14 Replies to “Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle and to help with Fibroids”

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  6. I'm going to try this when I get the chance.Hopefully this will help.I get a lot of pain from my fibroids.

  7. These stuff works! I just had severe cramps and I remember my best friend told me how much yoga is good for cramps so I saw this video and others and did the positions while still in pain…man I feel great!!! Oooooweeeee thanks! Doing this daily cause it helps the entire body with stress and other stuff!

  8. Hi Yol
    i find it is best done for the first two weeks of the new cycle – ie jjust after you finish the last bleeding. but everyday is even better. some say it is best to avoid the inversions (upside down postures) during bleeding

  9. this is fantastic. it really works. you have to keep a regular practice, i find. if you keep a regular practice it will really help you. sue

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