Woman’s Family Took Man In And Feels Betrayed (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is a case of
Patterson v. Rothwell.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone! AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Patterson, you have petitioned the court
for a DNA test to prove
to your ex-boyfriend, Mr. Rothwell, that he is the father of your
one-year-old daughter, Jayde. JOURDAN: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You claim
he abandoned you,
stuck you with bills and now your parents are
forced to help you
raise your daughter. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But, after today’s
DNA results, he will pay. You are right, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You are
suing him for $6,423.45 for child-rearing
expenses. Am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
Mr. Rothwell, you say Ms. Patterson has her
parents fooled into believing
she is not a cheater, and you refuse to be the
fool for taking care of
a child that is not yours. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so, Ms. Patterson,
does Mr. Rothwell, have any reason to
deny your… No, Your Honor. Today I will prove that he is the
father. I’m tired of doing
everything by myself, I have to rely on my
parents, to do everything or help me, when we both
made this child. So, he should step up and do
what he has to do. For what child?
That’s not my baby. Okay, I get it. It is. Not my baby… Take me back, let me
understand the nature
of this relationship. We met in high school
in 2009, we both graduated
from the same high school, we met in 2011,
like rekindled through
a mutual friend. Hmm, nothing. We started dating on and off
because he is a cheater so I can’t stay
with a cheater. Hey, I am not a cheater, you are a cheater. So… I got pregnant in 2013,
in September… JUDGE LAKE: So, wait… This relationship, you said
you were dating on and off. On and off, yeah. Were you in a committed
relationship at some point? Yeah, I was always
committed to him, he
wasn’t committed to me. (LAUGHING) You are kidding… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Rothwell, in
your opinion, were you in a committed relationship with
Ms. Patterson? Yes, Your Honor. JOURDAN: You’re a liar. JUDGE LAKE: You were? JUDGE LAKE: Did you
do a lot of cheating? Ah, no. Yes, he did. Me? What about you? A lot of cheating. What proof do you have?
What proof do you have?
I have never cheated on him. Never. At what point did you find
out you’re pregnant? In 2013, while we were on a
trip for my birthday I didn’t,
you know, didn’t, you know, have my regular monthly,
so we took a pregnancy test, and I could see in his eyes
that he was scared so he made up some
excuse when we came
back from this trip, we got into
a big argument. And, you know, so,
I didn’t see him
until December. But all through this time
he’s telling me, you know,
“That’s not my baby.” It’s not. And then all of a sudden in
December you said, “I’m gonna step up and do
what I have to do.” No… It’s just not right. And I feel like, you know,
today we’re gonna prove
that he is the father, and if he doesn’t do what he
has to do, I will put him on
child support. No, not at all, not me. JUDGE LAKE: And so… I ain’t not paying child
support for a child
that’s not mine. JUDGE LAKE: You said
you met in high school. Yes. And what was his relationship
with your family? We wouldn’t have a
relationship, but you know
my family did take him up, take him in like a family. (ANTHONY ARGUING) You know, we treated him like
he was family, you know, he sold me false dreams
telling me he was gonna marry
me, we’d have kids, be happy. All right now, Mr. Rothwell,
you had a great relationship with Ms. Patterson
and her family? Yes, Your Honor. They did take you in? They did take me in but that
was their decision. I didn’t go there and say,
“Hey, you know… JOURDAN: What? “Can you take me in?”
You know, crawling
through their door… JUDGE LAKE: When you say,
hold on, when you say, “take
you in,” did you actually live with them or meaning they
accepted you like… JOURDAN: He lived with us. RICHARD: I didn’t want him to. It was both… We clothed him, we bathed him,
fed him, treated him… My mom treated
him like a son. That was their decision. She was claiming him as
a son-in-law and I don’t
have a ring on my finger. All right, I wanna hear
from your parents.
Uh, please stand. He is a deadbeat.
I’m sorry. Deadbeat? Oh really? He’s a deadbeat.
His daughter calls
me daddy. This is a shame.
I don’t know. I am so mad… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Copeland,
I can see you are very angry, you feel
like he has not stepped up to
the plate whatsoever. Not at all. Not at all.
