YOGA for uterus, belly and rectum

Most of the nerves connected to spine and brain cells become inert,,,,,, ,,,,most of the muscles become stiff and inactive ,,,,, ,,,, tiny blood vessels get narrowed and deposited with toxic waste ,,,,,,, ,,,,, and the working parts of the body become stubborn to signals of the sense organs ,,,,, ,,,,, this is the aging process, bad food and bad thought process ,,,,,,, ,,,, the this is the cause of disease, disorder and cancerous growth ,,,,,,, ,,,,, in sex organs, uterus, lower intestine and the rectum ,,,,, ,,,, YOGA for activation of these working parts, energizing the nerves ,,,,, ,,,, YOGA for energizing the brain, spine and nerve connection to working parts,,,,, ,,,, YOGA for softening and strengthening the muscles and bones ,,,,,, ,,,, YOGA for DNA transfer, fetus development, and child growth ,,,,, ,,,, YOGA for bone and bone-joints, ligaments and cartilages ,,,,,, ,,, is all that is needed for JOYand PEACE in HUMAN ,,,, in all age groups ,,,,

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