abortionists who did these abortions quit and took part in the pro life movement.

  75. When a woman gets an abortion, there should be two signatures from the father and the mother, of the father doesn’t agree and they do it anyway, the father has a right to sue and become rich!. .

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