Worst To Best: Dying Fetus

hey what's up you guys yxm here everyone's favorite youtuber who stutters and mispronounces and today we're going to be doing the worst to best on Dying Fetus a personal favorite of mine in the death metal scene easily without a doubt my favorite brutal death metal band dying fetus has been around now for a little over two and a half decades and within that time they've released eight full ones now remember when it comes to worst the best wood of these types of videos I only focus on their full-length so if you're expecting a go test impalement an awesome EP by Dying Fetus that will not be featured in this list as I only focus on full-length when it comes to this but yes I will be ranking them from worse the best I consider their worth to what I consider their best so let's begin first one this is why I consider easily their worst is war of attrition and the biggest problem with it and I feel like they really just shoot themselves in the foot with this and just trample over their own feet the production is unmess and it really hurts everything about this album it just comes off muddy and messy and when you have a band like dying fetus that uses a lot of technicality during some of their interludes you want to have a nice crisp clean production to really captivate those technical moments and with this money production that just was messy it makes that technicality and all the technical risk just sound all the more messy and it just wasn't that good of an album mainly because of the production I feel like the drums are just really too thick and money and just everything about this is really hard to gather what's going on in the mix and it really doesn't work well with it so big problem with this album is the production and it lands that dead last on here's the worst for dining fetus or of attrition coming in second to last at number seven is their debut I'm pretty sure putrefaction purification sorry through violence ah this being our debut I feel like dying fees at the time really didn't have their signature sound kind of like down and patent and I feel it this kind of just comes off like a wannabe effigy of The Forgotten light they were trying to capture what suffocation was doing that year and it just didn't really I think work that well it's not a terrible album but it just doesn't have that Dying Fetus SQ no sound we all know and love so you know they got their feet wet but there isn't that much about it that really stood out to me other than blunt-force trauma and beaten into submission like the real two tracks in here that stick out to me but other than that it's just in our favor for me and it comes in at seventh coming in at number six stop at nothing this is like midair Dying Fetus stacking mm back when we had five members and I'm pretty sure the majority of the members that left this formed misery index few years after but this right here is I feel like when there's you know sound was just on outside this is 2003 sorry about that 2003 um this was right around their time when they knew how to balance out technicality and groove and this came out right before their better albums that will be coming up in a little bit on this list and I stop at nothing does have some pretty good tunes like one shot one kill abandon all hold force elimination onslaught of malice and the title track stop at nothing pretty pretty good stuff not their best by a long shot but decent stuff to say the very least in Atlanta number six on this one so stop it nothing coming in at number five killing on adrenaline I know it's a fan favorite for a lot of people and trust me I really enjoy this element just their other albums on the more fan of but this right here is when they were starting to breach out with some technicality and really start to show their signature sound more and more by really bouncing out the technicality and you know the straight fuller brutal death metal groove that you would come to know what Dying Fetus but tracks like killing on adrenaline force sorry kill your mother rape your dog which is a fan favorites are really fun track to listen to you know it's ridiculous and intentional manslaughter all all great great stuff by Dying Fetus and it's a nice to see back in I believe 98 yeah 98 when the cell release now only thing I think you know seven or six years into the careers putting shit out like this so I've got to give it up to Dying Fetus killing on adrenaline comes in at number five coming in at number four which I've just gone over the name of this outfit already number four is wrong one to fuck with pretty much what I enjoyed about the sound so much is that it's a continuation of all the albums that came before this if you like later error dying fetus you'll have no problem whatsoever getting into this besides the first two tracks really everything about this is what I would expect from these guys and then some and John Gallagher Sean Beasley and Trey Williams let themselves loose with this and I absolutely loved it from reveal from the tracks revealing any of this ideological subjection and weaken the structure those three tracks will just pummel you to the ground and make you know just fuckin dirt shit out of you awesome awesome stuff and though it's nowhere near I think a favorite of mine for a movie or by any stretch it's definitely a fun fun album to listen to for 2017 I'm glad to see Dying Fetus being re 25 plus years into their sound are still making material like this that you know appeal to new and old fans so wrong into fuck West comes in for coming in third and taken bronze descend into the private II this is later error dying fierce again I want to say this was like two thousand and somewhere around that time I'm pretty sure like a little later because I know at the time this was starting to get a lot of attention back when I was in high school back in like my I want to say freshman sophomore year to start getting a lot of attention and this really is how I discovered dying fears which is why a little hold it a little close place to my heart track your treachery will die with you I feel like is attracted Ora T of us have discovered through dining fetus and that really shows the perfect bounce of technical and really just straightforward brutal will be death metal I feel like they bounce it up perfectly with this track and Sean Beasley's get a base work on this album is incredible another thing to this is easily their most technical album they've done another great tracker here is conceived into enslavement that intro is nuts and this the title track and at what expense really every track on here are some great groovy death metal with a lot of technicality to make it all bezerk and just frantic sounding yeah descendents in probably had to be high up on this list and it takes the bronze metal coming in second is destroy the opposition this is ridiculous dime fees only being less than a decade old this came out on the turn of the millennium oh yeah mm and wow these guys crafted one hell of an album that I it's obvious that the fan favorite for many good reasons the rawness of nizam expecially for dying fish you know they had a you know so technicality wasn't there you know meaning green at the time they would use it on not as much as modern day as they do but you know mid era they had some rawness to it and it just really made everything all the more you know just savage sounding for Dying Fetus and tracks like epidemic of hate pissing in the mainstream which is a fan favorite and justifiable homicide shit will tear you a new asshole and I had to give it silver so destroy the opposition comes in second and number one also our comment number one reign supreme this is insane I feel like for Dying Fetus to be over twenty years into their to SOG raphy putting out already I think six albums that came before this with great albums like this or the opposition and descend into depravity for them to come out with something like this still blows my mind that you know being just really hard veteran death metal group to come out with something of this nature is insane and they added a lot more of a depth line that you know sound to it but had also some hardcore elements like in the truck the tracker which is my personal favorite on me or in the trenches has this destructive breakdown that is just so head paintable man it's easily one of my favorite all-time favorite tracks by Dying Fetus then you got songs like subjected to a beating and from mood to waste which the guitar wrists Gallagher can write is just nuts this dude is in bloom and I feel like and those two tracks are some his best work Sean B's leads vocals really give it also some variety to this having some more traditional high-pitch got death metal vocals that are more traditional but again come on John Gallagher its vocals me on that's having just those deep blue vocals that feel like your insights are going to be pulled out of you how they feel like you can just really feel in your gut when he unleashes his vocals and he executed um flawlessly with this album and train Williams a drum work on here is nothing sure of incredible I feel like how the student only has four limbs blows my mind it sounds like this dude is doing the work of three people that from work on here and reign supreme it was just too easy of a pick I had to put it number one for this I know it's cliche especially for my channel but I don't think we'll ever top this good luck with that but yeah guys that is my personal list on worst the best undying feeis really curious to know would you consider their best and that's that for this video so thanks for watching liking supporting and subscribing you guys are the best and good lessons

