Wrapping & Posing Tutorial – CrissCross Technique (newborn photography)

hi my name is Jana Tommy newborn maternity photographer and I'm here at my studio right now and this is a photographer today I will be talking about a wrapping technique for newborns that I'm very fond of I call this one Christmas I thought this one would be great to share because it's simple to accomplish yet it looks beautiful on photo and that's what we want it's also very easy to remove without disturbing the baby so you can continue work for seemlessly which is always a bonus ok let's get started before start with the wrapping I make sure that my setup is ready and today we'll be posting our big famous pool we have a sweet baby girl today's our model she's 10 days old I should mention that we usually photograph newborns within the first two weeks after birth that's when they're still tiny and sleepy and comfortable in those cute curvy poses so now I have this baby in my lap with the strap centered underneath her I want you to notice that I'm using one of my smaller wraps for this particular technique I don't need a lot of fabric here because I'm not gonna be swaddling her like I would if she was awake this is more decorative than than functional so I make sure she's nice and sleepy first I start by crossing her feet and placing her hands on her chest first and take one of the ends of the wrap and bring it to the other side while I'm holding her feet and her body in place now I take the other side and cross the two ends in the middle I'll make sure it's tight so the baby's hands and feet stay in place I don't make a knot here I just crisscross the two ends and twist them once now I just tuck in the ends under the baby on both sides I don't need to secure the ends anywhere once I place her once I put it down her own weight will be enough to keep the wrap in place now as for the fabric to cover her shoulders and her legs while leaving just this little opening for her feet to show I don't worry about her hands just yet because once I move her she might make fists and we'll have to start over again so I just keep them close but I don't have to worry about the hands completely just yet and finally to complete this bundled-up look I'll use this little bonnet so wrapping the baby is only half the work to get great shots out of this I still need to pose her to look all curled up and snug underneath this layer already have some posing beans and rolled up towels to hold her in place and to help with the pose after I put her down I just the pose by tilting her head and place in her hands where I can see them while making sure her fingers are nice and flat as well just in the feet baby moves and just adjusting all the little details all around details are super important I want to bring your attention to the light here when we photograph newborns we always try to direct the light to come down their face and their body adding an angle to the slide makes it even better as I mentioned before this wrap is easy to remove so we can modify the setup with minimal effort I'm just gonna unwrap the wrap contact the ends of the wrap and take off the headband and maybe position it to the side so I can get a completely different setup I can also change the house for headband and add other details when a baby's all curled up in her back like this just a perfect position for macro shots also called detail shots I prefer to take those without any head pieces or any other details the more basic the better so I'll just remove all of that and change to my macro lens and that's a wrap and the wrapping technique I hope you enjoyed this quick tip because I have much more to share that's each all this and more at my workshops which are much more complete and hands-on if you can make it to one of my classes I will teach you everything I know about your maternity photography from start to finish all about post-processing editing and even the business aspect of it all it's not just about the art you know for more information about my workshops please click on the link at the end of this e-mail message and I hope to see you in my one of my classes soon thank you so much for listening bye for now

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  1. Yo me pregunto como pueden ser tan herejes con un zer que no quede defenderce atandoli todo tuyido y quejándose por estar todo apretado que bueno seria que te lo practiquen s vos son todos unos ignorantes de mierda

  2. Hello, great video. What kind
    of camera you recomend to use? I mean 70*300 or what serial?

  3. Soooo beautiful! I wish I saw this when my daughter was a newborn to try it! Where would I go to buy the white and green wrap? Thank you 😊

  4. que hermosas fotos…..,me preguntaba si usted ase cursos de fotografía y si lo ase quisiera saber cuanto cuesta el curso por favor

  5. Muchas gracias por este video, está muy completa la información, espero subas más pronto! Con seguridad tendrás una seguidora que compartirá tu contenido! Saludos desde México y Venezuela!

  6. Loved how easy you made this look! We are looking for a workshop near Dallas, TX. that teaches us more about the business aspect and I heard you mention that you include that in your workshops. Where are you located?

  7. Such a nice video. Where would you recommend getting wraps and blankets such as the ones that you put her on top of in the little basket?

  8. Yana – OCHEN krasivo!!! Thank you for sharing this! May I please ask – what micro lens would you recommend?

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