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  1. Heavy flow during a twelve hour flight with you being the only girl in an all guys group. Thank God I started before we boarded so I didn’t get caught off guard mid flight, but I only used pads at that time. So I spent the whole flight paranoid that I would leak through AND I was brilliant to think I should wear a skirt that morning 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. My story :
    I knew what a period was and all that but I was at a hotel, I slept at like 5am , woke up at 3pm , slept again , woke up at 5pm , and slept again until 7pm ish anyways I felt horrible and I had this feeling were I needed to pee so I went to the bathroom pulled my pants down and it looked like some poop water fall , and I was like yeah there’s no way I got my period I just changed my underwear and continued on with my day or night I went to the bathroom again later on and then this poop waterfall was there again. I really tried to not believe that I actually had my period so I ignored it again , I’m like why am I pooping my pants? So I slept and woke up to the Japan flag.
    THREE I have my period
    So I rushed to my mom I told her everything and she was just like take this , she threw a pad at me showed me how to wear it and we had to call for room service I mean luckily it was a girl and yeah that’s it

  3. My scary period story.

    It was the day after Christmas that I got my period. Seems normal, right? Nope. My mom and my dad were at work and the only person home was my brother. I literally cried for like an hour. I was 11 years old when I got mine. I’m 13 now and still cringe over that.

  4. I was 10 when I got my first proper period, when i got my first proper full blown period i was having a sleepover at my sisters house only to get blood on her bed.
    not only did i bleed on her bed but on her gfs side

  5. I mean I'm in 6th grade right now and I got my period mid 5th grade.Two months after I started my period I was wearing grey pants. I looked down and all I see is blood. I raise my hand and the teacher (Same male teacher) calls on me and I ask to go to the bathroom, luckly I had something to put around myself but I had no pads….. I go to the counsler and not the bathroom and she gives me 2 pads. I went to the bathroom and put a pad on and then left the bathroom.Worse part is, is that I had to walk in to the classroom holding a pad cause' I had no where to put it.

  6. Me and my sister alternate between our dad and our mums. The dog at my dads often misses us and goes into our room. She finds our used pads and tampons and eats them because they smell like us. It's so gross but I love her sm 😅

  7. 😭I have one I had my period I was sleeping I had pad on my brother he is 5 cralled in to my bed in the middle of the night and he woke me and siad your dying your bleeding when I looked down I was in a puddel of bloud AND IT WAS HUGE RIP matrass
    My brother r was so streesesd

  8. I went to a summer camp where we would swim twice a day, even after I got my period. I knew I couldn’t swim with pads and I hated tampons, so I basically missed out for about 3 weeks every summer. Not fun.

  9. I got mine on my 12th birthday and the next day was my party (sleepover) most people’s first are light but mine.. wasnt

  10. Okay, my cousin started menstruating when she was 8 years old and she was playing with my cousin, on a tree branch … with my cousin watching her from below. My cousin suddenly saw my cousin running out and he came back with my aunt, just pointing at my cousin's butt which was stained. that day they gave my cousin a party and they bought her a small cake.

  11. When I got my first period I was in France (I live in England) on holiday….. camping…. next to a river, I love swimming, apparently some higher being didn’t want me to swim that holiday. But that’s not where the horror ends, no. Since I was camping the bathrooms where quite a bit of a walk away from where my tent was, so I walked up to the bathrooms, unaware of the horrors that awaited me. I sat on the toilet pulled my pants down to see the bloody scene before me, only to realise I was wearing white shorts… and I needed to walk back to the tent…. and there where lots of people outside around their own tents that would see me walking back since my tent was at the very end of the row…

    for the whole time I was camping I was so nervous every time I had to go to the bathroom, and so depressed every time I had to just sit and watch while the rest of y, family swam in the river having fun.

  12. This is my period horror story:
    I was in My moms friends wedding and i was using white dress, sitting down on A WHITE SATIN CHAIR, no pad no nothing and i SNEEZED , the horror movie began from an innocent looking girl in a party to the girl from the ring had a little accident. Blood was everywhere, and it took 3 ladies, my mom and a waitress to help me get out of that situation.

  13. For awhile I kept having these weird periods that would start with a sharp pain and then seconds later pouring a lot of blood and then it would stop until the next sharp pain. The problem was that so much blood would come at once that it bypass my tampon every single time. Pads, not an option one day because I had a photo shoot where I was shooting swimwear and swim cover ups… so I’m shooting a skirt and I get the sharp pain so I run off set into the bathroom. I just made it to the bathroom in time and since I was wearing a skirt there was just blood all over the bathroom floor and my legs not the clothes. Thankfully I have somewhat normal periods now.

