44 Replies to “Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests”

  1. These things work great. But if you do buy them always buy two or three. Always safe than sorry. And if one comes out positive deffinitly buy a more expensive one or see a doctor

  2. Imagine the child asking:

    Mom, how did you found that you’ll have a child?

    Sweetie, it’s a long story….

  3. I’ve used dollar store pregnancy test. The nurses told me it’s just as good. Some doctors office use same kind they have at dollar stores

  4. Omg the instructions are not that hard to understand. 1 line versus 2 lines. Its basic comprehension skills 🤦‍♀️

  5. I used this when i found out I'm pregnant now and less than 20 seconds after I took it I had two lines

  6. I used this test when I found out really accurate I was 5 weeks the test line was darker than control line in 10 seconds

  7. I feel like I'd be just as comfortable using a couple of the cheap onces as I would taking one of the clearblue or whatever

  8. I don't understand pregnancy test like you have to per in a cup. And drop your per into the test. It doesn't make any sense to me. That's not for me. Besides I rather pay a bit more for the ones that says out the word pregnant. / no pregnant on it. So much better! Besides my. Me and my sister was both stupid enough to do this and it said no pregnant and we was 5 or 6 months pregnant. There not as accurate as you think . Lady's rethink of what you buy for your pregnancy needs if you want accurate results. Thank you!

  9. They work! I got a test from the dollar store, it was positive! And now I’m almost 8 months pregnant!

  10. Im 10DPO Doing videos now my pregnancy tests!! wondering which ones are the best, cheap ones or dearer ones…. Just a bit of fun while testing.   Great video! Thanks 🙂

  11. the girl doubting the test for the price, and the fact that she's going "oh there's too many options." rlly irritated my soul. like shut up!

  12. It says to wait 3 minutes for results. What happens if the 1 line pops up almost immediately and stays like that for the 3 minutes? Is it an error? Is it 10000% sure I’m not pregnant? Or should I take a second one Incase? Please help

  13. I'm 6 months pregnant, I had a clear blue test that came out positive and another one the next day. Then went to planned parenthood and it was confirmed that I was pregnant. Just for giggles my partner and I went to the dollor store and bought two of the same pregnancy tests featured in this video and both came out positive. In all honesty they work but depending on how far along you are it may not show up. Because when I was 2 to 3 weeks it didnt show for the dollor store tests. But at 5 to 6 weeks it did.

  14. Fun fact, the dollar store pregnancy test said I was pregnant, I tried three much more expensive options from the drugstore that all told me I wasn't…I'm now 8 weeks. Don't knock the dollar store pregnancy tests

  15. I know I am late but you guys should do a video that you get ladies that are pregnant and get the $1 test and see if the pregnant test is actually accurate

  16. I've been trying to figure out if I am pregnant this past week as the last period I had was January 10. I was supposed to have my period around the 8th of February. My chest have been tender, I've been ovulating heavily, I've been having cramps that are similar to period cramps but no signs of my period have happened. I've been more tired. This week will mark almost 2 months without my period. I have had a miscarriage in the past and I've been trying to find inexpensive pregnancy tests seeing how expensive the ones in the store are. My significant other and I are hoping so. I keep hearing about the dollar store tests and wanted to hear some stories on it.

  17. $1 tests are just as accurate as long as you’re at least 3-4 weeks pregnant it can pick up on the hcg hormones

  18. This is kind of offensive. I found out I was pregnant with $1 pregnancy test. They’re as accurate as any other test honestly.

  19. I took one for a stupid joke, and it came out positive and I freaked out then remembered I was a virgin 🙂🙂

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