Women Share Their Period Horror Stories

– (laughs) This is so… – (sigh) Um. (laughs) – I mean I just haven’t
mastered having a period yet (laughs) I’m like, something–
it’s a period horror story every time I’m on my period. (laughs) – The first time I was hooking up with this guy, everything was great and I spent the night, and then the next morning I realized I had gotten my period and it completely surprised me. There was a mess and I just hid in the bathroom for a half-hour after I woke up because I didn’t know how to face him or how to talk about it. When I did finally come
out of the bathroom, he was totally cool
with it, he didn’t care, it was fine, we went out for breakfast, and then three years later I married him. So it all worked out. – Most recently, I went to Virginia to meet my boyfriend’s parents and I fell asleep on the train
’cause it’s the middle of the night and then I woke up, and sat up, something went wrong (laughs). Then I have to make some crazy excuse for like, putting something on my seat, and then going into my bag and having to put on different jeans. – This happened like three weeks ago, so you think I would have
had stuff together by now, and been just better at this
entire thing, but I’m not. – I was changing my tampon and about to put a new one in, then I saw a string already hanging out. – And I pulled out one tampon, and I pulled out a second one. – And I was like, oh my
gosh, there’s already a tampon in there so I
had been wearing two. – Two, like there were two inside of me? – For I don’t know how long. – What the (bleep). – So I was at work and you
know how when you’re at work you like hide your tampon in your sleeve. I wasn’t wearing sleeves
that day, it was a hot day, and I put the tampon in my bra, as you do. And started walking down the hallway and kind of got distracted
talking to people. I was just like making
my way down the hall. And I get to the bathroom
and I realize that my tampon had been sticking
out of my bra the entire time. – Okay, so in high school in math class I just like, bled through everything. And I could tell, and I
was like really scared because it was like past
the point of getting up and going to the bathroom
and doing something about it. I just didn’t do anything about it, I just left the scene of the crime. – I tried to use a
tampon for the first time and I went swimming and
hung out at the beach all day with the plastic
applicator still on, and like still inside, and I was just like this is really painful! – I dunno why (laughs) I’m just, like, that happens to me all the time.

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  1. My only horror story is that I got my period at the cinema I was 12 my mam wasn’t there, neither was any adult, it leaked through to the seat

  2. I had a bad period experience 😖 I was in 6th grade and I was sitting at lunch and I started bleeding all over the chair 😭😭 I was so scared

  3. So there’s this one girl in my class who is like the girl who bullied me a lot, one day she got her period (she sits next to me) and I noticed before she did. I told her quietly, gave her my jacket to wrap around it and told the teacher (there was a test going on). I took her to the bathroom and gave her a few tampons. Now we’re best friends.

  4. TIP:
    Bring cranberry juice to school or where ever because of you leak BAD just spill the cranberry juice on yourself, cover up the crime scene😉

  5. i remember my first man period.. it was in the middle of math class and suddenly i noticed blood coming through my jeans- sure enough, i went to the bathroom and blood was gushing from my penis, but at least i' m not pregnant!

  6. Okay here’s my period horror story:

    It was my first period, and my mom was out of town so I just texted her and took one of my sister’s pads. But the next day, she must of told my MATH TEACHER about it and she waited until when she saw I was free and lectured me on it. I’m already like really shy so it was really awkward and I hated it. But after she gave me 4 pads so it was okay I guess.

  7. Moral of the story you never get good at periods also my story is that one time my teach didn't let me go to the bathroom and I bled on the chair but I was really embarrassed so I switched the chairs of me and the girl next to me so my teacher thought it was her and not me

  8. So mine is when im in 5th grade (yes I got my period when I was 10) I feel that I was bleeding through my pants and I don't really care cause my pants is a very dark brown. But because its the first day obviously there's a lot of blood just getting out of my body and it made a shallow pool in my seat (honestly being kind of shameless I don't really care cause my period blood and the seat matches its color cause my period blood its also brown) but the real problem cause my class,1 table 2 seats and I sit beside a guy and my period starts when its just a couple minutes away from the first break and when its finally break time one of his best friend comes to him and sat in my seat😨😨😨😨 he's wearing white shorts and I saw his shorts just absorbed my period blood.I wonder what's his reaction when he finds out

