27 Replies to “WUDC 2009 Finals – Ban Abortion at All Stages of Pregnancy”

  1. I bet Alabama's lawmakers didn't even debate as much and as eloquent as this when passing the new law.

  2. I honestly have no idea how gov could possibly win this motion, assuming both sides are equally skilled

  3. i wish i could fill 10% of my speech by just saying ladies and gentleman, but i'm not good enough yet. Lol, great debate tho.

  4. Abortion is anti woman.
    Indoctrinating women to kill their own children is anti-woman, anti-human, and anti-life.
    Pro life choices abstinence, contraception, motherhood and adoption.
    Pro choice is code for legislation enforcing women's choice to murder on demand not the concern to procreate and protect the child in the womb. Parenting begins at conception.

  5. I didn't get what the LO said in his speech. (MAybe becuz i am not reallt used to the British accent??)

  6. I don't understand what 1st speaker of CG was talking about. Does anyone here can give the point of CG's 1st speaker? Thanks.

  7. Could some one please tell me what does the first point of info say? i can't understand what he asked. Minute 8:00??

  8. After just watching Opening Government,it reminds me how badly conservative politicians argue against abortion. Republicans are thinking about dropping the issue entirely. Watching this reminds me that there are indeed good arguments to be made against abortion.

    But Deputy Opp was very, very good.

  9. The best thing about this is Opening Opp ran the hardcore zombie case and won (albeit closely), and deservedly.

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