28 Replies to “WORRY…! Worry Newborn Baby Billiona Get Worst Cos No Milk Several Hours Post Delivery | Pitiful BB”

  1. This particular monkey seems extremely and i mean extremely fkn stupid… Kinda like shes soo stupid they had to burn down the school to get her out of the first grade kinda dumb…just look into her eyes…shes completely retarded. Basic instinct of survival is all that exists in her head. Breath in breath out…pissn shit..eat. Run from danger. Thats it…..baby looks more intelegent than she does.

  2. This mom is really young ! She doesn't seem to know how to hold the baby or really feed or take care of her ! I hope she learns ! Look at Duchess she wasn't doing good in the beginning ! But she surprised everyone by being a great mom to little Duke .

  3. Looks like mom will be carrying a corpse tomorrow. No big deal….these monkeys are perpetually pregnant or with young.

  4. this little guy has about 48 hours more left in his little life. Sad little retard. No cling reflex no suck titty relflex = dead monkey baby carcus

  5. En vez de estar filmando.Deberian de ver por tanto bebe maltratado y tener cuidado sobre ellos Me da una gran impotencia ver todo estos vídeos y no hacer nada Deverian hacerse cargo Es tanta gente la que anda grabando Que en vez de grabar atienda los. Hagan algo por ellos.

  6. Can't beleave all the monkeys this monkey been around u didn't see any of them feeding they babies OMG this is really sad to watch I'm getting mad this bitch is not even holdin her we're she can get some milk she can eat but the baby can't. I wanna kill this fuckin monkey u fuckin bitch feed ur baby u stupid bitch..

  7. Esse bebê precisa de cuidados ele não está mamando a mãe não sabe cuidar direito. Ele precisa mamar

  8. The baby will drink when it's hungry people need to just shut up and watch stop telling them to intervene when you really don't know what's even going on they are there to record not kidnap a baby it was just born give it a break it's not gonna starve over night the baby is just sleeping in most of this video stop watching if you can't control your emotions and have to type to these people to try to help they can't help it the best thing they can do is keep distance so the young new mother can be comfortable with her newborn how used to humans is she and now she has all these camera people chasing her she's gotta be scared and not gonna be focused on her newborn. the baby is not showing any signs of near death so just chill out and watch or don't watch but stop with the stupid comments they just need to give her some space

  9. She will find milk when she is hungjkry. Some times it takes newborn a while to know what hungry is.

  10. Новорожденная почему-то даже не пытается вцепиться в мать и приложиться к груди, да и Мать бестолковая, то носит дитя за хвост, то держит от себя.

  11. I just cant believe some people on here telling vos to feed it or get it milk! They really think the vos should just take care of all these monkeys who might be hurt, sick or as they think not getting milk, I'm baffled by the ignorance of people!!!!

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