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  3. Fertility period lasts 6 days before ovulation and 2-3 days after it. An egg can survive for 24 hours for getting fertilized. A sperm can survive for 6 days in the uterus, and can fertilize an egg in this period. Only one egg is released in each cycle. One of the most important things to understand about the safe period is that no period is 100% safe. Hormones can behave funnily and erratically, resulting in pregnancy even during safe periods, although that is not very common. The safe period calculation generally works if your menstrual cycle (days between the start of one period and next) is between 26 to 32 days. If the cycle is less than 26 days or more than 32 days, then the safe period calculation does not work for you. The calculation will not work for you if your menstrual cycle days vary by more than 8 days in a six month period. In case of emergencies, use emergency contraceptive pills to avoid getting pregnant. However, I do believe that counting ovulation days is one of the surest methods to use. I learnt all these in Bio tex clinic. I do hope that it was of help to someone.

  4. Simply use this wonderful app to know the safe and unsafe days. It's easy and reliable:

  5. My period cycle is 35 day and and accuding to this my ovulation day 21 but next month my period occur 26 days I am worried plz help me my first day of the period is 7 March and plz tell me my ouvalotion date can I need check out the doctor

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