Working out 4 weeks after emergency C-Section

good morning guys so today is the Twix today's over to err excuse me 29th of June and I'm actually using my mother's laptop to edit um I'm gonna kill them in here last night me know so I'm editing this editor called the thing she resolved I think you resolved I've been using it since yesterday it's a huge learning curve because I don't know what I'm doing I don't know if she just editor and something funky is happening with the kids around this camera when I put the clips from SMS so when I put the clips from this camera into the Vinci skinny that much stretched that's the word become stretched so I get stretched just the term I can use cuz but what I like to decide what term do I used to explain to the internet from what trouble I'm having so I'm gonna see if that can be I'm sorry that those brightness keeping in an old I'm going to see what can be done with that but yes so I'm editing one video went live one Marvel wig going live next week I'm editing want over live next week and this blog needs to collab next week as well and tomorrow morning Sunday morning I'm going to film as well two videos sure those ones kangalite and well and a lot seemed like a vlog but you know I hunted in this vlog tomorrow I love it I'm some who want some you carry me epic evidence on this sure [Applause] [Applause] you guys say somehow it this morning and I've only lost the last of all when I did my checkup two weeks ago I was at 205 and I was like to offer from 215 and I was two weeks ever because I was this fixity like 180 something cuz it I saw I felt I felt like I was 180 something I'm not I'm hella thick wolf being it well I think so so I have driven in once so man German work out somewhere I got a table in the morning but I can't I can't walk up to the top top top I used to let me not see I can't it's gonna be really difficult doing that because when I walked about ice cream couple days and a couple weeks ago probably yeah do it before went to the my check up to two weeks ago ice cream is probably five minutes away or sickness or less than ten minutes away if you're walking her through and I'm telling you it took me a very long time to get because I kept on stopping I was in pain oh it was horrible so he's like I'm like oh my gosh I don't know if I'll be able and like a car – me / – me is I'm afraid I'm afraid to go today hearing cousins don't know if I'd be able to manage you guys but it's a hobby I am and I'm documenting this obviously to mark a journey so today is the 15th out of – at my house charging jan-willem Jonathan I know somebody go out I don't forget to ask me were thinking it Jahlil and Jennifer on their back grandma is my first day but I have on my medium thickness belt and I smoked out as a small assess I can think me the small is I can't even put that sucker around and I could if I force it but I didn't want to force it so alright let me go the medium and I'm able to handle the large because it's you know longer not besides there's more for coverage so yeah I have not spoken to you guys in a very long time we said I just went up and down with my emotions and I've decided not to show that side of me again like you know with me crying and so I mean if it happens it happens but I'm not going to like turn the camera on and like get up because I just rolled the curb because people don't like to see that people don't like to see vulnerability it's interesting you guys like to see the process but you guys do like the vulnerability let me explain there's a new series on Netflix called blown away right and I'm obsessed I'm obsessed with anything that you have to start from the like fixer-upper HGTV I'll look at something there I'm obsessed with those type of shows but and those are shows that show processes you know like how the host a and when Billy took but you guys you guys don't want to see that you guys wants to pass it on to the end result the enemy so you know I was thinking I need to buy some new shoes were here about I need to anymore because these ones are working just fine I didn't even brush my teeth this morning as I'm so nervous going behind all the Lord I know homie probably because she left at a time 5:13 Sun launcher problem each time like other side never see it other side maybe see it like oh you're sexy he's in a good chunk – oh you know we're in a sixth along G again oh my gosh I'm nervous now I don't know a black ball good morning I don't know a black one last employment nervous to go back never gonna be is it upsetting me can't make it Teesha mother buy ice cream for legacy minissha lamba winded messed up 340 me on the my bottom started in a month well Jim is waiting the 17th of horribles and their anniversary coverage even a sale tonight I'm turning thank you guys when I Drive in a month love you later just took my soda turning our lights alright guys so I'm on my way back home that's my mother I'm tracing her in the shot it was it was good I just I wanted the first part of the hill but it ended up being the entire Hill they took me half an army – or through the entire parts of the hill that do nothing to reach me that never reach me but I'm glad that that's actually did it I thought my body could only manage your first part of the hill when I saw that I was going beyond that well I think I put limits on ourselves I mean I just