Workout with Baby | Postpartum Workout

hey babies not so much for joining me no baby workout we are going to keep it super swim simple short and sweet and I can talk today because I am right about five you were right about them or at a six-week postpartum period and you're itching together we're not reaching going this one is for your just you've got a little baby on your in your pack here please join us okay I'm a certified personal trainer here in San Diego and I am lucky enough to have almost 35 days of sunshine so I'd like to workout outside and do it so today all you're gonna need is your baby in the pack and we're gonna stay standing up great we're not gonna get down on the ground today our workouts that I can't do down not with the baby in the past things like another day we're gonna just keep really simple lower body exercises because while we get warmed up consoling my our heart has to pump but all the way down her legs back up and do some simple leg swings again you're going and it's your raise your heart rate it's gonna help if your heart a little bit of a workout to being squat to continue our firm up here we're just doing little mini spots your shoulders should come forward a little bit and your hips should go back a little bit okay so we're just getting the blood flowing we're gonna join from alcohol and warmed up so your heel on the shoulders back okay one okay great job Wow and now we're gonna go into your squat unless I may see you think I'm doing again we his little balls of my feet my toes are nice and place yessir forward my shoulders are pulled back okay got it look straight ahead pretend like there's a seat back there you're gonna sit right down it you definitely go low as you're comfortable by me eight seven come all the way forward squeeze your neck I okay this time you do that lunges oh wait so I would get away start feet together shoulders pulled back big step back then both legs feet together alternate legs ready ten nine eight seven six – five four feet okay and when you come up you're gonna do a controlled for your legs should be burning a little intro getting back here to your workout routine okay some more swag easy keep it tall this time we're gonna confirm feet a little bit further apart toe is pointed out squat down your knees are gonna go more I'll rather than forward so your knees are gonna be out oh no kicking please use your hands down and you come up lift your heels off the ground and you're gonna feel and you're gonna feel your glutes and everything in the back of your legs engage stop down lift up those heels try to look through that here a little bit more balance here we go ten nine eight seven five twenty three two and one all right guys we have one more to say said you can right show you a couple of stretches Hey now we're gonna do a forward lunge what did let me cheat a little bit more tough on your knees so if you feel uncomfortable this one just kind of slow it down a little bit and don't hook quite as much so you can control how intense each exercise is by either slowing it down we're just not going so big step forward dig that heel in and push back to starting point ten push on those hamstrings back here nine what is a chapter five and you can go peek or or not city three two one okay so you have a spotter you can sit down do some stretches that's great but or is your Co you month ago you can just do what I need we're gonna put your toe to the sky really point your toe close here as you can other knee is bent and you should feel a good stretch all the way down the back of yours just hold for 10 seconds other side stretch all the way down back right and if you need support for single leg stretches grab a wall or somewhere we can brace yourself and you can get a good stretch many of your leg your quads all the way into your hip flexor so not only do we pull our foot up then go here in this position but if we open up our B then see the difference between this and this so chin up shoulders back boohoo you're really about an in

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