  14. My school has a student reception/health bay and they keep extra underwear and tampon and pads and spare uniforms so invade something happens I’ll be fine

  15. Best friend ever! Acting as though she did it on drunk circumstances just so her friend wouldn’t lose her boyfriend! If only there was someone like that for each and every one of us!

  16. “Menstruating” “wow what an adult way to say it” no joke when I talk about periods with my 7th grade teacher she always uses the word “menstruating” and last year she ask if we knew what it was 3/4 of the class said no sense they didn’t know she was talking about periods 😂


  18. One time(when I was about 11), I didn't know I was starting my period because I didn't mark the calendar….and It hadn't come for like 3 or 4 months…so….oof… stay safe, and wear black pants.

  19. The worst is starting your period in the middle of a swim meet. This happened to me last year, at a major high school meet, and thankfully I decided to go to the bathroom after warmups. I do my business and notice that the toilet paper is red. I didn’t have my bag with me, and there was no one else in the locker room I could ask for a tampon. I decided to run out and get a tampon from my bag and go back to the bathroom before I bled through my suit. Right as I’m desperately trying to get to my stuff (my team was seated all the way on the far side of the pool) some people on my year round team stopped me. One of their moms wanted a picture of all of us, and I couldn’t just walk off. So I stay and take the pictures for a few seconds and then rush to my stuff. Low and behold, I was out of tampons. I started to walk quickly back towards the bathroom and asked someone for a tampon on the way. Thankfully, I didn’t bleed through my suit and I caught it before I could start bleeding in the pool or something.

  20. One time I was at a Walmart on my period and I had to use the bathroom, I went and the toilet wouldn’t flush as a 13 year old at the time I panicked and started to cry. A huge group of teenagers and little girls came in and then I started to really panic. I was texting my mom but she would answer me. So I sat in the bathroom crying for 40 minutes Until all the girls left. I came out of the stall and some old lady saw I was crying and said honey it will get better. Then she went into the stall I was just in and said eww omg. Then came out looked at me and started laughing.
    Every time I think of this story I want to cry😤

  21. I got it Monday night once. I had it until Friday afternoon. It lasted the whole school week. Sitting, standing, sneezing, it was late autumn.

  22. My mom told me what a period was,so when March 2019 came around aka when I was still 9 one day I was breathing and needed to use the bathroom then I noticed the toilet paper was bloody so I looked at my underwear, BLOOD WAS EVERYWHERE I SAY EVERYWHERE

  23. Okay so I went to the Dollar general up the street from my house, and I felt like I peed myself so I held it in until I got home and I saw a brown fricking stain in my underwear and i freaked out and realized the next day it was my period and of course we were running the mile that day so wonderful

  24. Period horror story:

    My cousin and his friends went out ding dong ditching one night and me and my other cousin stayed in bc my stomach hurt. Well someone called the cops and we all hid. Well they came back the next day, “arrested” ALL OF US and that’s when I got my first period. I was 8.

  25. I got my first period 2 days ago and I just keep having diarrhea and nausea and it sucks. At least I didn't take after my mom (as of now) bc she told me on her first period she had so many bad cramps and headaches

  26. My horror story:

    I was at a sleepover at a friend's house and got my period. The next day before breakfast I felt kinda weird and soon veeery dizzy. I didnt know what to do, so i tried to walk over to the couch to lie down, but I passed out before I could reach it. Apparently I walked right into a floor lamp that hit the window that then fell over and broke. The window had a slight scratch.

  27. Me at 12: I got my period in 7th grade and my older sis got it a week after me. I literally didn’t tell anyone I had it bc I was nervous 😬 to so I freakin used toilet paper 😂


  28. I love when people call what the bleed blood, even though it’s not even blood. It’s literally skin cells. There is only 1/4 cup to a DROP of blood in what you bleed, so essentially the blood is the “food dye” of what your bleeding.

  29. I got mine at 9 years old, I remember I just got back from church, still had my puffy princess dress on, it was a nightmare

  30. I got my period at 13 and i had N O PA D S and i had to use toilet paper but my teacher made me take it out so i tied a jacket around it. The jacket got blood on it and i left it. The janitor found it and gave it to the principal. I was too scared to claim it so theres a bloody jacket in the lost and found. Idc how mad my mom got im not claiming that bloody jacket under my name

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