felt really good knowing that I can actually did it he'll I can't beat in record time because I'm taking my time as you would imagine with my birthing experience and having the c-section my tailor for China but malacologist said right so I took it easy but it's a lot of pressure that's on me too because everybody was similar my said no um I'll sing on Mumbai a quintet will do it I'm a so when people have pushed me same thing with you guys cuz you guys are saying no oh god man lirik years to lose the weight oh god man lyric watch your watch you're like a real fool silicum row and I'm a senior driver sir yes so why are people doing this so I have not loved since Monday and today's Thursday day four of me going to the hill and some of you are going to say it's I'm going to beat you to the punch I get that some of you are probably concerned because I had a c-section and I'm walking we're going to the hill more specifically we need to understand is that I'm not pushing myself nor am i running up the hill or jogging up a hill or whatever I am strictly doing this that I can get some exercise in because of how big I am I got up to 215 pounds and I think I said it before and I think I said this in this vlog so I my last weigh-in no no infirmity Koko's 205 pounds I think I start Monday I'm 197 pounds and that's coming from that's coming from a hundred and forty-seven chocolate let's have a little 54 so I gained the probably 67 pounds with jelly and that's not something that I want you know so I am doing intermittent fasting as well with going to the hill but not as Extreme as a would I would like it in oil stretch I was twenty-one hours largest in sixteenths I eat I eat between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and my meals are pretty substantial between that time and so that's company to work on for next week because I'm still in taking a lot of sugars and stuff like a loaf of Malta and sleep lunches like right Blanchett that's that my guilty pleasure and not food right now so I really want to get that in check say yeah and I really want to go up to price mine to get like all my shake stuff hopefully next week I can do that and get some shakes to my almond milk my quick you know almost a fancy machine my strawberry every oh my god all those tough so that's what I want to do which that's the game so for the hill when I got City Hill let's say I get there for six I just work on go up and come back down and that usually takes me like an hour to do both ways which is never the case usually when I go Neil is like half an hour 20 minutes you know it's a go up and down because I'm walking fast and pushing myself and he's after a massive of Phoenix first is a Phoenix gas station here for more so what you act from Daytona go Phoenix gas station then some Phoenix gas station or Walker hill then do Hill and then walk back home like oh my god talk about cardio I am I miss those days so hopefully by like September October I will be able to do that but for now I'm taking it easy by just going to the hill only I think I'm going to end this vlog here as I would operated anything for you guys and as I said before I will not be showing so much about vulnerability on camera because people don't respond the cipa you know what I mean like know it premiered on but you guys don't respond to that when I watch different channels and say oh they're growing and leadership etiquette they don't do all of this stuff that I do all the time and stuff so I have to reserve that but like snapchat or Instagram and I guess I will Bob I think I'll do more on snapchat as a rabid motivation but I have more views are in second and run snapchat so I guess a lyrical regulated personality so yeah because I mean my mom me and tisha you guys wanna mention about in second would have seen them I meet them in the morning and I'm using the crap out of my water bottle my coldest water bottle filled I am wearing my fitness build and it is emerging medium and I pull it down is you say that I was up on the mugger smart don't like my abdominals are you know I'm a big animal irascible of a giant is your abilities I love doing fasted cardio which is why I love working in the mornings like water hold on oh you making the can drink the water but you have a some in our ears I should never just stop just stop yes all right guys it's on my weights if I'm 197 to 195 people let me drive people under hit on said ads see that's a losing always already I mean I don't see it I saw that them said so I'm accountable here this Sunday means it was singing under worship team this Sunday hopefully tomorrow's one is music actor and he's adamant that he wanted to come back for September and I'm full already but I wanted about my team because my team do have that much people so rather than just sit down in the congregation and sing along with them on a Sunday I want to be hope they make the mountains have their numbers and I don't think I said it but yesterday man tisha talk and when we go up the hill and Luther guys and it's got what if I'm doing the hill hill I don't talk rounding the hill I just focus good and I bet I can lose my breath but because I'm not going that fast and I can have conversations hey me solo treated very good point she's like Memphis a commander said minute and then of P&I on I stopped bleeding today's agenda today is the 19th early