Women Need to Take it Easy after Childbirth

well chapter 12 is a short little chapter and it has to do with a woman giving birth and it says in verse number one and the Lord spake unto Moses saying speak unto the children of Israel saying if a woman of conceived seed and borne a man-child then she shall be unclean seven days according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean and in the eighth day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised and she shall then continue in the blood of her purifying three and thirty days she shall touch no hallowed thing nor coming to the sanctuary until the days of your purifying be fulfilled but if she bare a made child then she shall be unclean two weeks as in her separation and she shall continue in the blood of her purifying threescore and six days and then it goes into the offering that's offered now obviously we're not doing circumcision in the New Testament and we're not offering offerings in the New Testament but there's an important truth that can be learned from this chapter and that is that after you give birth to a baby you're supposed to take it easy and this is something that a lot of modern women don't understand a lot of modern women they'll give birth on Friday and they're back at work on Monday no joke they get the scheduled c-section and they're back to work on Monday and a lot of women even make it a point of pride to just give birth and it's like they're just gonna be in church the very next service they give birth in the morning and they're at the evening service and they're like yeah you know I'm spiritual I'm down here I'm in church you know that they're basically like cutting the umbilical cord on the way to church and you know that's ridiculous that's not what God's telling you to do and a lot of times our modern society doesn't really stop and appreciate childbirth as a major ordeal and a major impact on a woman's body that she needs to recover from and rest and be healthy and you know especially if you want to have a lot of children if you're all fired up saying I'm going to be fruitful I'm gonna multiply i'm gonna get pastor anderson a run for his money you know then you gotta take care of your vessel if you're planning on bearing a lot of children you can't just I've until the wheels fall off you've got to care for it and following God's advice is good here now another thing that's interesting is that the uncleanness and the blood of purifying lasts twice as long for the female child now why is that because of the fact that the hormones are different giving birth to a boy is different than giving birth to a girl my wife and I have had a lot experience with this because we have five boys and four girls so we've seen a lot of both and the recovery is longer after a girl even just as a scientific fact the bleeding lasts longer the the impact on the body is different because of the hormones that are different between a boy and a girl and so this information is important for people to realize that you know hey for a week you don't go anywhere for two weeks you don't go anywhere you take it easy you stay in bed you relax you know you allow people to help you and this is why we try to help people out with meals and and and do what we can it's great if you can have family come over and help or other brothers and sisters can help you know if the husband can help if he's available so these are all good lessons that we can apply right now today that we would respect when our wife gives birth that she needs some time to recover and that to be back to normal and obviously you're not even gonna be totally back to normal after 40 days or 80 days but after 40 to 80 days are you even reasonably back to normal it's probably you know my wife and I've talked about this you're probably a hundred percent about six months after giving birth to a baby you're back in the saddle again you're back at a hundred percent it's a process the first couple weeks you need to take it very easy let your body recover and then there's the blood of the cleansing that's going to continue past that but you're starting to get up and about and around after a week or two and then the bleeding's gonna stop you still are recovering a little bit so it's a process and it takes many months we need to respect that and understand that your body has gone through a lot to bring that child in this world and you need rest that's a powerful lesson here from Leviticus chapter 12 that 2017 America should listen to but no Leviticus is this archaic antiquated put it in a museum no we need to learn from this right now

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