  9. In history class I kept a pad in my boot and thought that it would stay hidden
    But I had to present a project and my pad came out of my boot in the middle of it

  10. Here my story so i had practice for school and I am on my period then i had to dance and I was trying not to cry.

  11. One day I went to a skating rink and I fell and I started bleeding and I was like omg what if it is all over the floor and sure enough it was there and the floor was white so it looked like a Japanese Flag then I went to the restroom and my mom got me a pad then they had to stop everyone from skating and had to clean it and had to dry in total it took an hour so it was all my fault that the people didn't get to skate

  12. It was during my 2nd year in Junior, my period cycle wasn't normal lile the others so i didn't know when it really happens, so this school i studied in was a catholic school so our uniforms were white, it's terrible, that day i didnt know i got my period and it was like i murdered someone, it was so embarassing..it looked like a murder scene

  13. I'm only nine so I still don't understand periods so ladies pls help meh out so I can know what to expect

  14. Me: sir can I go to the toilet
    Teacher: mmmhhh is it that time of the month again
    Me: sits down silently and waits till break

  15. Menstrual cups are horror on their own. They press the walls, and caused me to get TSS and psychosis. Never again.

  16. I bled through my uniform. My panties, my tights, AND my skirt. My mother was out of the country for her sister's wedding, and my father was at work. I had to call him to ask him to email the office to give me permission to go home, because I bled through my clothes. I had to walk home, in the Israeli heat, covered in blood.

  17. I had to take a state test on my period once (it took me like 4 hours ) which meant I had to go 4 hrs w/ o changing my pad cuz they wouldn’t let us use the bathroom. During that time I was also sick w/ a cold so I would sneeze and cough a lot. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty down there

  18. When i'm on my period and i am sleeping for the night, the blood doesn't come on the pad, but there is a lot in my – you know.
    Can someone help me here? I just think it's kinda weird that i dont bleed in my pad at night

  19. yesterday i was ment to finish my first period and so i wear a panty liner(stupidly thin for some reason) just in case u know , somthin happend, and i didnnt get any thing for the whole night and morning before i went to school and then i realised that i diddnt finish it….

    and so in 4th lesson i felt niagara falls come out of u know where and i bled through and my boyfriend was sat next to me😖and it was all over the seat but luckily my skirt was black and he helped me and covered up the seat with his hoodie lol i love him so much ❤❤❤

  20. I bled through my pants during health class in 8th grade and no one helped me at all. Some girls laughed with the boys and other girls pointed at me and started whispering. It was terrible. 🙁

  21. I can't exactly wear dark pants or a hoodie around my waist….I wear school uniform and a skirt and we are not allowed to wear our school jerseys around our waist😭….plus I haven't started my period yet soo yaaa😂

  22. I mean I went to school asked to go to the bathroom bc I thought I peed myself bc I had sneezed turns out I had my first period in first period science and my friend grabbed the art teacher (the best one to talk to) and she gave me a pad but it was so bulky and it looked like I had a boner even though imma girl🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. Here is my story:
    I was getting ready for school and I put my pad on and I was coming downstairs..suddenly my mom says "What's that behind your back?" and I said "What?" and my mom came closer and asked me to turn around..turns out I almost went to school with a pad wrapper on my back
    thx mom
    btw it happened two times

  24. I got my period later than a lot of girls, but I was hanging out with a bunch of younger friends, and I had my period. I'd forgotten pads, so I was, like, bleeding on my chair, and one of my younger friends–who was, like, not even 12, asked me why I was hiding tomatoes in my jeans. She was so innocent, saying we could go to the lunchroom to get lettuce for a salad… It was embarrassing, but she made me feel better.

