Won’t abortion continue even if it’s made illegal?

I wanted to get your perspective on this sensor from criminologists the argument is sometimes made especially in the social sciences that laws against a particular behavior don't restrict the amount of times that behaviors happening so a lot of libertarians like to talk about oval prohibition didn't lower alcohol usage so abortion laws aren't going to lower the amount of time abortions are performed I wanted to get your perspective on that oh that's very easy we know that that can't be true based upon their data what I do I always try and beat the other side on their own playing field and the way that I do that is to use their own statistics okay now we know roughly we can estimate that there are approximately 100,000 illegal abortions that were performed every year in the ten years or so leading up to Roe vs. Wade so by the way that's the weird philosophical thing that people do on the other side they sit there and they say well you know it still happened when it was illegal I think I use the example in part one of rape is illegal and it still happens he's just a pathetic argument you know like if we can't completely bought out a crime let's just go ahead and make it legal okay here's what's interesting in 1974 and this is you try and beat them whenever you can with their own numbers do you understand that if they've got numbers that prove your point by all means use them so that they can't under any circumstances whatsoever claimed that you're manipulating the figures according to the Guttmacher Institute the year after Roe versus Wade was passed there were eight hundred and ninety eight thousand abortions in the United States of America that was the only year post Roe vs. Wade where according to the Guttmacher Institute there were less than a million abortions it continued to go up it crossed a million the next year then up to 1.3 million then it peaked at 1.6 million in 1990 1991 and 1992 and has remained above a million so we know from their own statistics that that is absolutely false and so there you go use their data whenever possible and by the way this is extremely important you often hear that we need to make abortions safe legal and rare because we don't want women to die as a result of back-alley abortions I agree that one a woman dies under those circumstances that that's a tragedy but here's the problem dr. Mary called around who was the president of the medical division of Planned Parenthood in 1959 gave a speech in the National Forum which was reprinted the next year in a national medical journal that said in the late 1950s the number of deaths as a result of illegal abortion women dying under those circumstances had dropped down to about 250 per year that is such an important statistic isn't it if the good mocker Institute is showing in their statistics that abortion Rises all the way up to 1.6 million it raises a very simple question does it not why would we allow for the killing of 1.6 million innocent human beings under the guise of saving 250 the argument only works if if what if you assume that the entity that is aborted isn't human do you see the pattern here that's what we're fighting and that's why we always force the argument back if necessary through visuals to the simple question what is it what is the unborn thanks for the question

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  1. This really reminds me of Pilate when he had the power to stop the murder of Jesus and did not. Though he declared Jesus innocent he said, I wash my hands of this. He was not innocent of Jesus’s blood. Neither are we if we vote for leadership that approve abortion. We as a Nation have the power to stop this,and if we don’t our hands are not clean of it. You think because it does not effect you directly and you rationalize that it is between the women and the doctor it is not. It is between the women, the baby,the doctor, the voter, the Nation, and God who will judge us all someday. Repent now and vote for new leadership and God will heal our lands.

  2. God didn't think killing fetuses in the OT was a big deal.

    Numbers 5 verses 11 to 29 describes what is known as the "Ordeal of Bitter Water". If a man suspects that his wife has been unfaithful, then she will be given a potion of "bitter water" to drink. If she is innocent, then she will not be harmed. However if she is guilty, then "her belly will swell and her thigh will rot". "Thigh" is a euphemism for uterus. If she had been unfaithful, then she might also be pregnant. In fact, her falling pregnant might have lead her husband to believe that she had been unfaithful, especially if they had infrequent or no sex recently. This "test" would therefore abort her fetus if she had been unfaithful and was pregnant. If God was against abortion, why would he devise such a "test"?

  3. the best proof of being a pro-life government would be to support the birth & life & living conditions & standards of every human being in this country.
    Also to move to the federal level or all state compliance to prosecute rape & incest with severity, for the safety of women & responsibility for men..

  4. And the abortionists admit, sometimes privately but recorded, they are committing murder. Why would a pro-lifer not use their words against them?

  5. If men got pregnant abortion would be a sacrament. These anti-abortionists should mind their own business.

  6. If women don't really want to get pregnant they will take precautions instead of using abortion as birth control!

  7. Yes. But instead of it falling on a nation as well it will only fall on the Dr and the immediate people involved.

  8. Of course abortion is still going to continue if it becomes illegal. It's against the law to kill but people still do it. That doesn't mean however that you don't have the law to begin with. Even though abortion will continue with anti abortion laws, you can rest assured that many babies will be saved with those laws!!

  9. Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. Believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and you will be saved!
    (Romans 10:9)

    Christ makes life INCREDIBLE!!!

  10. God approves of abortions! There are actually multiple verses in the bible where he orders abortions, usually as a form of punishment. If god is ok with killing unborn children, then why arent you? Heres an example. Hosea 13:16 "Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her god: they shall fall by sword: their infants shall be dashed into pieces, and their women WITH CHILD (pregnant) shall be ripped up."

  11. Abortion shows moral corruption.The Lord is just and He will be the judge.Freedom is more important than arguments of pro or contra.We make our destiny.