the tenth of June we stopped breathing we cannot flow and yeah I told you guys I was cramping on Monday but then tisha and mammy that because we're going up the hill use our core and I'm not used to buy and we believe they're only gonna be here so you know I inadvertently use my core we're not gonna be here to say yeah I had some crumbs look I've got a spear thanks but it wasn't pain was camping so no she remember says pharmacy used to coach in Manama say yes to blows and skirts I went to gym for like two years almost straight and all apart from that I used to the like Phoenix run Hill home honor that's walking like burn like a soul see calories do that in the morning I was always my aim to burn a thousand calories if it's not Souls it was that Nanak is not something coming in the mornings when I go to the hill and I mean go to the gym I'm burning out of between 400 and within four or five or 600 calories in the evenings right because I did just strictly weights so yes so she reminded an item like and she's that you remember muscle memory I'm like oh my god that's so true cuz I like people and him because I mentally at home words hours are extremely effective so people are got talking and I would think I might rethink myself and like oh my gosh you know their progress publishing been doing this but I know I'm not in any pain I know I'm not in any discomfort at all and it's really because I have been working on for so long is that my body's like oh yeah he's not supposed to do which is weird because when as soon as there for my husband I was going to the hill or gym I think I'm month before July larssen's I was a second city of about ten months at least ten months almost a year as I went to the hill and and then I didn't know for my work no you're not you know no and then I'm just so surprised that I'm not in that much pain at all you know is that my muscle definitely remembers hanging I'm grateful for that I'm also getting people asking me you know like if you know what what they should do and I'm not you I'm not a doctor so you should probably ask your doctor what you should do but I'm just listening to you about the EP study I told you guys that I'm doing intermittent fasting as well yesterday you guys when I got home because I eat between 9:00 and 5:00 right past for the other one so when I got home I mean I know intermittent fasting I'm comfortable with it Jennifer and I don't want to go to each of this is a diet I don't want to dance because the minear off keto then you can see gain back the weight so I don't want to go because I'm not a beginner you know I don't want to go see them diet and just to be sweet and they've alerted to leave my life now I gaining back I want to eat foods that I enjoy eating isn't me wise to eating the leaves it has a meteor but what I'm going to be strapped up pastes to lower belly inhale just like like fish instead of like well I have cold is like I don't even know fried not knock out a wall this week he hurried like I'm coming fellas courage because that breastfeeding so I'm building up my milk supply I can tell a difference or not eat porridge how my milk supply is then when I don't eat porridge you know my milk even looks richer when I eat porridge the currently parties under that for breakfast and I usually listen I get home it's what she's drunk or just run the red light so when I get home it is like properly 7:30 or so then by the time I'd be done already it's like after 8:00 I know I'm really still apparently being in regular pale pain that my name about goddess oh I'm not in any pain in terms of my c-section okay right so that's what I eat I haven't had it all week and I love a guy my age mother eating it would definitely be boiled egg and I've tried a comedy make plantain fried black when I eat none I'd wanted anything Fred I thought I did have fried chicken the fried chicken with um with um hit him again hit him again fried chicken with with color loop and pasta but the testicles Joe committed room in Savannah arrest on a course or a stir and I have not had Brady that we don't spread out I want to eat a specific type of bread I want to eat like whole it's got a whole grain bread or something like so that's what I wanted to do so yes I'm telling you this gallon has come in so handy because I'm building up my milk supply listen it has come in really handy and even though I'm doing intermittent fasting I still have enough milk for Jaleel because until when I eat between those hours and make sure I eat like stuff that that will that that that's that that I need to eat to build up my supply another means even though I'm eating on a between and five that's what I do but the thing is when I eat my last meal like for Fort Marshall I rewrite before I make my last meal bro I'm telling it I'm soul one of the three hours I'm normal about eight I am sleeping and because I'm jelly because I know I have to wake up back to get him open all them good stuff there so yeah no one can enter block here this bug is probably really long I don't think I'm editing anything out I miss are picking my nose there are some conversations that you know you guys should maybe hearing or whatever but yeah which is just my week my comeback week and I'm excited somebody say that um I'm getting a losing weight already and I'm a boy I mean losing with already installed is returning