Not at all. Explain to the court. If you look at this baby, man,
you know it’s your baby. You’re just sad. There’s no
comparison at all. He’s a sad person. I can’t
call him mister nothing. The baby does not
even look like me. There’s no resemblance,
nothing. Man, I can’t even say
“mister” to him. She looks just like
you, that’s his twin. Look at her, look at her,
she looks just like him. Mouth and all. ANTHONY: She doesn’t. The only thing different
is she is brown- skinned,
and you are so stupid, man… There’s no
comparison at all. You are losing a lot of great
things in life you got… That’s not my baby. You’re about to let it
pass you right by… And so, Ms. Gardner, and
Mr. Copeland, you…
Admittedly, they are saying that you took in Mr. Rothwell. I didn’t want to. ‘Cause I don’t believe in
taking care of no grown man. But he lost his job and he’s
the father of my grandbaby. So, I’m not the type of person
to just go and let him be out
on the street, I even gave him money
to go get gas so he could find a new job. I didn’t ask for it. You know what I’m saying.
I didn’t ask for him… (ALL ARGUING) Hold on. One at a time. All I want you to do is
get a job and take care of
your responsibility, man. That’s all you need to do,
you don’t owe me anything,
just do what you need to do. So, let me understand this… Ms. Patterson and
Mr. Rothwell met when they were in high school, ALL: Yes. You began to form a
relationship, a bond. At what point, do you
take him in and he starts
living with you? When I got pregnant,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
When you found out
you were pregnant, then you take him in? JOURDAN: Yes. So, Mr. Rothwell, did
you participate in the
doctor’s appointments? Yes, I actually have those
pictures, I have doctor’s
appointment pictures and… Is that evidence
you brought today? Yeah… I’d like to see that.
Jerome, will you hand
that to me, please. He’s there through the birth. He cut her umbilical cord
and he even signed
the birth certificate. So if he wasn’t the father,
why did you sign
the birth certificate? ANTHONY: One minute… RICHARD: Yeah,
who does that? Who does that? If you’re not
the father, why did you sign
the birth certificate? Well, ’cause at the time… Today you’re gonna learn
that you’re the father, man. You’re gonna learn today… JUDGE LAKE: These are
pictures of… Explain to me,
this first picture is… JOURDAN: The first
picture is actually, we left the doctor’s
appointment, and
I was actually, that day, I was on my way to the
hospital to get induced. And he was there. And then the next
picture is… ANTHONY: No. The second picture, that
is at my baby shower. ANTHONY: I mean, I’m
a good guy. You can
clearly see that. But when it comes to
her child, that’s
a different story. (ALL ARGUING) His shirt right there says
“Jayde’s Daddy,” which is
her name. Were you thinking in your
mind, “This is my child,
I don’t have a doubt”? Yes, Your Honor. At that
particular time, from the
time she got pregnant, and then up until the day she
was born, I was there, but
then at the same time… You know, me and the baby
started to try to bond,
you know, she kept crying, kept hollering or screaming. JUDGE LAKE: That’s
what babies do… I mean I understand that. You didn’t try.
