Women's Health – Menstrual Cycle-Tracking & Herbal Medicine For Practitioners

with the metro cycle were able to see a lot about different hormone levels we can see high estrogen things like fibroids endometriosis we can see low estrogen we can see low progesterone we can see when there's high an urgent chase who really helps to support both the full like your and specifically the luteal phase by increasing progesterone I like to kind of break up my treatment protocols thinking about ranch treatment how can I help this person right now with any reproductive pathology the route treatment the hormone balance is going to take a little bit more time to shift we can change the ovarian tissue with phytoestrogens but if we're not addressing the hypothalamus and the pituitary where the signals are starting from we're just gonna get right back into that same psychical event that starts right from the hypothalamus preventative is the best medicine and we're able to see a lot more shifts before it gets too far along within the condition

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