Woman’s Husband And Man She’s Dating Meet For The First Time On Dr. Phil’s Stage

Sally and I have been dating for about two months Sally has told me so much about her terrible relationship with Charles he is basically a roommate in her house that thinks he’s a lot more I’m considered one of the elders of the synagogue when I first met Sally he was under more of the guise of a counselor eventually you start talking about enough personal stuff no longer your counselor anymore Sally cries on the phone a lot to me because something just occurred with Charles and it’s destroying her solely my body is reacting to the yelling and the anger I don’t know how to deal with this she is so determined I can see now to have Alan in her life he just attacked me and break me down Sally absolutely feels trapped by Charles he’s insane he’s dangerous Charles certainly knows that he’s got no shot with me around I absolutely want Sally to leave Charles he’s a beast well in just a second I’m gonna have him come out and you just ask a very legitimate question you said does he have to sit right next to her well he’s not gonna sit right next to you is there any place on the stage you can put a mother than there well so Alan come on out Alan I don’t know what kind of person whoa whoa sit down sir I just want to tell him I don’t he has a gun sit down he does have a gun can you have him searched hi doctor how you doing I’m so good are you you’re crazy you’re funny huh you think you’re really funny on being really serious well I hear everything knots hold on you’re disgusting and a despicable human being you shouldn’t be an elder in a synagogue you’re no good you’re a liar you invaded my life was sad ordained they ordained you that’s a look I’ll stop how you doing good thank you I promise not to act like a jerk uh-uh maybe dice really sick and he’s any and he has no idea how sick he is you said on your tape I helped her under the guise of a counselor that’s true do you do counseling at the synagogue well in the synagogue and out of the synagogue like what kind of kills well I’m not educated in it I’ve learned by the school of hard knocks and I have a religious background and you know I’ve been married before so I know what relationships are and what they take to work and so you say you’re the second highest holy person in the synagogue next to the rabbi well we go back and forth of who’s the holier yeah well he was educated in it I’ve got it through bloodline I’m a little puzzled does the synagogue have any issues with you getting romantically involved with somebody your counseling well that’s where the story goes a little bit wrong it started off as counseling and then it became so much personal knowledge and involvement that I’ve even flat out told her I am NOT your counselor anymore that’s not how that works you olds how it did work you you you meet her and she’s vulnerable and opens up to you and you’re in a position of authority and she discloses all of these things to you and based on that you form a romantic relationship with her that’s called unethical well no no because it’s unethical take your time it’s it’s called being a friendship that ended up becoming a closed you cross the line with her dude I’m sure the other members of the Senate GOG there would like to know that they can have their wives their daughters go to counselors there and that maybe they get flipped into a romantic relationship well you kind of got it wrong no she’s the only person I’ve had any kind excavator that’s Casey [Applause] when you met me vulnerable single mother literally okay so your question to me was how do you get her away from him well and a little misspoke in there I don’t say that she has to be with me she’s got free will I just think she should be out of this abusive terrible you know home but you’re in love with her I think so

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