  25. This isn’t too embarrassing but it was for me. So, I went to the hospital because I was having extremely bad stomach pains and I knew it wasn’t a cramp. My dad was there and the doctor asked me if I was on my period, I said yes and now my dad knows when I have my periods. Also, apparently I’m more lucky because you period cramps usually just feel like a slight poke with a needle. It’s really only enough to make me uncomfortable.

  26. Once I was on a school field trip and I got my first period! I was in the bathroom and the toilet wasn't flushing so I just got out of the bathroom, and the girl waiting in line for the bathroom walked into there, so I quickly washed my hands and ran out! I felt so bad! 😭

  27. Not my 1st time, but I hated this:
    I was almost at school and I'm walking then I feel this wet spot in between my legs. I was still on my period. I entered the school office and quietly asked one of them office ladies for a pad. I asked the wrong woman cause she gave me a paper bag full of stuff for first timers and the pads she gave me were too small. My middle school has no lockers so I had to carry it everywhere!

  28. The first time I got my period was when I was 11 and I was on a 1 WEEK tramp with my best friend's family. I didn't have any pads, my bestie (who is a boy) definitely didn't have any pads and I wasn't about to ask my best friends parents for a pad ( may I add that I got my period on the very first day of the tramp). I died on that tramp

  29. That epic moment when your pad makes the loudest opening noise ever and everyone knows your on your period….


  30. My friend has her period cramps but her cramps are not as usual as ours her cramps are torture because 1 time she had to go to the hospital and now she has to take pills days before her period or her cramps get worse and worse.

  31. Worst period story let me tell u I was doing a district test where u can’t bring anything and I was surrounded by boys so in the middle of the test I saw my chair wet it didn’t have blood but it was wet then I went to the restroom and realized I was on my period so I put toilet paper and put my hoodie over it so glad I came up with that Idaea

  32. Once I put a tampon in with half of the plastic cover still on… I was wondering why I leaked only after an hour of having it in.

  33. I've been using tampons for almost half a year now and I get very paranoid about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome, other than that I love using tampons. One month I slept with a tampon on, and I freaked out because I had it on for a little more than 8 hours. The next few days I checked if I had any symptoms of Toxic Shock, I was fine, nothing happened, I now make sure I don't forget I'm wearing a tampon for too long.

  34. Story time ( no one is gonna read it anyway)
    So I have green colour T-shirt and white skirt as my uniform last year (no now as I am a senior now)
    I already have finished my period and went to school happily without a pad and in abreal I suddenly started bleeding. I wanted to go to the my class to take pad and then the washroom but the people on duty didn't let me (it is a rule in our school) . So I was like let me goooooo .but they didn't and I was scared so I started crying

    Lol that was not a good experience but anyways everyone once have that experience

  35. Small period story, y'all! I'm in advanced female choir, and I got my period. Thankfully the male teacher was in his office, so… When I stood up to get a pencil, one of the 8th graders immediately pulled me outside, gave me tampons, pads, and heck, A MENSTRAL CUP. If she ever sees this, love ya, Lorely❤️

  36. my friend and i were going to the beach in 6th grade and she was on her period and then we got out of the ocean and it started to leak so she wrapped herself in a towel and we went to a random umbrella shed to change her pad and there was no trash can so we threw it into the shed and left without picking it up

  37. My story 𝘀𝗰𝗵𝗼𝗼𝗹 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝘀𝗵𝗼𝗿𝘁𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗲 𝘀𝗰𝗵𝗼𝗼𝗹 𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗟𝗢𝗧𝗦 𝗢𝗙 𝗕𝗟𝗢𝗢𝗗.

