7 Replies to “Womb Cleanses for women and men: Miscarriages, Stillbirths, and Abortions”

  1. What garbage. Abortion is murder. Miscarriage is God’s Plan, even though we don’t understand it. And heaven belongs to children, not to pagans.

  2. Very very deep helpful information, my wife actually told me about you. And the difference that it can make with the cleanse. I never knew it could all start with the father and his sperm from generations passed. We are going to get the pearl to cleanse both of our bodies and souls thank you so much for the helpful information🙏 god bless

  3. recently chose to have an abortion. the father and i broke up two days after i got pregnant. i was traveling when i found out i was pregnant and was forced to basically wait a month, being 8 weeks total for my return to the US, to have the abortion. the wait was devastating so in that time i was working on healing, self forgiveness, being gentle with myself, transmuting the energy of the soul into nature. i feel refreshed and lighter. it is difficult simply because this is my first pregnancy and i feel like a portal of life opened within me and i shut it due to my own perspectives about the situation… ive been praying for clarity on the spiritual significance in what is happening with my body and with this soul, and with the fetus that is currently refrigerating in my home. i plan to plant the fetus with some roses and truly honor it for all the lessons i have been brought within the past month. ive also learned a lot from the relationship. i have a youtube channel and i really should discuss this. i could go on and on because its such a deep and complex topic. thank you in advance for any response.

  4. The soul has created a lowerabs ponch, I have confused my body by honoring the aura and accidentally pretending it's with me when I need to let go if it and move on. I'm trying to get a cat, which helps for healing my various traumas, and maybe the cat can pickup the leftover energy too? I had an abortion with regret attached to it, but the father and I have parted ways and he is with another and I tried to connect with them, desperate for her to maybe take the soul into her away from me or him to come visit to help me heal it/closure but he did not come which was good because it may not have been closure but rather body confusion thinking it might resurface when it shouldn't… it hurts so bad but its my karma and I have to heal it by myself and I thank you for your help and advice and learning this to help people, thank you so much and please pray for me. Love & Light. 🕉✡☮☯️🎵🎀

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