22 Replies to “Worst To Best: Dying Fetus”

  1. Doesnt like the production of war of attrition, listens to raw black metal, ok buddy, haha jk nice vid

  2. Reign Supreme is supreme, when i first listen to Reign Supreme it took me to a new metal place,, "a happy place" please bury me with this cd stuffed in my mouth,, Reign Supreme has made my life better, thank you Dying Fetus. masterpiece.

  3. 1. Killing On Adrenaline
    2. Descend Into Depravity
    3. Destroy The Opposition
    4. Reign Supreme
    5. Stop At Nothing
    6. Wrong One To Fuck With
    7. War Of Attrition
    8. Purification Through Violence

  4. Wow… umm.. thanks for the video and your opinions but… i completely disagree with every one of your rankings except Destroy the Opposition at 3rd. Just goes to show it's all relative for each person. Where we were when hearing for the first time, experiences we had listening to different albums etc. etc. I've loved dying fetus for 20+ years and my list is as follows: 1.Wrong one to fuck with 2. Stop at nothing 3. Destroy the opposition 4. War of attrition 5. Reign supreme 6. Killing on adrenaline 7. Descent into depravity. But we can all agree dying fetus fucking rules!! Cheers mate!

  5. Just my opinion here. I got bias for war of attrition, it was the first album I heard. I thought descend into depravity was easily their worst, was very surprised. Reign supreme 1, wrong one to fuck with 2

  6. War of Attrition was the first Dying Fetus album I heard and I personally love it. Everything by Dying Fetus, in my opinion, is badass. They are one of those bands for me that never disappoints.

  7. Honestly war of attrition is amazing to me. Descend and destroy are two of my least favorites

  8. Their newest album is probably my favorite. Descend Into Depravity was my favorite prior to its release, but WOTFW just snatched the gold from it. The slight and subtle changes found throughout the record really go a long way in helping Dying Fetus stay Dying Fetus but also fresh.

  9. Please do more videos like this Wyatt. "worst to best" gives me an idea what albums by a band I should listen to first.

  10. I'm not going to lie, I'm almost certain that their super boring logo has largely turned me off to the band, and kept me from looking into them. However, seeing the mostly positive reviews for "Wrong One to Fuck With" has piqued my interest. I've actually been considering buying that one, and then working my way backwards through their discography (particularly because I feel like "Reign Supreme" seems to be held in pretty good regard). So thanks for this video!!

  11. I agree with this list Wyatt! Reign Supreme will always be the Dying Fetus album that just pummels me into oblivion with it's brutality

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