He didn’t try. So, what is this last picture? That is at the hospital. That’s at the hospital. And this is him holding? That’s Jayde. Yeah JUDGE LAKE:
And you look happy! I mean, yeah, at the time,
yeah. But then,
as time went on, you know, we were…
We started falling out. But not only that, when it
comes to the baby, you know,
I understand babies cry, yes. That’s what all babies do,
but there still should be some
type of bond with a father… JOURDAN: You didn’t try
to make a bond. JUDGE LAKE:
So let me be clear. You were there for the birth
Mr. Rothwell? Yes, Your Honor. You signed the
birth certificate? Yes, Your Honor. So you acknowledged you were
the father on that day? Yes, Your Honor. JOURDAN: So what
changed now? Now what happens after you come home from the
hospital with the baby? A month after… I came home
with her, he was there, and then on his birthday,
July 7, he wants to
disappear and at midnight, I get a text
from him saying he don’t
wanna be there anymore. Because this baby doesn’t
look like him and… Exactly… Had to get out of there! He doesn’t have a bond, but you can’t make a bond with
someone if you are not trying. You were still living at home
with your parents. No. We had an apartment. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Me and him had an apartment
and then I had to… We had
to break our lease, because we broke up. I had to move back in with my
parents, because I can’t
raise my daughter by myself. But I feel like he cared more
about that dang old truck
that he got… RICHARD: Yes, indeed. But I can afford my truck! JUDGE LAKE:
What truck is this? Look at his truck he has. Please I gotta… JUDGE LAKE: Jerome,
will you show me? I mean, what is the matter… JUDGE LAKE: Will you
hand me that evidence? (ALL ARGUING) (ALL ARGUING) I went from talking about
a baby, to talking about
a truck? (ALL ARGUING) Look at it. He washes it all nice,
he’s got stereos on it. ANTHONY: That’s right,
that is my pleasure. He hugged this truck more than
he do my daughter. So I’m not going
to take part… He is a electrician junkie,
so he likes all the new
latest electronics. Like iPad, iPhones,
all of that. JUDGE LAKE: So what
are you saying? You’re saying that… He gives this truck more time,
care, and attention, than he does the baby? RICHARD: Than anybody… Than his own self.
He cares for his truck more
than he does himself. So, hold on, if they can’t
afford the car… I bet you he washes the truck more than he does himself. JUDGE LAKE: Wait a minute… ‘Cause he’s dirty! No… He is dirty. No. That’s not true. Wait a minute, If you can’t
afford an apartment, how do you afford a truck? ‘Cause she went
in half on it. ‘Cause I went in half in on the truck. Okay, but that was
my money too. We both went in
for the truck. We both put half in
on that truck. Right. But then I have another car
also so I let him just have that truck, because I
didn’t wanna hear his mouth. No. Uh-uh. I actually was at a stop,
like me and my cousin,
he pulled up, and I see he’s got these
lights shining on the bottom.
I see what’s all on the inside, I’m hearing
all this music. I’m like, this guy did nothing
for my grandbaby, so me and
my cousin, we follow him, and I followed him to where
he parked the car, I waited a
couple of hours, I got to the car, and look at
that, look at that lights
on it. Lights on the inside, lights
on, I’m like, wow… JUDGE LAKE: So… He did nothing for my
grandbaby and wasted about $3,000 worth
of stuff in his car so… It’s my money… I took his car, and I took
it to my house and see
I’m a mechanic, I told him, you gotta come see
your daughter and I’ll give
you your keys. So he thinks he comes to see
his daughter and I give him
the keys, he’s gonna be able to pull off… Psych,
I took him. Right, you… You ain’t going nowhere. So he got real nice…
Me and this guy used to go out fishing, we used drink
beers and stuff together. I mean he was,
like, actually my son. At the time, yeah. And I’m like so frustrated,
I took his truck, so when he came… JUDGE LAKE: I can see how
frustrated you are… When we came over,
he was real nice to my
daughter to everybody, for two days, on the third
day, I’m thinking, he’s
going to be back. On the third day, I put his
truck back together, told him,
“Yeah, you can start it.” And he disappeared!
‘Cause I was there for
over a… That’s right. So wait. So wait.
You rigged the truck so
he couldn’t drive it? Yeah. So he had to come back home.
So he played nice for two
days and then he left? Mmm-hmm. Mr. Rothwell, did you just
leave on the third day? Yes, Your Honor. After the truck started. Yes, Your Honor. Why? I mean… Why? Now, wait a minute,
let him speak. I’m trying to understand how
a young man, can do this to,
not just a child, but a family that has done
so much for him. Why would you just leave
on the third day and not
come back? I mean, it was their decision
to take me in, they didn’t
have to but, they did. Out of the kindness of their
heart. But at the same time
when it comes to a child… You know, I just felt like,
you know, there is
no connection. Where did this
doubt set in? The reason why the doubts came
in, in place, is because… One of my friends said that
he seen her with another guy. It all came together. So you felt like all these
puzzle pieces came together and that’s
why the child didn’t
look like you. And that’s why you weren’t
bonding because something
fishy was going on back during the window
of conception. Yes, Your Honor. What else? The baby, she doesn’t
look like me at all. You don’t think the baby
looks like you? She is short to be a one year old, her hair’s
a lot bigger than mine. JUDGE LAKE: Really? I mean, yeah. So you don’t feel like
there’s any resemblance? At all. And what else? And I don’t feel a
connection at all. I need more evidence that
you feel Ms. Patterson
was cheating. Because, for one, my friend
says he saw her. So… And I’m gonna believe him. Okay. And then what else? And not only that, I have seen
Facebook messages,
different guys. What did the Facebook
messages say? That, I mean it was just
random guys just in her inbox. “Hey, what’s up?”
