WOW!.First Mom bathe her baby after birth to get all the after birth and dirt off, Never seen before

Newborn babies are about 3 hours long OMG! Baby Elly

100 Replies to “WOW!.First Mom bathe her baby after birth to get all the after birth and dirt off, Never seen before”

  1. Anybody knows why she has what it looks like a shaved/bald spot on her back?
    Why is the hair missing on mom 🤢

  2. That is just too cute . Maybe the other moms will catch on . Mom is also cleaning herself up good too . Hope baby doesn't get sick . This babies name has to be related to water . LOL same with mommy .

  3. Would have been awesomely funny if when she was washing his back she kept his face buried in the water till the ugly shit drown fer realz!!!😜😜they holler oh this baby drown and that baby drown, can I please just see one of these ugly tree rats drown…🙄😛😜

  4. Omg, she didnt intentionally take the baby to the water to give it a bath.she was drinking and put the baby down. She kept licking the baby as the moms do. Give me a break, bathing the baby🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣these things only care about themselves, that's why they dont share any of there food with there babies and they will take food right out of there babies mouth.

  5. Mr camera man, do you need to talk all the time? I watched one video where you visited n talked loud through the whole thing. I thought it was distracting nd rude but here you are again. Yanking taking taking. Have some manners n consideration.

  6. Dam, at :59 When the baby fell in face first, I wish she would have left it for a few minutes. That would have been fun to watch. At least these 2 r clean. They say monkeys smell horrible. With all the food they spill on themselves n babies with the bastards defacting nd urinating on the mom's I can see why they would smell horrible.

  7. Nothing wrong with cutting a few corners…. Now what if the baby was to catch pneumonia and die….then what would be said??

  8. May have had an issue at some point with predator lol? That’s why they eat placenta and clean up blood, but I can’t imagine anything like that occurring there…WAIT. I don’t see a cord…oh yea it’s there

  9. monkey mother takes care of the baby very well. I also have a monkey hoping that you will comment on how to take care of it

  10. Poor baby at 7:40 the baby was moving her legs because the ants where bitting her. Mom and baby are sitting where there is a lot of ants I think that she should move. Jmo.

  11. Mom is a smart girl. She cleans herself and the flies go away. She also has better chance at not getting infection in her female area. The water will clean her and help stop the bleeding. Baby gets a good cleaning and again no flies. The baby will dry faster and that after birth can't taste all that good. Not to mention both of them feeling sticky and smelling nasty. It takes awhile to get all that blood off both baby and mom the old fashion way.

  12. Does anyone know who this mom is? She has a patch of fur missing on her back so she's easily recognizable to anyone who's seen her before.

  13. Just when you think you've seen it all, this pops up and amazes you. Well it takes all kinds. And she probably saw someone washing their hands off or something and put 2 and 2 together and pow, she got 4 and this! They will amaze you at times.

  14. That’s right monkey, perfect, drink the water you and your friends all wash there nuts and asshole with. Perfect.

  15. Stupid ass chat…Mom was just thirsty…. Baby feel in the water and y'all acting like she dipped the the baby in the water and had it all planned out

  16. Elle lui fait sa toilette de son arrivée dans ce monde !
    C'est bien ! Elle est propre !
    SubhannAllah 💚

  17. Bébé 🐒n'est pas très content !
    Pendant que maman🦍 se poudre le nez,
    Lui 🐒attend la têtée de bienvenue !

  18. 近くに人の話し声聞こえるけど

  19. That baby has long legs and so sweet and go moma , if all momas did this it be great and baby going what ? I just was born and I’m being babtized yes baby is wet

  20. I guess I never really noticed how the mothers clean their babies. I assumed they licked them clean. I often thought maybe water to get the blood and smell off the babies to keep them safer from predators. So many of the babies always looked so wet. Mommas need a lot of fluids. Get baby wet and lick it clean.

  21. Baby thinking, now they never told me that this female I was in was going to lay me in this cold liquid I wouldn’t have came out. She forced me out here I want to go back where I was warm and not hungry.

  22. Bullshit! She was cleaning her baby and got thirsty so she set it down. I never actually saw her washing it but licking it and when she fell in the water picked him up and kept licking him which is how they clean them. These creatures aren't that smart. Dam she should have left him in the water longer when he fell in. He was face down in the water, hope he got some in his lungs. Lol. Ugly rat.

  23. Wow!! I wished they would do this many times, but never thought I'd see it. Clean baby happy baby, happy Mama. She stands looking at it like ok wash off now, lol.

  24. 危険動物蛇、観たくない、キリン、シマウマ、等が見たい、猿は 飽きた、赤ちゃん猿が可哀想でモウ 見れないょ、子育て丈夫な母猿&赤ちゃん猿に虐待する母猿、観たくない、他の楽しい画像みせて下さい

  25. That is a BIG newborn! Sweet Baby girl. Anyone know for sure name of mom and baby? What troop is this?

  26. Hopefully the water was warm enough for this newborn baby though! And honestly I think is a good idea taking a newborn to water since that’s where they were formed & developed , in water aka {amniotic fluid} while gestation, I believe the baby feels less of a difference remaining damp & nicely wet in soaking warm water!

  27. I have never seen a new born done this way. Awesome I think that was a cool idea. Mama may not have gotten her baby completely clean but it was a good start.

  28. I think she was just thirsty. It’s a coincidence. Those monkeys are very stupid!
    Perhaps, she wanted to drown it and changed her mind 🙂

  29. Está es la mona más inteligente que he visto. Lo baño 🛀 y ahora está limpiecito y no se le paran las moscas, ella sabe que allí solo hay sucio, moscas y toda porqueria que botan los visitantes.

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