  12. If children were brought into the world by an act of pure reason alone, would the human race continue to exist? Would not a man rather have so much sympathy with the coming generation as to spare it the burden of existence, or at any rate not take it upon himself to impose that burden upon it in cold blood?

  13. Some here have wondered why others here have brought religion into this. Well, it's a Christian apologist that posted the video, so there's that. Also, objections to birth control are religion-based, so religion is a partial cause of the problem. Christians here have denied that Catholicism is a Christian religion, to suit the narrative that THEIR religion doesn't forbid birth control, so THEY are not part of the problem. The people that say that all abortion is murder are TO A ONE Christians. The people that say a rape victim should be forced to have a baby are all Christians. The people that think a mother should risk her life to have a baby do so on religious grounds. So, it's not me bringing religion into this. The people that have the volume knob of objection set on 11 are ALL religious people. The people that are on the most opposite end of the issue (those that want a woman to have complete autonomy over their reproductive rights) are unreasonable in the other direction. Between these two unreasonable extremes are the people with common sense. It was from a religious standpoint that a commenter here, a Mr. Meyers, misrepresented my position, lied about what I did or didn't say, and then chastised me for the wrongs he disingenuously attributed to me. When called out on it, the snake slithered away, rather than admit to being either blind, or a bald-faced liar. Perhaps he had others to save? As long as religious people continue to use religion as the basis for their objections, whether they state as much, or whether it has to be teased out of them, the common sense realists are going to continue bashing religion. My opinion on the issue of abortion doesn't have a religious component. My opinion is subject to change, as facts emerge, and as I become aware of them. Man can learn to deal with anything, as long as he doesn't have the chains of religion preventing him from thinking for himself.

  14. Kind of makes me think that you care more about precious republicanism and conservative values than Christianity or the salvation of souls.

  15. Abortion is the only way of insuring 100% of people enter heaven in your conception of the world. In what way would it be immoral to support?

  16. Girls will find any old excuse so they don’t have to feel guilty that they’ve done something wrong. Ever since gay Marriage and abortion became legal, that is the EXACT instance in time you can mark as the end of civilization. Us Christians call it “the great falling away”. A lot of people don’t have Jesus as their role model and are so arrogantly ignorant, they spit on the fact that he died for EVERYONE, good AND bad, so that we all one day can go to Heaven. In fact some know that Jesus died for us and this is even worse than my previous comment. The ones who DO KNOW, act like since he did, then that we don’t have to do anything more except be a “good person”, which is so far off, idk whether to laugh or cry about it. But before I go off on an even bigger tangent lol, just know if you have an abortion, it’s gonna be super super hard, to win yourself everlasting life. You definitely granted the unborn child you murdered a one way pass to Heaven, but you’ve also put yourself on the highway to Hell as well 😐✌🏼😎🇺🇸

  17. Im totally against it, but the reality is that it would happen illegally. It happened illegally long before it was made legal.

  18. Solid points there. An innocent, genetically unique, person is killed, all in the desire to give another person a choice. You should not be able to kill those you don't desire. There are few medically sound reasons for an abortion. Other than those, it is destroying a life, not saving one. Any doctor should be disgusted, considering the oath they take, at the idea of doing that.

  19. so let me get this straight. These people want to practice evil things such as abortion without risk? let's make murder legal so that no one will go to jail. Nice LOGIC. IDIOTS.

  20. Murder will continue to happen even though the law is against it. Just because you say a person isn't convenient doesn't give you the right to murder them.

  21. The only problem is they KNOW it's a baby and they KNOW it's murder. They're just too morally depraved to care. They don't care to murder their unborn baby, they're wicked.

  22. Your bible supports abortion in Numbers 5, Hosea 9:11-16, and Hosea 13:16.  It's ironic that you oppose something on biblical grounds when the bible supports that thing on biblical grounds.  Religion at its best.

  23. Abortion is a symptom of a much greater problem .Eliminate the immorality being pushed in the schools and mass media, and restore godly families, and abortions will decline.

  24. Back Alley abortions never existed. The term "Back Alley" means when a woman went through the back way to a drs office at that time to get the abortion. She went through the back alley.

  25. But good people are condoning Trump's racism and treating migrants like animals.

    And the religious right leaders Tom Delay and Ralph Reed profited on forced abortion sweatshops in American Saipan but evangelicals are still following Ralph Reed's FAITH AND FREEDOM COALITION.

    WHITE SUPREMACY REIGNS WITH RALPH REED. And he ripped off native American tribes in the casino scheme.

    Evangelicals use abortion as a self RIGHTEOUS shield to justify their racism like trying to charge that black lady who was shot for killing her own baby.

    I went to the San Francisco prolife rally and met a beer belly bigot wearing a shirt proclaiming he's prolife but he immediately stared me down for a good while like I shouldn't be there.

  26. Let's not forget how the bible endorsed abortion. In Numbers5:11-22 a test given to a woman suspected of adultery – if she's guilty, the Lord will make the woman's womb miscarry.
    Hosea 9:14 What will the Lord give them? Give them wombs that will miscarry and breasts that are dry.

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