  38. I remember when I was on my period and had it in my back pocket and it fell out while I was walking to lunch with my whole class in 8th grade and my pad fell out of my back pocket and a whole group of obnoxious boys laughed but the one good thing was that there was a female teacher I knew walking with me. A couple of days after that during lunch as always I had a pad in my back pocket on this day we had to stand up and put are trays and dump are trash instead of having people picking them up when I got up and threw my trash away I didn’t notice until later that my pad had fallen out of my back pocket a little bit later a teacher saw and asked if the pad was anyone’s I knew that it was mine but I said nothing out of fear I was so scared that someone would know that it was mine

  39. Here is my First Period NIGHTMARE:

    So, I got it on 1 June 2019 but I didn't notice it. I also didn't notice it the second day. The third day I went to the mall and there was a shaky ride and I rode it. My mom wasn't there but my dad was there. So, after I got off it I needed to use the restroom! So I went there and MY UNDERWEAR WAS FULL OF BLOOD 😭. I cried and then got out and told my dad to call my mom who was at work. So he called her and she came home and taught me how to use a pad. I was 11. Thank you for reading.

    T H E E N D

    Btw please share your story in the comments.

  40. Not me, but a friend of mine got her period while we were on our way to a house party in the evening. It was in the middle of nowhere and there were no bathrooms available. One of us had a tampon, but no pads. It was one of those tampons without a case so she was forced to sneak into the woods and put in a tampon using her finger. Afterwards her finger was all bloody from putting it in and she couldn't clean it off due to not having any water nearby. I gave her a pair of gloves that she kept on for about 30 minutes until we reached the party and she could finally wash her hands. I told her she could keep the gloves afterwards.

  41. They say you get angry for small things when you're on your period but….

    I get angry at my period and it's not even a small problem.

  42. Once in like year 7/8 I was on my period, didn't realise how heavy it was.Anyways,the WHOLE DAY I was bleeding through onto all the seats, and I had to be really quick with getting up and tucking my chair in, luckily no one realised

  43. Once I was at my cousins house and didn't realise I was on my period, I slept over at their house and when I woke up there was blood EVERYWHERE. It was on the matress, the blankets and even the FLOOR, luckily they weren't young enough to understand and I pretended I had a massive nosebleed, they told their DAD (my uncle) and he obviously knew it wasn't a nosebleed so he told my aunt INFRONT OF MY OTHER COUSINS (who were both male) anyways,my mom and my aunt helped clean up while I showered and I was embarrassed for the whole time we stayed there

  44. This was actually my friends period horror story and we were actually both in science when this happened so my friend just started her period that day and during science class she was a bit effy and moving a lot so I asked her what was wrong and she said that she felt like something was leaking or wet so we both stand up and see a huge puddle of blood on her chair so we quickly try and clean before anybody sees and right when we clean up the last bit our partner which was a boy which sat across us asked what we were doing and we tried and think of an excuse so I just say that it was pen which exploded in class and it was the most dumbest excuse and we were trying to think of something and then it all goes quiet in the classroom and I realize I was still carrying a towel with a bunch of blood and my teacher sees it to and I still remember what the teacher said he said ladies please go back to your seats and finish the worksheet and everyone went dead silent worse moment for me and my friend

  45. I personally don't understand how someone could accidentally put in two tampons and forget. When I use a tampon, I can feel it the entire time and I hate it.

  46. Is it me who doesn't have any such crazy stories n there is no pain during these days it just comes and goes smoothly 😂😂 sometimes I don't even feel like I am on my periods except for the first day

  47. My first period was on Christmas Day and I got a puppy that day. I dropped my underwear on the floor and she took them in to my mums room and that’s how she found out 😂

  48. My period horror story is that I got my first one at school and didn’t have a pad on me. I was too humiliated to go to the nurse, so I put on an extra pair of underwear, an extra pair of pants, and an extra shirt so that if I bled through the first layer, it would hopefully be caught by the second. Needless to say, I had bled through both layers by the end of the day. The time I went to the store, I discreetly bought some pads. I still wear layers when I’m on my period (just in case), but I also wear a pad. I feel ashamed of myself for being ashamed of my period in the past. It’s a natural thing! We should embrace our periods! I mean, you shouldn’t go running around screaming, “I’M ON MY PERIOD AND LOST A TABLESPOON OF MY ENDOMETRIUM THIS MORNING AT 8:56 AM!” But you get my point.

  49. I was at knots berry farm and my period started on silver bullet and i was wearing short shorts so when i got off i went from light blue shorts to red shorts XD 😖

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