“Can I come over?” I mean… Do I respond? (ALL ARGUING) So, wait, wait, wait. Now I’m getting somewhere… So, when you saw these
messages, did they date
back to the time period when Jayde was
conceived? It was in the same time. And
see, she even just admitted
that… “Do I respond?” So that’s clearly saying that
she was talking to them. I never responded… So you are saying that
validates the fact that there
were the messages. Ms. Patterson, I have to ask
you. So did you have different guys messaging
you on Facebook? Some guys see your picture
and he says, “How are
you doing?” I don’t respond to that. I don’t get down like that. Do you remember this
encounter with you in
the truck with someone? No. What truck?
What is he talking about? He’s saying his old truck. He had it with him. How? ANTHONY: She don’t know… When I found out
about the Facebook messages, you know, I was like,
as time went on, I’m like, well, you know,
it’s all coming together now. You know, from her cheating. And then, you know
of my friend… It’s all I can take. Telling me he saw her
with another guy. So, ultimately,
we’re here for one reason, to get the results so we can
figure out how to move forward and if he is the father… RICHARD: Yes, yes. You all have
to talk together. You can’t just talk
over one another. RICHARD: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Is this,
Ms. Patterson, this is
the only child you have? JOURDAN: No, I have
another child, Your Honor. You do? JOURDAN: Yes, Your Honor. Older or younger than Jayde? JOURDAN: She’s
older than her. She’s four years old. And he’s not the father? No, he’s not the father. But when we were together,
he took her in like he… She was his. So you’d established a bond
with her older child too. Yes, Your Honor. He’ll come get her, take her
to the park, but then
just leave Jayde there. It’s not right. And Jayde’s
your biological child. I mean… No. You see,
that’s the difference,
she’s not my child. Ms. Patterson, you’re
suing for how much? Uh, I’m suing for $6,423.45. They are credible expenses. But I cannot rule
on your suit until I get the results. That’s fine. All right. With that said,
I think it’s time to get
some answers. Jerome. At all. It is. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Patterson v. Rothwell,
pertaining to one-year-old
Jayde Rothwell, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Rothwell, you… Are the father. I told you. RICHARD: You stupid… I told you. JOURDAN: You owe
my child an apology. You owe my child
an apology. You owe my child
an apology and you owe
my family an apology. For putting us through this. Anthony, I think
you should step up and be, uh, be the man
that you possibly can be and
be a good father, hopefully. Mr. Rothwell, do you now
understand the responsibility
you have to this child. Yes, Your Honor. In my mind I was
thinking to myself, oh, Lord, they sayin’
he’s the father, but this child is a mess,
I don’t even know. (LAUGHING) What he’s gonna do
if he is the father? Then I heard them testify that you come and get
the older child, and you actually
have a bond with the older child
that you maintain. So that let me know
you have it in you. Now that your doubts
have been cleared, I want you to do
the right thing by Jayde. Yes, Your Honor. With respect to your suit, now that it has been
determined that
Mr. Rothwell is in fact the biological father
of beautiful Jayde, you are entitled
to half of those childcare expenses
you’ve incurred thus far. You came in saying
you had spent $6,423.45 in childcare expenses, and so therefore
you are entitled
to half of that amount, $3,211.73. Judgment for the
plaintiff, Mr. Rothwell. Yes, Your Honor. You owe her that and you need to start
taking care of your
child now. If you don’t, the state
will make sure you do. Do you understand? Yes, yes, Your Honor. Good luck to all of you. Court is adjourned. Thank you.

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