Women Selling Used Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist

(Image source: The Huffington Post / Craigslist) BY COLLIN RUANE A bizarre product on classified ad site Craigslist
might not be what you’re expecting. It’s a trend in its infancy, it seems — women
are selling their used pregnancy tests online to make some extra cash. (Via KDKA) They’re being sold in states across the country
including New York, Arizona, Texas and Kansas — and so far, it looks like Craigslist won’t
be doing anything about it. (Via WJW-TV) The Huffington Post first noticed an back
in May from a woman in Buffalo, New York. Since then, more ads have popped up. HuffPo
describes Craigslist as the “perfect platform” for selling these unconventional items. But a writer at Salon asks … well … why?
: “… there aren’t very many uses for a positive pregnancy test, outside of confirming a woman
is pregnant. Unless you want to make, say, a dreamcatcher.” In some of the ads’ online descriptions, women
say they’re selling them just to make some extra money. As for the buyers, WPLG has some
potential reasoning… ANCHOR: “‘Want your boyfriend to finally pop
the question, or play a trick on mom and dad or one of your friends?’ And these people
are going to be mothers? Really? Seriously? Whatever. Got to make a buck, right?” But is this trend really all that common on
Craigslist? The Inquisitr says, no, and blames the media for reporting it as something that’s
taking over the Internet. “… if there was a market for it, then somebody
might actually be doing it. … But the stream of copycats actually seems to be a trickle.
The media reports on the positive pregnancy tests seem to always quote the same three
or four ads.” Bizarre as the maybe, maybe-not trend might
be, if you are looking to get a stake in the pregnancy test market, the general asking
price has been about $25. It’s not clear how many tests have actually been sold.

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