37 Replies to “Working out 4 weeks after emergency C-Section”

  1. Keep up the good work πŸ’―β—πŸ’ž
    You have definitely . missing. May God follow throughout this journey.

  2. Lyric I'm excited for you and you have helped give me that push to go and do my morning running my goal is to complete a marathon and I will. I got your back girl you got thisπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

  3. You're such a happy person, I get happy when I watch you. Im moving to Kingston next year god willing so we can totally be gym buddies!!

  4. Lyric you know you can do it!! You’ve done it before and you will do it again. Just be kind to yourself! Really missed your content.

  5. Lyric don't mek people stress you. C-Section is a big surgery and 4 week post is not a long time. I do think it's great that your working out and you have the support of your family with walking and etc.

  6. Yea, ou are back. Missed you and have been praying for you. Glad that everyone and everything is alright.

  7. I’m so happy to see that you post a video….. I was just praying for you I see why I was praying because you said you was having so many emotions I’m glad you are doing well!!! β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  8. Just remember you don't need to diet. You just have to eat healthy. Loosing weight is 90% what you eat and 5% exercise. So you really have to follow healthy eating not dieting. You can exercise how much you want once you don't eat healthy you spinning top in mud.

  9. Hey how you doing but I understand what you're saying but do you if you cry on these videos cry that's showing that you're not fake at all so do you if you're feeling unhappy and you have emotions don't hide your emotions from the world you know I'm saying you're on here to inspire women to be the best that they can ever be so if it comes with emotions if it comes with getting angry didn't get angry everybody deserve that every now and then so I love you keep it g keep it real and be you boo

  10. Am glad u took some rest and time off with your boys. Please just take your time step by step. We will still be here. C- section is seriously I have two scars from surgery under my belly so I know it hurts

  11. I missed you sooooo much!!! Never apologize for being yourself. I really appreciated your vulnerability during your pregnancy because it was REAL and exactly what people need to see. Other youtubers fake as if all is perfect but that’s not real life. I watch your vlogs because they’re raw and honest. It’s great to see that you’re well.

  12. FYI, we need weight loss videos everyday on this channel. We want blow by blow coverage! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

  13. "I haven't driven in months…" *presses the gas hard & sails down the street like she's been driving everyday* Lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ She hasn't missed a beat! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Anyhoo, BE YOU… ALWAYS! That's why we love you! If u wanna be completely honest & vulnerable on your weight loss journey, please do so! If u waa bawl… BAWL! Only don't bawl if YOU don't want to bawl! Let it be YOUR choice to cry or not. Don't try not to cry on our account, cuz we LOVE you regardless! You are YOU… That's why we love you. Tbh, only by documenting your REAL & TRUE process will we be able to take the journey with you & be truly inspired by you… So if u wanna bear it all… Bear it all! We are here for you! β€β—πŸ’―β™₯

  14. Come on Lyric, we are with you!!!! you will get there. we have been waiting for you. We in this together, crying, sweating, cursing and winning. Come On!!!!!

  15. I missed youπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Welcome back mama…I hope you, baby, Jonathan, and the hubby are all doing great!!

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