46 Replies to “WORST Abortion Arguments of ALL TIME”

  1. The first one of these was taken down as there were some "issues” that occurred of which this channel is all to familiar with lol. Typical Youtube daddy issues. You know how he be sometimes. Let's try this again.

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  2. These girls are stupid haha …so ignorant it's incredible…it seriously blows my mind when I hear people like them speak about shit .

  3. well i'm a woman, and I think abortion is wrong. that man is right though, it takes a man and a woman to have a baby, therefore it isn't only up to the woman. these people have no clue. I really hope they wake up before they end up with blood on their hands.

  4. How can a woman kill their child? Born or unborn.

    It's a parasite, really! Sick! What if the baby is a rapist? Wow! Those women are so happy to kill their unborn child.

  5. "They're a parasite." Somebody please tell this ignorant slut that parasites have to be a different species than the host. Women's votes were a mistake.

  6. The problem with the black guys argument at the beginning was that if he determined that abortion is in fact killing a baby, and a baby is a person. They no one can decide if that person lives or dies, not a woman or a man. It stinks that the girl and her baby's daddy got pregnant when they didn't want to, but hey! Welcome to reality where we there are consequences for our actions.

  7. Am I the only person who sees the irony of the gay couple who can't have children having such a passionate debate on abortion. Btw a baby isn't a parasite. Well you can be wrong.

  8. Morning sickness begins at 4 months??? Try 8 WEEKS! And not everyone gets morning sickness. If you're gonna be ignorant, please keep your ignorant mouth shut.

  9. Don't have sex because it comes with a consequence
    If you do use protection or suffer the consequences
    If you feel your partner loaded in you
    We are all responsible for our own actions you can't always run away from the consequences

  10. Why are people so ignorant. Why are women so ignorant. If you don’t want a baby, can’t care for it, the dude your banging is a loser, whatever the reason.. PREVENT it from happening. There are so many forms of birth control, abortion is not birth control. Stop listening to your friends, they don’t know what they are talking about, do a little research for yourself. Life begins at conception. That is your flesh & blood, not a parasite.

  11. it takes two to create a baby. the woman wouldnt be able to have the baby without the man. the man wouldn't be able to have the baby without the woman. they should both have a say.

  12. These women right here are immoral as hell! How could you live with yourselves? Do you see how they talk? It’s pathetic honestly. This all boils down to having a broken spirit and probably atheistic ideals!

  13. That girl in the green hair clearly doesn’t know much about pregnancy, I’m currently 6 weeks and a couple days pregnant and I’ve already started having morning sickness and it’s already kicked in, and I just found out 2 weeks ago, it doesn’t start at 4 months

  14. Sick of this 'parasite' argument. The definition is "parasite
    : an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense." Whether or not it's a "baby" (feel pain is the only acceptable cut off, i.e. 24 weeks about) it is certainly the same species. So stop with this appalling argument!

  15. It's simple, dear fellow ladies just close your legs ,use family planning or use condoms

  16. I'm from Georgia and I hope HOLLYWOOD stays away from Georgia forever look what it's done to California we don't need that here!!! I'm proud of my state and my government for taking a moral stand. God bless the USA and God bless our President.

  17. Woman's body a woman's right to choose there's no debate it's still the law and the law says you can have an abortion. You may bow your head and accept your failure

  18. These chicks are so stupid it makes my head hurt. Morning sickness starts way before four months(I know, I've had 3 babies) female animals are spayed not neutered and clearly she knows NOTHING about Alabama law.

  19. The gay guy in tye dye is very ignorant and shallow. He's against Alabama because the senators are ugly white males? His boyfriend deserves better.

  20. I wish be hadn’t brought up the puppy argument. That’s a whole separate issue; humans are completely different than animals. This is not an issue to be discussed, it’s obvious. I’m sorry, but aborting puppies is vastly different than aborting a human infant.

  21. OK, so saying “it may be right it may be wrong, but it’s up to the woman to decide“ is the EXACT same as saying of a murderer that what they did may be right and may be wrong but they can decide that. No difference. You can’t allow one of these applications of this argument and not the other

  22. Who fucking tought the witch with green hair…..omg it's the mothers heart beat…is she honestly trying to say that my heart beat was causing blood to pump through my daughters heart …what a stupid bitch…i don't care bout your stance but get your facts straight 😂😂😂😂

  23. I just wanna say that personally I'm pro choice but let me explain making abortion illegal will not stop abortion . Your not making abortion illegal your creating unsafe abortion

  24. Less than 1% of women who are raped get pregnant and we always forget the choice of ADOPTION. AND WHY TAKE IT OUT ON THE CHILD? Because of a mans mistake and loss of control lets kill the baby because that innocent child was made from a mistake. These two women after the gay couple sound so stupid. Like do they have no dignity, they barely had a single sentence without a curse in them and they sound retarted.

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